A Retailer’s Guide to Applying AI in 2024 and Beyond

Retailers are eager to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and generative AI technologies — for good reason. AI has the potential to transform the retail industry, from producing powerful insights for optimizing inventory decisions to minimizing returns and immersing customers in a virtual shopping world. AI’s potential for transformative impact has retailers eager to leverage this technology both in-store and online. 

With all the compelling use cases available, retail executives may be unsure where to place their bets. Determining where to invest in AI can vary greatly based on organizational needs, technical experience and what the retailer is looking to achieve, be it an immediate impact or a long-term play that could drive more impactful results.  

This use case portfolio is designed to help you accelerate your AI journey, no matter your organization’s AI maturity level. The AI use cases outlined range from easily applicable — for retailers who are still new to AI adoption — to bold and complex, for those ready to tackle more sophisticated AI projects with greater investment. 



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