Analysts Weigh in on Unified Commerce

In recent years, “Unified Commerce” has reached buzzword status.

To many people, the principles represented by Unified Commerce are very similar to the principles represented by “omnichannel,” another in a long line of industry buzzwords. To others, Unified Commerce is an evolution of omnichannel that represents the integral role that supply chain, operations and merchandising play in the customer experience. And to the rest, Unified Commerce has come to represent the technology and platforms designed to deliver truly unified experiences.

But what do these conflicting perspectives mean for the future of the retail industry? Will they only create more complexity and confusion — or is there an opportunity to establish alignment around the technology that’s required for success?

This new report spotlights insights from leading retail industry analysts to:

  • Help retailers understand the meaning, role and status of Unified Commerce in retail today;
  • Dig into three common drivers of unified customer experiences; and
  • Solicit guidance on how retailers can achieve their customer experience objectives going forward.

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