2018 Technology Preview

2018 Technology Preview

Master This Year's Tech Trends: Advice From 17 Experts

Retail TouchPoints asked 17 leading retail/technology experts to share their insights on what to expect from new technologies and trends in 2018. Each executive responded to: Which technology trend will impact the retail industry most significantly in 2018 (and why)?

Their responses clustered around 6 categories, including:

  • Data/Analytics: As retail data grows exponentially, AI and advanced analytics will enable companies to make smarter, more agile and more customer-centric business decisions;
  • Digital Innovation: Unified commerce goes beyond omnichannel experiences to omni-device strategies that empower consumers to resolve shopping issues; and
  • Store Experience: Retailers are implementing an integrated approach to personalization across all engagement channels.

Drill down into the tech trends that will define successful retail businesses in 2018 and beyond.

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