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Are Retailers Missing The Mark With Key Holiday Offerings?

One lesson children learn early on is that they don't usually get everything they want during the holidays: There's always a scratchy sweater or an inedible fruitcake among the goodies. Recent research indicates that the holidays also bring significant mismatches between what consumers want and what retailers are able (or willing) to provide.

For example, while 60% of consumers report that the availability of buy online/pick up in-store will affect where they shop — and an even higher percentage (72%) seek buy online/return in-store — only 25% of retailers offer these services. And while two-thirds of consumers find online product recommendations helpful, a scant 16% of retailers expect a high ROI from this functionality.

See where retailers successfully play Santa, and where they fall into the role of Grinch, with this infographic from Listrak.


Shoppers Want, And Expect, Mobile-Optimized Shopping

Smartphone and tablet users — a group that's getting bigger all the time — are five times more likely to abandon a task, including shopping, if the site they're visiting isn't mobile-optimized. Nearly half (48%) become annoyed when they are forced to interact with non-optimized sites.

This infographic from DirectBuy provides the facts and figures about just how critical mobile is to the customer experience today, and how much its importance will grow in the near future.



As E-Commerce Rises, Shopping Malls' Fortunes Fall

For nearly a decade, no new shopping malls have been constructed in the U.S., but back in the mid-1990s, malls were going up at a rate of 140 each year. E-Commerce and changing consumer habits have certainly played their parts in shopping malls' decline, and will continue to do so: Online spending is predicted to hit $370 billion by 2017.

Learn more about the rise and fall of malls, including fun facts such as the "Gruen Transfer Effect," in this infographic from nextopia.


Six Tips To Maximize Holiday Mobile Sales

Nearly one-quarter of last year's holiday online sales were completed on a mobile device, and mobile's growth is expected to push this figure even higher in 2015. To grab a bigger piece of this expanding pie, retailers' mobile shopping experiences need to be simple, streamlined and aligned with the real-world ways consumers interact with their devices.

This infographic, courtesy of SLI Systems, offers six mobile search and merchandising tips designed to boost both holiday mobile-friendliness and sales conversions.


Three Tricks To Make Halloween A Treat For Retailers

Charlie Brown famously got a bag of rocks on Halloween, but retailers can use data analysis to fill shoppers' bags with treats, costumes, decorations and more this holiday. Learning the specific days when sales peak along with strategic timing of mobile marketing efforts are two reliable "tricks" to boost ROI.

This infographic, courtesy of Criteo, gives retailers the tools to make Halloween a truly BOO-tiful holiday.


Call Center Vs. Contact Center: Your Needs Assessment Guide

A retailer's ability to resolve customers' problems effectively continues to be a business basic. Both call centers and contact centers (and there are significant differences between the two) operate on the front lines of customer engagement, so their capabilities, as well as how they are run, can have a dramatic impact on shoppers' perception of your brand.

This infographic, courtesy of Compare Business Products, provides a quick guide to assessing whether a basic call center will meet your needs, or whether a more flexible, full-featured contact center is a better investment.


Inside The Mind Of The Omnishopper

Technology has changed the shopping experience for both customers and retailers. For example, digital devices influence eight out of 10 global consumers' purchase decisions, according to the MasterCard report, The Retail CMO's Guide To The Omnishopper. Although shoppers increasingly rely on digital devices, in-store sales still rule and account for more than nine-tenths of all retail spending. However, today's consumers require a more focused in-store experience and shop at a select group of unique retailers.

This infographic, courtesy of MasterCard, provides a glimpse into how consumers view today's shopping experience.


Mobile Fraud: The Frightening Facts

Where Internet access goes, fraud inevitably follows, and mobile's acceleration means fraudulent activity in this channel is also rising dramatically. But many businesses are still in denial: while two out of three believe they can quickly detect and remediate mobile fraud, in reality 90% have experienced online fraudulent activity losses during the past year.

This infographic, courtesy of TeleSign, provides sobering figures about the scope of mobile fraud, as well as potential solutions such as two-factor authentication.


Who Makes Philly’s Best Cheesesteak?

With drawing the industry to the City of Brotherly Love this week, it seemed appropriate to try and identify the best places to find one of Philadelphia’s signature dishes, the cheesesteak. But how to choose when taste can be such a subjective thing?

This infographic, courtesy of DataScience, reveals the power of natural language processing to gain valuable insights from consumer-generated reviews and other unstructured and text-based sources.


Stay A Step Ahead With Your Mobile Workforce

Mobile technology is becoming a must-have for store managers and associates. Approximately 74% of retail executives agree or strongly agree that allowing associates to use mobile devices ensures they have the same access to inventory, pricing, promotional or competitive information that shoppers have.

This infographic, courtesy of Empower Software, shares key takeaways from a recent survey of 151 retail executives regarding the benefits of in-store mobility.

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