The Future of Retail is Coming...Are Retailers Ready?

MozuWPNew technologies, such as beacons, geofencing and mobile payments, can help retailers deliver better customer experiences. But financial restraints, implementation challenges, limited toolsets and poor employee training can create barriers that prevent many retailers from implementing new technologies. Learn how to embrace the future of retail in this E-book.


The Convergence Of Content And Commerce

MozuEbkThe majority (92%) of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth and recommendations more than traditional advertisements, according to Nielsen. However, brands also can drive customer engagement and long-term loyalty by creating compelling stories with content marketing.

Want to learn how to create a multi-dimensional experience by converging content and commerce? Download this E-book today! 


How Live Video Assistance Brings In-Store Experience And Results To Your Ecommerce Channel

Vee24-SHADOWDownload the new paper from Vee24 to discover how best in class merchants are using live video assistance to deliver results for shoppers and merchants that are more like traditional retail -- in both customer satisfaction and sales conversion. You'll see how live video help can achieve results like:

  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Higher Net Promoter Scores
  • Increased Average Order Values (AOV)
  • Reduced Returns

Four Ways To Boost Business Performance With PIM Now!

Shadow RTP JUNC JS006 EBK PIM FinalDoes your e-Commerce team know what your Supply Chain Managers are doing today? If you’re not sure, then you probably need to upgrade your product information management (PIM) capabilities.

The best way to achieve success with PIM is to employ a single data repository to make product data available to users throughout the retail enterprise.


The Retailer’s Mobile Strategy Guide

Urban-AirshipSHADOWThere’s no question that mobile phones enhance the retail experience for customers. But, in turn, shoppers now have greater service expectations in the store, on the web and through the app. As a result, brands are playing catch-up to learn how to cater to these perpetually evolving mobile needs.


5 Obstacles To Omnichannel Success

Informatica-EbkAs shoppers browse and compare products, they consider a number of factors, including product size, color, price and more. Are you providing the information customers need to make the best decision? Download this E-book to find out!


Consumer Vs. Enterprise: Selecting The Right Mobile Device For Your Retail Store

Motorola-Ebk-SHADOWMost consumers still prefer to purchase products in a physical store. Today’s in-store experience largely hinges on the effectiveness of the retailer’s mobile strategy. That strategy may include one of three technology options:

  • Enterprise handheld mobile devices specifically built for retail environments;
  • Less expensive consumer devices such as smartphones; and
  • “Bring Your Own Device,” in which store associates provide their own smartphones and tablets to assist shoppers with questions and concerns.

The Informed Purchase Journey


If the customer is king, your product data is queen.  But far too many retailers treat their product information as an after thought.  That’s a huge mistake in a time where it takes a prospect a few seconds to click away to better product information, a different product, and another vendor. The key to a great customer experience and better sales is complete, reliable and attractive product information across every channel. 


Enabling Commerce Anywhere: 10 Ways To Stay In Step With Today’s Savvy Shoppers

Shadow Oracle OC001 EBK Commerce10

“The ‘Commerce’ piece is there. The ‘Anywhere’ piece is what’s been missing,” according to Mike Webster, SVP and General Manager of Oracle Retail.

With the concept of Commerce Anywhere in mind, retailers are focusing on reaching shoppers at every touch point. Retailers like Staples, Walgreens, Scheels, Kohl’s and The Disney Store are implementing Commerce Anywhere in innovative ways.


2014 Referral Marketing Look Book - Retail

RetailLookBookCoverA successful referral marketing program will give marketers to ability to seamlessly reflect their brands’ look and feel, while creating an optimum user experience.

This Look Book features 8 examples of successful referral marketing programs for retailers. Companies include: ProFlowers, American Giant, Shari’s Berries, Ink Garden and more.


Referral Marketing Best Practices For 2014

2014ReferralGuideCoverAs many as 84% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends; and 68% trust opinions posted online. This can be a goldmine of opportunity for smart marketers.

Beyond SEO and SEM, Referral Marketing can help deliver potential customers who are not already specifically searching for your brand. Referrals can be considered the “3rd Channel” for online customer acquisition.

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