A Roadmap To Retail Personalization: How To Align Marketing Strategy And Execution

Is a personalized marketing approach better? It can be. On the other hand, in the absence of the right strategy and solutions, you risk alienating your customers rather than fostering loyalty and engagement.

In today’s hyper-competitive environment with inflated consumer expectations, the execution of 1-to-1 marketing tactics must be flawless, or you’ll pay the price in customer churn. Shoppers desire a tailored experience, in fact, nearly half of consumers are happy to provide retailers with their information as long as it results in a truly personalized offering; and more than 60% would increase their purchases if they were offered a personalized program.

The essential elements of superior 1-to-1 marketing include a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s value in the eyes of your customer and the tools to execute on outreach strategies that align with your brand. Join personalization expert Hillary Ashton to understand the steps and resources required to build a superior personalization strategy for your business.

This webinar will address:

  • A Review of Personalization Tactics, Including What’s Wrong with Most 1-to-1 Marketing Programs Today
  • How to Integrate an Ideal Brand Experience into Your Personalization Strategy
  • A Closer Look at Process: A Retailer’s “To-Do” Checklist for Shopper Marketing Success




Hillary Ashton
VP of Customer Analytics
Manthan Systems

Debbie Hauss
Retail TouchPoints




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