2022 Customer Loyalty Data Study: What are the True Drivers of Loyalty in the Minds of Consumers?

What keeps a customer loyal? Brands have strived to solve this puzzle for decades, and while giants with loyal followings like Amazon, Sephora and Starbucks have developed novel approaches, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to loyalty. 

Brand loyalty is complex, and even with the unprecedented amount of customer information available, brands still struggle to get inside the heads of their customers. It’s one thing to look at what customers are doing when engaging with your brand; it’s another to know what they’re thinking.  

And that’s what Clarus Commerce set out to do. The team asked 2,500 consumers to tell them how they feel about the brands they’re most loyal to in an effort to better understand the psychology behind what keeps them regularly buying and engaging.  

Check out the 2022 Customer Loyalty Data Survey for answers to questions like:  

  • What keeps someone a loyal customer?  
  • What really influences their opinions?  
  • How much do brand values and headlines influence decision-making?  

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