Retail Success Stories

Retailers can greatly benefit from learning about their peers’ success stores. In this section, Retail TouchPoints offers case study articles featuring exclusive interviews with retail executives and their solution provider partners. These in-depth looks into retailer implementations include statistics, metrics and ROI use cases, in addition to quotes from the executives leading the charge.

Performance Bicycle Boosts Sales Up To 10% With Flexible Fulfillment

Performance Bicycle, a specialty cycling retailer with 106 stores across the U.S., has seen daily comparative store sales improvements of 3% to more than 10% since implementing solutions from Aptos in Q3 2014. By making both store and online inventory available for fulfillment, Performance Bicycle can get products to customers more quickly, and also clear end-of-season merchandise more efficiently. Performance Bicycle is using the Aptos singular commerce platform to: Fulfill 40% of its e-Commerce orders from stores; Fulfill catalog and e-Commerce orders from 87 of its stores; Give online consumers access to all store inventory; and Achieve a 96.5% reduction in call center volume. “If you place an order on the web today and you’re in California and the product is sitting in both a warehouse in North Carolina and a store in Santa Monica, the Santa Monica store will get an alert on their POS register saying they have an order to process,” said Mike Starkey, Senior VP of Information Systems at Performance Bicycle. “The alert will notify the store to pick and pack that product and ship it to the consumer since it comes from a closer location.” Challenge: Large Products, Limited Store Space Since Performance Bicycle offers more than…

Experiential Retail Enters Westfield Mall Via Video Gaming Theater

Virtually every industry expert is urging retailers to bring experiences to shopping environments in order to attract more consumers to their physical spaces. Westfield Malls has taken this advice to heart, hosting a new high-tech multiplayer video gaming theater in its Paramus, NJ Garden State Plaza mall. As many as 30 people can play games together live, using wireless touchscreen motion-sensitive devices. Their gaming activity is displayed on a 30-foot by 11-foot screen, providing entertainment for game viewers as well. Games range from collaborative to competitive and can be played by teams or individuals. Concert-quality surround sound, 50 multi-color LED and strobe lights and synchronized lighting effects all are driven by game play, and a live MC provides play-by-play commentary and encourages teamwork.

QuickChek Measures An 83% Lift In Store Traffic With Location-Based Targeting

Convenience chain QuickChek wanted to see if it could draw a direct line between its mobile advertising and traffic to its 140 stores in New York and New Jersey. Using location-based technology to determine whether mobile ads were responsible for driving customers to its stores, the retailer was able to measure an 83% list in visits for a test group compared with a control group of customers.

Aeropost Channels Web Traffic To Boost Conversion

Unless you are an e-Commerce shopper in the Caribbean or Latin America, you may not have heard of Aeropost. The 30-year-old services company provides shopping, payment and last-mile delivery support for e-Tailers (including major players like Amazon and eBay) in 40 countries throughout the region. In addition to its web site, Aeropost operates 100 storefronts throughout the region that function as e-Commerce service centers. The locations are equipped with web-connected terminals and staffed with purchasing assistants who can help novice e-Commerce shoppers navigate different sites to find the items they're seeking. Shoppers can pay for their purchases either in cash or with a credit card, and they can pick up the items they've ordered at the Aeropost store rather than dealing with the vagaries of last-mile fulfillment — a big benefit in countries that lack a strong delivery and shipping infrastructure.

Sweet Deal: 5 Ways Godiva Is Rethinking Digital

Godiva Chocolatier Director of Ecommerce, Brita Turner, shares exclusive insights into the retailer’s recent digital transformation, which delivered 16% sales increases and a 12% boost in conversion rate.  The holiday season is always a critical time of year for retailers and for many premium brands, like Godiva, it’s more important than ever to create experiences that align with how customers shop today. New industry reports show that more than half of consumers plan to make a majority of their purchases online during the holiday season, which is not surprising given that data from comScore shows that total digital spend for the 2015 holidays exceeded $69 billion.

