How To Get The Most Out Of Going Physical

Even in the age of e-Commerce nothing beats the in-store experience, but making the jump from online to the real world can be a tremendous risk. This e-Book uncovers valuable lessons learned from those who made the jump into these waters and swam successfully!


Six Strategies to Simplify Retail Marketing

To be nimble and agile in today's competitive marketplace, retailers need to quickly identify and respond to shoppers' needs. This whitepaper will open your eyes to the six parts of the customer journey — want, look, compare, buy, use, share — and the strategies every retailer needs to simplify retail marketing in a complex world:


5 Ways To Go For The Gold In The Mobile Engagement Race

Shadow PHUN PW002 EBK MobileRace Nov 2015Mobile has become a key shopping channel, but unfortunately, very few merchants are successfully engaging shoppers through their personal devices.

In fact, a recent assessment of 100 retailers revealed that only 8% of retailers would win a gold medal in The Mobile Engagement Race. But by leveraging the right mobile tools and technologies, retailers can boost customer acquisition and increase foot traffic.


The Retailer’s CX Checklist

OpinionLab-CovershotAre you poised to improve the customer experience (CX)? Today's consumers are more empowered and knowledgeable than ever before. This makes it crucial for retailers to keep their fingers on the pulse of the CX and focus on each moment and touch point of the shopper journey.

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