Empower The Voice Of Your Customers With Referral Marketing

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The most important tool any retailer has today might surprise you: it’s your customer’s voice. In retail, your brand is everything, and you can take advantage of it to generate new customers. Smart retailers are using referral marketing to build a new acquisition channel through the power of their existing customers.

This webinar will show you how creating a strategic, on-brand referral program can help you generate, track, measure and optimize a new customer acquisition source. You’ll also learn the right promotional strategies to expand that program from a new-customer stream into a new-customer river. Join Michael Hamp, Founder of apparel retailer Criquet Shirts, Ernan Roman, ERDM Voice of the Customer expert, and Jen Leen, Head of Demand Generation at Extole, to find out:

  • How to scale customer referrals into an acquisition channel
  • Where and when to promote your referral program for optimal conversions
  • What types of customer experiences drive the most referrals

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Michael Hamp
Minister Of Finance & Special Ops
Criquet Shirts


Ernan Roman
Author, “Voice of the Customer Marketing”


Jen Leen
Head of Demand Generation

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