Beating Supply Chain Pressure: Combining Tech, Cloud and Communication to Keep Shelves Stocked

Supply Chain

The initial outbreak of COVID-19 proved a challenge for many retailers’ supply chains, and the potential for a second wave means companies need to make sure their operations are now better prepared. Additionally, the ecommerce-focused holiday season will put unprecedented pressure on last mile volumes, adding another dimension that must be considered.

However, the most important tools for a robust supply chain are still the simplest ones: preparation and communication. Modern technology makes open discussions with suppliers and quicker turnaround speeds an achievable goal, provided that retailers have a plan in place to handle unexpected challenges.

This Retail TouchPoints Tech Guide explores what retailers need to do to overcome many potential supply chain road hurdles, including:

  • Increasing flexibility to quickly react to unexpected developments;
  • Improving inventory visibility to better prepare for sudden shopper rushes;
  • Making big data even bigger to stay ahead of shifting trends rather than playing catchup; and
  • Keeping an open mind about collaborations — even non-traditional ones with other retailers
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