Your Essential 2017 E-Commerce Calendar

All the important dates you need to kick off 2017 Essential e-Commerce dates, events, tips and topics  to get ahead in 2017. Download this calendar as a guide to keep your e-Commerce enterprise prepared for the first half of the year with:2017 with: Winter-proof digital marketing, customer feedback and fulfillment strategies; Springtime product data organization methods and campaign testing tips; and Summer-ready marketplace and search engine optimization tactics. Fill out the form to unlock your e-Commerce strategy calendar

The Consumer Trends Report — 2017 Edition

Multiple Channels. One Experience. Consumers don't look at online and in-store as different channels. As many as 94% of consumers are researching online before visiting a store. Download this white paper to unlock key trends to deliver the omnichannel initiatives customers crave, including: Consistent pricing across channels; Individualized buying experiences; Interactive content to influence purchase decisions; Personalized homepage recommendations; and Multiple fulfillment options. Fill out the form to ramp up your omnichannel customer experience

Vertical: The Future Of Video

Learn how leading retailers such as Urban Outfitters, J. Crew and Forever 21 harness the power of vertical video. Download Vertical: The Future Of Video and get valuable tips including how to: Drive revenue with compelling, actionable content; Build trust and authenticity through shared stories; and Increase audience engagement when you align the brand with a lifestyle. Fill out the form and unlock the power of vertical video.

The Essential Guide To Personalization

Improve Business Results With Relevant Experiences, Every Time Are your personalization strategies up to par with leading retailers such as Office Depot and Johnston & Murphy? Download The Essential Guide To Personalization: Improve Business Results With Relevant Experiences Every Time and learn how to: Bust four common myths of personalization; Establish meaningful, measurable benchmarks; Evaluate potential personalization partners; and Achieve true 1-to-1 personalization. Fill out the form to unlock the power of personalization.  

Ready To Engage With Tomorrow’s Shopper?

How Retailers Can Distinguish Themselves The retailer of the future will embrace technology to extend the customer relationship beyond the shopping experience. Download the report to uncover three key strategies to help reimagine the future, including: Harnessing behavioral data from social media; Leveraging technology to exceed customer expectations; and Creating a digitally integrated enterprise. Fill out the form to learn how to engage the shopper of tomorrow.  

How To Win Fans & Influence Purchases

The Low-Down on Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing creates a combination of authenticity and promotion that helps brands reach target consumers. Are you looking to create successful influencer marketing campaigns? Download the guide now to learn: Why micro-influencer marketing is the future. How to get started with your first influencer marketing campaign. How to measure ROI and success of an influencer marketing campaign. Fill out the form to unlock the power of micro-influencer marketing.
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