10 Ways To Drive ROI With Distributed Analytics

Did you know retailers that leverage data analytics at scale can grow profits by as much as 60%? Download the E-book to discover the key payoffs of distributed analytics, including: Better visibility into local customer buying patterns and preferences; ROI analysis of social and mobile advertising strategies; More effective promotional campaigns and personalized offers; Improved operational efficiencies and reduced operational costs; and Reduced out-of-stocks and overstocks Fill out the form to harness the power of distributed analytic.

3 Must-Have Strategies To Prevent E-Fraud

Going global? Give your customers the payment flexibility and security they're looking for. Uncover the three essential elements of a fraud-proof future to gain shopper trust and loyalty: PCI and PII Tokenization Fraud detection for international payments Fill out the form to make your payments safer around the globe.

Strategy Guide: Unleashing Earned Content For Retail Brands

When used effectively, user-generated content can help retailers better connect with customers and create compelling brand stories. Download this e-book to learn how to: Create unique, relevant hashtags; Collect, curate, tag and permission all new content; Develop a constant feedback loop with consumers; and Utilize current brand ambassadors. Unlock the benefits of your earned content!

How Earned Content Is Transforming Retail And E-Commerce

User-generated, or earned content can be used to create personalized brand narratives and consumer experiences, at scale, across all relevant channels. Download the E-book to learn how Crocs, American Eagle Outfitters and other retailers connect with their customers by: Curating the highest quality content; Activating earned content across all channels; and Effectively analyzing successful earned content engagements. Download the E-book to unlock the benefits of earned content, create your brand narrative and connect more effectively with consumers.
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