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In the new era of retail, we know that experience is everything. But which retail and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are winning customer attention and affection across all stages of the shopping journey? The Brand Experience Awards, presented by retailX and Retail TouchPoints, were created to spotlight the businesses that are redefining the rules of interaction, engagement and loyalty. They have implemented new tools and strategies in one or several areas of the brand experience, raising the stakes for their competitors and the entire retail industry.

Brand Experience Award winners are implementing new technologies and strategies in one of more of the following areas. Each company/brand can be nominated in up to three (3) categories:

Digital Innovation: Creating A Cohesive Brand Experience

In the challenging environment of 2021, being a digitally savvy brand is extremely important. What are the most innovative digital technologies and strategies driving successful omnichannel experiences?

Pop-Ups, Events, Partnerships & Other Brand Activations

As consumers slowly return to stores, retailers will need to offer unique and compelling opportunities for shoppers to interact with their brands. Which brand activations will win in 2021?

Pivot Strategy

Consumer behavior is changing; and the retail industry must respond to survive. Which brands are setting themselves up for future success? Have past experiences been able to drive future strategies?

Marketing Campaigns For The Complete Shopper Journey

Retailers must think about every point in the shopper journey when launching marketing initiatives. Which brands are most effectively meeting shoppers at the touch point that drive purchases and loyalty?

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Brands approach loyalty in different ways, depending on the demographics and characteristics of their target audience. Which brands are most successfully resonating with their specific audience, and how?

Mobile & Social Optimization

Influencers and peers can be consumers’ most trusted resources when choosing a product/brand. What are the best mobile and social strategies to capture shoppers’ attention, creating a seamless experience?

Marketplace Strategies & Technologies

Amazon and other marketplaces can be a brand’s best friend or worst enemy. Who is winning the battle between good and evil to conquer marketplace challenges?

Store Design & Experiential Retail

The in-store brand experience is the best way to secure repeat customers and motivate sales. How will store design meet consumer wants and needs this year and beyond?

The Convergence Of Content & Commerce

With mobile devices in-hand 24/7 and endless access to online resources, today’s shoppers are more informed than ever. How are brands using content to influence purchases and effectively inform shoppers?

Last Mile & Fulfillment Experiences

Fabulous products, great marketing and super experiences go a long way to building strong customer relationships, but if you can’t get products to shoppers at their chosen time and place, you’ve lost their confidence and most likely future sales. How do the smartest brands successfully deliver on last mile promises?

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Brand Experience Awards? See below for some of the most frequently asked questions about the awards. If your question is not on the list, please reach out to and we will be happy to help!

There is no cost associated with submitting a nomination. The early deadline for submitting nominations is April 7. The final submission deadline is June 7. (Early submitters may be considered for a separate speaking opportunity at retailX, depending on availability.)

Yes, just make sure each nomination includes as much detailed information as possible.

Anyone can nominate a retail or DTC company for an award, including retail companies, public relations representatives, solution provider partners, industry experts, and more.

The winners will be announced during retailX at McCormick Place in Chicago, August 24-25. Finalists may be alerted early, to help accommodate travel plans.

In addition to being presented with the award live at the retailX event, winners will be spotlighted in coverage on the Retail TouchPoints site, as well as the retailX site. Social posts also will feature winners, via LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media channels.

It is not a requirement, but we strongly request/suggest that an executive (preferably Director-level or above) attends to accept the award during retailX, August 24-25.

Deadline: June 7th, 2021

Fee: Complimentary

View the full awards report to see who took home a Brand Experience Award.

Previous award reports: 2020


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Contact info for person submitting the nomination:

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Nomination category:

Nomination details (nominate in up to 3 categories):

Innovative, successful retail business strategy created, developed or defined.
Specific innovative retail technology solution implemented.
Cutting-edge campaign or tactic executed.
Business results or positive outcomes, or expected results, following a successful implementation of the innovative strategy or solution.

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