Demystifying Connected TV: How to Leverage Advertising’s Hottest New Channel

There's a lot of buzz around connected TV (CTV) but this report outlines how retail brands can use it to reach their marketing goals.

There is a sense of inevitability when it comes to connected TV (CTV). Exactly when it will happen no one knows, but there’s seems to be a general consensus that eventually everyone will cut the cord — and when that moment arrives, CTV will become just TV. As consumer habits shift and the media landscape becomes more fragmented, CTV is also emerging as a powerful new performance marketing channel.

For brands looking to up their CTV game, this report digs into:

  • Viewership trends and a breakdown of the major players in CTV today;
  • The new capabilities CTV advertising unlocks and how retailers can effectively tap into these opportunities; and
  • Best practices for integrating CTV into broader omnichannel strategies.

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