From Personalization to Customization: Harnessing Data and Analytics to Foster Brand Love

In order to foster loyalty, retailers are gathering first- and zero-party data to fuel their personalized experiences.

People often talk about “personalization” as if it’s a monolithic concept, but the truth is that there are many flavors of personalization retailers and brands can leverage. In some cases they can take personalization all the way to customization, which not only gives customers greater control over their purchases but also reveals significant data that brands can analyze to create even sharper personalization efforts and boost future sales.

This report will examine the latest personalization and customization trends, including:

  • Expanding roles for generative AI in executing personalization at key points in the shopper journey;
  • The fast-growing importance of zero-party and first-party data to support personalization efforts, particularly as third-party cookies deprecate; and
  • Best practices for maximizing personalization.

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