World Of Watches Clocks In 59% Response Rate With Programmatic Direct Mail

World of Watches wanted to influence its customers without getting lost in the traditional direct mail and digital channel noise. The company teamed up with PebblePost and used its Programmatic Direct Mail capability, which reminds World of Watches visitors to return to the site with an incentive to purchase the house brands before they searched competitors.  Programmatic Direct Mail transforms real online activity into personalized direct mail that is delivered to a customer’s home within 12 to 24 hours, every day. The results clocked in some impressive numbers. World of Watches generated: A 59% response rate; 22% of all mail sent resulting in a purchase for their in-house brands; and  A 37X return on ad spend.  “PebblePost gave us both a competitive advantage at an attractive cost and another means to communicate with an audience who’s inclined to buy from direct mail as opposed to purely online,” said Russell Ackner, CMO of Swiss Watch International, parent company of World of Watches, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We saw an immediate way to communicate with a tangible media that has a longer shelf life than email or ads and can change the perception of our brand and shopping experience. Best of…

MVMT Watches Gains 105% Up-‘Tick’ In Email Revenue

It takes two hands to show the correct time, and for e-Commerce retailer MVMT Watches it's taken two email companies to craft a successful marketing strategy. Only three months after supplementing its partnership with marketing agency Email Aptitude with the Klaviyo platform, the brand: More than doubled its email-generated revenue with 105% growth; Increased open rates by 30%; Increased conversion rates by 45%; and Grew click-to-open rates by 62%.

Consumer Reviews Help Formula Seller Boost Retail Presence 131%

Businesses that don’t get much publicity, or can't afford a major advertising campaign, often rely on word of mouth to drive more awareness for their brand. Kabrita is no exception. As a seller of goat milk formula for infants and toddlers, Kabrita sought to leverage feedback from parents to educate other parents on the benefits of a feeding product that very few consumers are informed about. In January 2016, Kabrita partnered with online ratings and review platform provider Bazaarvoice to deploy its Conversations solution. Since incorporating the Bazaarvoice platform into its online reviews, Kabrita has: Achieved 20% month-over-month sales growth into September 2016; Increased its presence within retail stores 131%, jumping from 1,600 locations to nearly 3,700; and Posted an average 4.9/5-star rating, with 99% of parents recommending the product.

Suitsupply Takes A Disruptive Approach To Personalized Retailing

The men’s apparel category in the U.S. has been commonly associated with highly promotional pricing and traditional marketing. TV, radio and print ads with “buy 1-get 1” suit offers have almost become the expected engagement route for many menswear brands. However, a growing retail brand out of Holland is quickly rewriting the rules for connecting with and servicing men’s apparel customers across channels and devices.

Walmart Centralizes Data For Millions Of SKUs Into Online Catalog

Recognizing the importance of having complete, accurate, up-to-date digital content for all the products it sells, Walmart is seeking to "build a global product catalog of all the products that can be potentially transacted within the Walmart ecosystem," according to Ram Rampalli, the retailer's Global Head of Content Acquisition. "Whatever we sell, we want to make sure that all the products are represented online." Gathering product information for millions of SKUs and hosting it on represents a gigantic undertaking. For Rampalli, who in 2011 joined @WalmartLabs, the retailer's technology support and innovation lab, the challenges boiled down to: • Sourcing quality product content for so many products across thousands of suppliers; and • Organizing, standardizing, and optimizing all that data to rapidly go live on the Walmart site.

eBags Boosts Conversions 20% With Innovative Tech Investments

Retailers in some product categories — like grocery — can still compete by offering everyday low prices. But for retailers offering apparel, accessories and other soft goods, they have to find other ways to differentiate. That’s because Amazon, Zappos and even Walmart and Target are offering consumers a one-stop-shop for diverse product assortments at competitive prices. Shortly after joining eBags, a luggage and travel e-Tailer, CEO Mike Edwards realized the brand had to stand out in a new way. The category was far too entrenched, and if eBags tried to compete solely on price, the retail giants and disruptors would surely eat its lunch.

Personalized Product Recommendations Fuel Conversions For Pura Vida

Jewelry retailer Pura Vida has a compelling story to tell. The company began with two Americans, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, who were visiting Costa Rica on a post-college surfing vacation. To help defray the costs of the trip, they decided to see if locally hand-crafted bracelets would sell well back in their home town of San Diego. The 400 bracelets they placed in a bowl at a local boutique sold out quickly, and a business was born. Now, six years later, Pura Vida (Spanish for "pure life") has grown large enough to provide dozens of well-paying jobs for artisans in Costa Rica. The bracelets and other items, including apparel, are sold online and in approximately 2,500 retail locations, such as small boutiques and natural food stores.

Nordstrom Focuses On Mobile App, New Leadership Team To Engage Shoppers

In this exclusive interview with Shea Jensen, Vice President of Customer Experience at Nordstrom, Retail TouchPoints delves into the brand’s new mobile and digital initiatives. Acknowledging that Nordstrom shoppers are looking for a better digital experience, the department store retailer has implemented a number of updates to the branded app. “We’re continually looking at ways that technology can support evolving how we serve our customers, who increasingly want a digital shopping experience,” said Jensen.
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