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Stay A Step Ahead With Your Mobile Workforce

Mobile technology is becoming a must-have for store managers and associates. Approximately 74% of retail executives agree or strongly agree that allowing associates to use mobile devices ensures they have the same access to inventory, pricing, promotional or competitive information that shoppers have.

This infographic, courtesy of Empower Software, shares key takeaways from a recent survey of 151 retail executives regarding the benefits of in-store mobility.


Mobile Marketing Mistakes

As more consumers use their smartphones and tablets to shop, retailers need to ensure that they’re successfully connecting and engaging with them throughout the browsing and buying journey.

This infographic, courtesy of Formstack, outlines the top five mistakes businesses make with their current mobile strategies.


RFID Is Gaining Traction!

Retailers and manufacturers are realizing the benefits of radio frequency identification (RFID). For example, both parties can improve shipping/picking accuracy, inventory accuracy and the overall customer experience by reducing out-of-stocks.

Although the retail industry has been discussing RFID for years, adoption has reached an all-time high. This infographic, courtesy of GS1, uncovers new trends in RFID adoption, and the benefits retailers and manufacturers have seen with implementation.


Opt-In To A New Mobile Messaging Mindset

Marketers today are facing a daunting challenge: Consumers are using more channels and their browsing and buying journeys are less linear than ever.

When it comes to mobile marketing, retailers can differentiate by segmenting customers based on their overall engagement and loyalty to the brand. Then, merchants can send more relevant, data-driven messages via mobile.

This infographic, courtesy of OtherLevels, outlines how marketers can implement a new mobile messaging mindset in order to boost customer engagement and sales.


9 Behavioral Insights For In-Store Promotions

Offers are a core part of retailers’ marketing mix. However, because consumers today have access to so many product and pricing options, retailers need to ensure that their offers are relevant, and are published at the right time and through the right channel.

This infographic, courtesy of Eversight, spotlights nine behavioral insights for in-store promotions that appeal to consumers and drive superior ROI.


Cultivating The Superfan

Up to 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of its existing customers. Brands like TOMS, Zumiez and Oreo are cultivating these brand superfans by connecting with consumers in a personal manner across channels.

Want to learn how you can engage your superfans? This infographic, courtesy of CrowdTwist, will provide some helpful tips and best practices.


Back-To-School: Infographic 2015

Back-to-school is the second-largest shopping period of the year in terms of overall consumer spending.

To ensure they get the best deals, K-12 and college shoppers plan to research products and prices online before they visit stores.

This infographic, courtesy of RetailNext, outlines other key trends for the back-to-school shopping season.


Shopper Trends By ShopperTrak: 2015 Back-To-School

Through its quarterly Shopper Trends Report, ShopperTrak spotlights the latest retail trends, forecasts and recommendations to industry executives.

For this installment, ShopperTrak is honing in on the 2015 back-to-school season, which is a pivotal time for retailers to boost store and e-Commerce traffic and overall sales. Below are key takeaways from the report. The full report also is available for download here.


E-Gifting Insights: Mom And Dad Edition

Consumers are embracing e-gifting to deliver the right products to their loved ones on time. This was especially true during Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, according to Loop Commerce.

This infographic outlines e-gifting trends during these two pivotal retail holidays. For example, women sent 59% of all e-gifts for Mother’s Day, and 75% of all e-gifts on Father’s Day.

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