Google Rakes In 32.4% Of U.S. Mobile Ad Spend, Yet 80% Of Shoppers Ignore Google Ads

Organizations seeking to get out in front of shoppers through mobile still prefer Google above all else to do so — the search giant accounts for 32.4% of mobile advertising expenditures, well ahead of the 24.6% spent on Facebook mobile ads. But retailers need to make their spending count: up to 80% of shoppers actually ignore paid Google ads.

Google’s dominance of mobile isn’t exclusive to ads, as the company’s Android operating system powers more than 2 billion monthly active devices. As many as 69% of U.S. Google users utilize the company’s services and products on a daily basis, further illustrating the need for retailers to build out a Google strategy.

Learn 70 facts about Google and its impact on businesses in this infographic from TechJury.

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Source: TechJury.

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