Home Depot México Leverages Price Optimization To Manage Growth

Building on its commitment to deliver exceptional customer service and competitive prices across all products, The Home Depot México has selected the Revionics Price Suite of solutions.

The retailer’s pricing team will leverage the Revionics suite to:

  • Gain better insights into customer price preferences;

  • Build more consistent price perception among consumers;

  • Better compete with both online and brick-and-mortar companies; and

  • Conduct scenario planning and analytics as the company continues to scale for growth across Mexico. 


Mixed Commerce: How Virtual Reality And 3D Products Are Redefining Omnichannel

0aaBeck Besecker MarxentThe time for a more integrated retail format has arrived. Sure, experts have been suggesting this for ages, but it was far from real. Now it’s here. It’s real. There are exciting examples emerging that seamlessly blend retail real estate with digital channels. So, how did we get here?

Since the early days of e-Commerce, traditional retailers have struggled to balance their established brick-and-mortar plays with online and mobile shopping habits of busy, credit card-bearing consumers. In the early days of the Internet, major retailers were incentivized to move slowly. The temptation to rely on known attribution strategies with sure margins, such as direct mail and newspaper inserts, made it easy for companies to put on blinders to the shift to convenience-centered on-demand shopping.


Kohl's, Apple Provide Best Cross-Channel Experiences

With consumers increasingly blind to which "channel" they use during their multi-touch point shopping journeys, it's no longer sufficient for a retailer to offer a great customer experience in one channel but to fall short in another. Unfortunately, a survey of the top 50 U.S. retailers reveals that strong CX ratings across all three channels — store, web and mobile — are still the exception rather than the rule.

Only Kohl's and Apple achieved CX scores over 80 (the threshold for excellence on a 100-point scale) across all three channels in the 12th annual ForeSee Experience Index (FXI) survey. The FXI applies analytical methodology to a panel of 40,000 shoppers who browsed or purchased in web, mobile and store channels from Nov. 4 to Dec. 2, 2016.


Tilly’s New Platform Strengthens Customer Engagement And Retail Execution

1-TillysWest Coast-inspired apparel, footwear and accessories retailer Tilly’s has selected the Aptos Singular Commerce platform to support its omnichannel point of sale (POS), enterprise order management, sales audit, CRM and sales channel convergence throughout its 225 stores. 

Tilly’s will leverage the Aptos Store POS solution to support customer engagement and seamless transactions across 1,200 mobile devices in its brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, Tilly’s will leverage the Aptos Sales Audit solution to validate and relay transaction information throughout the enterprise, integrating data from its POS and legacy back end systems.

“We conducted a very extensive evaluation of retail technology offerings and Aptos’ proven platform, along with its strong reputation and customer satisfaction scores, were very influential in our selection,” said Jon Kubo, Chief Digital Officer for Tilly’s Inc in a statement. “Leveraging Aptos’ end-to-end cloud-based retail technology suite, Tilly’s will gain a holistic and fully integrated set of capabilities to support our digital convergence initiatives today, and expand when we’re ready to leverage new solutions as our business grows and evolves.”



Visually Compelling Maps Breathe New Life Into Retail Data

"Location" is a vital data point for just about every type of retail event, from the precise place a mobile purchase is completed to the real-time route of a delivery truck. Because location impacts so much of retail, displaying the data in a map format can facilitate decision-making capabilities across the enterprise.

Conversely, when information is delivered in just numbers or words, via a table or spreadsheet, "patterns of data can be elusive," said Gary Sankary, Retail Industry Manager at Esri. "But if you drop the data into a map with fairly simple symbology, it provides an instant spatial reference to data that makes interpretation easier and faster. This type of visual data mining is something that maps have excelled at for centuries."


Omnichannel Game Of Thrones

0aBill Palmer NSR ConsultingIf the customer is the Holy Grail to our Brand and Sales organization and Omnichannel is the new Kingdom, why do we continue the constant battle between E-Commerce and Stores? So often in today’s retail environment we see the Director of E-Commerce and the Director of Stores locked in their own personal Game of Thrones, each channel doing whatever it can to own the customer with total disregard for growing the Brand and taking care of the consumer. Each controlling their fiefdom trying to prove that they will rule the crown!

Can you remember the last time the Director of e-Commerce did not want to market a store event or promotion because they didn’t want to interrupt the normal schedule of email blasts or Facebook posts? Shouting the curse of “customers unsubscribing” because they are inundated with contacts? And have you ever seen the look on the store staff's face when someone walks in to return an e-Commerce purchase? The cry of “We won’t make our sales day” runs through the store and, lest we forget the dreaded “Flash Sale,” and Will you match the web price?


Newegg Unifies Self-Service, Live Chat To Power Omnichannel Concierge

As a major pure play computer parts and electronics retailer, Newegg has had to prioritize the customer service experience delivered on its web site. But with more consumers using their mobile devices to access e-Commerce sites and gather real-time assistance, Newegg turned to customer engagement platform Moxie to help integrate and enhance these shoppers' experiences.

Using Moxie, Newegg can offer a concierge-like experience to customers, delivering information that unites three digital communication channels:

  1. Self-service via contextual information provided by the consumer;

  2. Live chat with Newegg representatives; and

  3. Email. 


Amazon Denies Plans To Open 2,000 Stores

Amazon definitely is taking steps into the world of brick-and-mortar retailing, but for the time being they remain baby steps. The most recent speculation about Amazon's plans was fueled further by the debut of an Amazon Go checkout-free supermarket in Seattle. This beta version currently is open only to Amazon employees, with a public opening expected in 2017.

After a Wall Street Journal article cited a Business Insider report indicating the pure play giant planned to open as many as 2,000 physical stores, an Amazon spokesperson said the report was "absolutely not correct."


NRF Big Show Preview: Editors’ Picks For Can’t Miss Sessions

Bigger than ever, the 2017 National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Big Show will feature more than 300 speakers delivering more than 55 breakout sessions and 11 keynotes on six different featured stages. We know it’s an overwhelming event because we attend in full force every year. To help hone in on the most compelling content, the Retail TouchPoints editorial staff has compiled a list of most-anticipated sessions to attend. 


Sweet Deal: 5 Ways Godiva Is Rethinking Digital

Brita Turner GodivaGodiva Chocolatier Director of Ecommerce, Brita Turner, shares exclusive insights into the retailer’s recent digital transformation, which delivered 16% sales increases and a 12% boost in conversion rate. 

The holiday season is always a critical time of year for retailers and for many premium brands, like Godiva, it’s more important than ever to create experiences that align with how customers shop today. New industry reports show that more than half of consumers plan to make a majority of their purchases online during the holiday season, which is not surprising given that data from comScore shows that total digital spend for the 2015 holidays exceeded $69 billion.

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