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Retail TouchPoints Special Reports provide a comprehensive, detailed look at a specific industry trend or topic. Each article features industry insights, statistics, expert quotes and case study examples. Topics include Omnichannel Customer Service, Social Media, Retail Payment, Next-Gen Technologies and much more.

Aligning Email With The Omnichannel Customer Journey

The top goal for any email marketer is to capture consumers’ attention and incent them to click to the e-Commerce site or visit a store. Tried-and-true tactics, such as offering discounts, sales and offers, have helped them achieve this.

Up to 45% of consumers say they’re more likely to open and read an email if the subject line mentions a discount or special offer, according research firm L2. So it’s easy to see why retailers have stayed in a discounting frame of mind.


How To Win Attention And Dollars Through The Email Inbox

FEAT EmailMarketing imageWe’re living in a more connected and technology-powered world. It is no surprise, then, that brands and retailers are increasing spend on digital marketing tactics and campaigns.

In fact, 38% of marketers plan to shift spending from traditional advertising to ads on digital channels, according to the 2015 State Of Marketing Survey from While mobile and social advertising have undoubtedly come into focus, email remains at the core of successful digital acquisition, retention and loyalty strategies.


Mobile Wallets Grab The Payment Spotlight

shadow RTP RT054 SR Payment Apr 2015Cyber criminals want your customers' payment information, and the retailers that do not adequately protect customer data are at risk for long-term damage. For example, more than half (54%) of U.S. consumers said they would never, or would be very unlikely to, purchase from a retailer that had experienced a data breach where financial data was stolen, according to research from SafeNet.


Increasing Security To Combat Data Breaches

For as long as customers have paid for goods and services, criminals have attempted to get their hands on shoppers' hard-earned money. As payment methods evolved from simple cash exchanges to credit and debit payments, the tactics criminals employed became more sophisticated.

These days, shoppers and retail brands need to worry less about physical robberies and more about cybercrime. Instead of armed robberies, today's crooks use digital blunt force attacks, point-of-sale (POS) attacks and card skimming techniques to pull sensitive data that can include customer credit or debit card numbers.


Retailers Close The Personalization Gap With Content Campaigns

If retailers want to capture the attention of savvy consumers, they need to provide personalized experiences across channels. However, providing these experiences remains a key challenge for businesses of all sizes and across categories.

For the most part, retailers understand the role of personalization in the buying process. In fact, as many as 83% of retail marketers think they do a satisfactory job in personalizing experiences for consumers, according to research from Adobe. Customers do not necessarily agree, and there is a wide personalization gap between both sides. In fact, the same survey indicates that only 29% of consumers feel retailers effectively offer them personalized content or offers.


Retailers Embrace Personalization To Ramp Up Content Investments

As shoppers become more empowered and educated, retailers are tasked with the challenge of ensuring each consumer has a satisfying and memorable experience. Today's consumers have different shopping goals and preferences, and they now expect their browsing and buying journeys to align directly with their wants and needs.

To meet and exceed the expectations of choosy consumers, best-in-class retailers aim to display content that personalizes the shopping experience and helps build long-term relationships with shoppers. After all, 71% of retail consumers report that they like receiving personalized offers as they shop, according to the Adobe Retail Personalization Survey.


Delivering Innovation Through Better Change Management

New technologies and shopping options have empowered consumers, who now expect immersive experiences that align with their personal needs. To meet these expectations, best-in-class retailers are restructuring their organizations to support collaboration and innovation across departments.

To succeed in adopting new technologies and strategies, retailers must embrace effective change management. The ability to evolve with speed and agility is now a top priority. But this has proven difficult for some retailers.


13 Retailers Recognized As Social Media Mavens

shadow RTP RT053 AWD SocialMediaMavenAwards Mar 2015Nearly a decade ago, social media was a small fraction of retailers’ marketing mix. Most of the time, businesses were focused on building up their social profiles and pushing out messages and coupons to their followers.

But now, the rules of social engagement have changed: Best-in-class retailers understand that ongoing communication, information sharing and engagement drive successful social initiatives.


Industry Players Converge To Improve Associate Engagement

Retailers rely on in-store employees to represent their brands, engage with consumers and, of course, sell merchandise. Potentially more than any industry in the global economy, retail hinges significantly on workforce management optimization to acquire, retain and engage employees.

But the reality is: all organizations are fighting a daunting engagement problem.


Reimagining Customer Service Operations

Shadow RTP RT049 SR Omnichannel Service Feb 2015Consumers have a variety of information sources at their disposal, and technology is empowering them to connect with brands and retailers at any point during their browsing and buying journeys.

The increasing variety of service channels available undoubtedly provides shoppers with more ways to interact with brand representatives. But for the most part, quantity does not equal quality: Just 5% said companies exceed their expectations, according to the 2014 Global Customer Service Barometer from American Express. 


Getting Back To Customer Service Basics In A Digitally Connected Era

FEAT Omni Service imageFor as long as retail has existed, so has customer service. One would argue that the two go hand-in-hand, and that a retailer cannot continue to exist — let alone excel — without exemplary customer service.  

But throughout the past decade, the world has become far more complex, with consumers referring to myriad devices and resources throughout their unique shopping experiences. In turn, these savvy shoppers, who retailers now profile as "omnichannel consumers," are expecting more out of service experiences — from initial engagement with a brand or retailer to post-purchase interactions.


Optimizing The Supply Chain To Facilitate Omnichannel Fulfillment

shadow RTP RT048 SR Delivery Feb 2015As omnichannel becomes more of a business imperative, retailers are striving to provide the best experience possible, particularly during the order fulfillment and delivery process.

Whether through ship-from-store or in-store pickup, merchants are enabling consumers to have more of a say in when and how they receive their orders. These are not the only methods retailers are implementing, as some merchants are adding same-day delivery services and even free shipping to the mix.


Retailers Embrace Omnichannel Fulfillment Strategies To Exceed Customer Expectations

Following is Part 1 of the report, titled: How To Choose The Right Delivery Models. This feature will outline delivery and fulfillment trends from the 2014 holiday season and reveal which retailers are embracing newer tactics such as ship-from-store and in-store pickup.

A true omnichannel shopping experience is the ultimate value proposition retailers can offer their customers, and the order delivery and fulfillment experience is a vital part of this new shopping journey. To succeed, retailers must allow shoppers to receive their items at any time, and through any channel.


Is ‘Name-Your-Own Price’ The Next Step In Retail Personalization?

shadow RTP RT047 SR Pricing Feb 2015In the current omnichannel climate, retailers are working to create seamless experiences across all touch points. Simultaneously, retailers are focusing on developing more compelling and personalized assortments, offers and prices across all channels. Both initiatives will help retail organizations stand out against competitors, while satisfying today's demanding shoppers. 

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