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Valentine’s Day Promos Show Love For Innovation Beyond Price Discounts

With Valentine’s Day spending projections down to $102.50 from 2008’s $122.98 figure, according to NRF, retailers were looking to spread the love and get consumers out spending. While some analysts expressed concern that too many retailers continued to pull the discounting lever, there were some signs this holiday that retailers are getting more creative with cross channel promotional offers that may shore up the broken pricing levels.

Convergence Of Marketing, Merchandising Enabled By Union Of DemandTec/Connect3

The much talked about marriage of marketing and merchandising functions in retail moved closer to reality this week with the announcement that DemandTec had agreed in principle to acquire Connect3 Systems. The proposed union would bring together DemandTec’s suite of pricing and promotion SaaS solutions with Connect3’s advertising, merchandising, and promotions software, promising the first end-to-end promotion management solution for retailers and consumer products companies.

Mid-Season Report Card For The Holiday Season Shows Missed Opportunities

The 2008 holiday season has been stressful at best for both consumers and retailers. Most of us would like to call 2008 an anomaly, but is that a safe assumption? We will only know for sure next year, but in the meantime, retailers, consumers and industry analysts are reviewing what they have learned this year in hopes that it will help for next year.

iPhone Apps Represent New Window Of Opportunity For Retail Marketers

 After all the same store sales plunges, consumer spending pullbacks, profit nosedives and pricing collapses, one of the few the most positive image of 2008 can be found in a swirling picture of snow set against an iPhone screen and a big red bullseye. With Target, Amazon, and The Gap leading the way, the past two weeks has definitely put mobile applications on the retail agenda to stay.

Warning Signs Within Black Friday, Cyber Monday Spikes, As Retailers Go “All-In” Early With Holiday Deals

At first glance the results from the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales gave the retail community some hope that consumers might be willing to open up their wallets again. Shoppers upped spending on Black Friday by 7.2% over last year, with the NRF’s 2008 Black Friday Weekend survey conducted by BIGresearch, estimating total Black Friday spending at $41 billion. Online sales for Cyber Monday also jumped 15% from a year ago, according to data from comScore, Inc.

Leading Retailers Relying On Analytics Tools To Respond To Shifts In Holiday Demand

The dynamics of the current retail landscape are fast and furious, with the next few weeks sure to turn up the heat even more as retailers look to make up for lost sales after a slow start to the holiday shopping season. Many experts are predicting customer data analytics, and the optimization processes that result from it, will play an essential role as retailers try to maintain their agility.

Mobile Couponing Moves Into New Markets, GameStop Plays With New Phone Offers

After making its mark initially with supermarkets and consumer product brands, mobile couponing is extending its reach into other retail verticals. Matching its target demographic of young, tech savvy consumers, GameStop recently signed with Cellfire to use its service to distribute mobile coupons which are redeemable at its more than 4,200 stores in U.S. and Puerto Rico.

RetailWire: P&G Tests Online Sales to Consumers

Editor’s Note: This article is an excerpt from one of RetailWire’s recent online discussions. Each business morning on, retail industry executives get plugged in to the latest news and issues with key insights from a “BrainTrust” of retail industry experts.After focusing on cross-channel promotions and online info-sites for years, Procter & Gamble is working with a third-party operated website,, to sell its brands directly to consumers, thereby bypassing traditional retail outlets.

Q&A With OfficeMax VP Bob Thacker On Cause Marketing, Holiday Promos

OfficeMax has proven itself to be one of the most innovative marketers in the retail space. It recently announced it will reprise its highly trafficked Elf Yourself campaign this holiday season, after driving 193 million website visitors last year to upload a photo so they could see what they looked like as an OfficeMax elf. Following up on the Elf Yourself campaign, now OfficeMax is adding a layer of cause marketing.

Retailers Need to Realign Wall Street Reporting Practices with Cross-Channel Reality

With Wall Street analyst firms and the investors they supposedly service back on their heels it is an excellent time for retailers to fix something that has been broken for some time. After years of toiling under the irrelevant judgment of comp store sales, retailers can change the game to the rules of cross-channel engagement.

Experts Say Recent Wall Street Tumbles Could Further Rattle Consumer Psyche

The roller coaster ride that is the financial marketplace over the past month will not affect retail open-to-buy dollars or inventories for the holiday season. But experts say retailers should get used to a phrase that will become much more important than any government bailout. That phrase: “the psyche of the American consumer.”

With Shopping Trips Down, Retailers See Redemption Rates Soar On Work Targeted Promos

Fueled by rising gas prices and a slow economy, more consumers are shopping near work or on their commute route, according to recent research. In the August 2008 Consumer Intentions and Action survey from BIGresearch, 57.2 percent of respondents indicated they will be driving less because of gas prices. In addition, 54.4 percent said they would be taking “fewer shopping trips.”

Harvard Professor John Quelch Chats On Economy’s Impact On Retailers

John Quelch knows branding and knows retail. Never one to shy from informed controversy on those topics, his recent writing on pricing and the Starbucks expansion trouble attracted a good deal of attention. The Senior Associate Dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, Quelch frequently writes on retailing topics in his blog, Marketing Know:How, which is published through Harvard Business School Publishing.
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