How To Boost Conversions By Eliminating Payment Hurdles

How To Boost Conversions By Eliminating Payment Hurdles

As more retail purchases move to small-screen devices, simple and friction-free payment is paramount. Consumers faced with a clunky, complicated checkout process on a small screen will abandon their carts, depressing sales and destroying the goodwill that has been built up during the shopping process.

When mobile payments are streamlined, the results can be dramatic. Pep Boys achieved a 30% rise in mobile traffic and an 85% increase in its mobile conversion rate when the retailer optimized its mobile site experience. Additionally, the upcoming expiration of Amazon's patent on its 1-Click payment process is spotlighting newly available options to streamline checkout.

This Retail TouchPoints Special Report will explore the most effective ways for retailers to streamline their payment processes at every touch point and on every screen, large and small.

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