Can Sustainability Supply The New Competitive Edge In Retail?

Even before COVID-19 revealed just how deeply interconnected we all are, sustainability had been pushing its way to the top of retail agendas. In fact, the pandemic’s disruption of global supply chains amplified concerns about where and how raw materials are grown or manufactured; how they are processed into consumer products; how they get into shoppers’ hands; and keeping them out of landfills, or the oceans, at the end of the product lifecycle. This holistic, end-to-end view will be critical to making sustainability efforts more effective in the future.

Read this Retail TouchPoints Special Report to learn about:

  • The confluence of forces, including consumers, employees and investors, that’s pushing retailers and brands to adopt or expand sustainable practices;
  • The role that technologies such as predictive analytics that better match supply with consumer demand and digital design processes that reduce waste will play in sustainability efforts;
  • The growth of circular commerce and other closed-loop systems that institutionalize re-use and recycling efforts, as demonstrated by companies like Coyuchi, Allbirds and Kate Spade; and
  • How retailers and brands can leverage their sustainability efforts into a lasting competitive edge.

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