Does Contactless Retail Represent The Next Generation Of Store Shopping?


While a number of contactless shopping and payment solutions already were being adopted by retailers seeking to offer more convenient options to shoppers, COVID-19 shifted touchless interfaces from a “nice-to-have” to a top priority. But while most retailers now offer some form of touchless shopping for their customers, it’s often a sterile experience lacking important aspects of the customer-retailer relationship.

As contactless shopping becomes a part of consumer routines, retailers will have to invest in emerging technologies such as voice interfaces, facial recognition systems and computer vision, as well as maximizing existing technologies like mobile usage by shoppers and associates.

This Retail TouchPoints Tech Guide will look at how COVID-19 has quickly and drastically changed the timetable for contactless adoption across the retail journey, and explores whether these deployments will still be paying dividends when the pandemic is behind us.

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