Consumers Increasingly Using Voice Assistants, but Companies Lag in Development

Voice assistants are gaining steam with consumers but retailers are lagging.

After a flurry of interest when smart speakers first hit the market, the excitement surrounding voice assistants and voice commerce has quieted down. But in the background, consumer usage has slowly been picking up pace, with more and more people using conversational interfaces to accomplish a whole host of daily tasks, including:

  • Financial activities like checking account balances or paying bills (53%);
  • Lifestyle items like playing music or booking an Uber (58%); and
  • Commerce-related activities like researching and buying products, checking the status of an order or creating a shopping list (74%).  

It’s businesses that are lagging behind in developing voice and chat assistants to serve these consumers, with only 23% of consumer products and retail companies having done so. Check out this infographic from the Capgemini Research Institute for more on how to capture the “conversational consumer.”

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