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RetailWire: Kraft's iPhone App Draws Eyeballs, Shopper Insights

Editor’s Note: This article is an excerpt from one of RetailWire’s recent online discussions. Each business morning on, retail industry execs get plugged in to the latest news and issues with key insights from a "BrainTrust" of retail industry experts. The iFood Assistant from Kraft Foods now ranks among iPhone's top 100 paid apps, and number three in the lifestyle category. Consumers have to pay a one-time 99-cent fee for the app, sit through ads and even provide Kraft with real-time selling data. But Advertising Age said the app has clearly caught on because it's "actually useful."

RetailWire: Sears to Test New Online/Drive-Through Concept

It's becoming increasingly common today for retailers to offer store pick-up as an option for consumers ordering product online. Sears Holdings is looking to take the convenience factor associated with online ordering and store pick-up one step further with a new warehouse store concept called MyGofer that gives consumers the option of taking delivery of their order at a drive-through.

New Reports Show Mobile Shopping Nearing Big Impact On Store Experience

Already a competitive advantage, cross channel capabilities are about to become an even more distinct differentiator with the arrival of mobile commerce. While both consumers and marketers have been slow to embrace mobile commerce in the U.S., several sources point to the channel arriving in a significant way over the next two years.

Microsoft Tag Debut Builds Momentum For Mobile Commerce, Quick Response Marketing

Building on the early successes retailers are experiencing with short codes and other mobile marketing, a new technology platform being ushered in by Microsoft could dramatically change the game by bringing the benefits of quick response and the measurement capabilities of online media to the world of offline marketing.

User Generated Content’s Commerce Connection Tightens With BrandVoice

With recent data from JupiterResearch showing that more than 77% of online shoppers seek customer product reviews before making a purchase decision, retailers and their consumer product vendors are looking for new ways to tap into the power of user generated content. To help expand the reach of reviews and drive higher conversion rates both online and offline, Bazaarvoice launched a new program this week designed to connect distribution partners called BrandVoice.

Sears Crosses Into Mobile Channel With Holiday Launch Of “Sears2go” Application

In an effort to make it as convenient as possible for its customers to find and purchase their gift items this holiday season, Sears has launched a new mobile shopping application, called Sears2go. The mobile commerce site allows consumers to find and buy merchandise through a mobile version of the company’s Web site.

5 New Promotional Trends Emerge As Retailers Launch Early Holiday Sales Offers

As expected, retailers have kicked off their Holiday promotion efforts early this year. Rather than wait until Black Friday, most retailers started rolling out sales and promotional efforts as soon as the Halloween candy and decorations were rolled away. Obviously, discounting is going to be prevalent this season as consumers become more deal-driven and tightening their belt. According to recent TNS Retail Forward ShopperScape data, 65% of respondents indicated they planned to take greater advantage of good sales/deals.

Cross-Channel Retailers Realize “Need For Speed” As They Get A Jump On Holiday Promos

The holiday season is shaping up to be a game of high-stakes poker played at high-speed. According to experts observing the situation, the key players may call “all in” at any time with an aggressive slate of discounts, promotions, and cross-channel incentives.“The big change this year is that retailers are moving their holiday campaigns forward in an attempt to close some sales early,” says Chad White Director of Retail Insights and Editor-at-Large for the Email Experience Council.

Forrester Analyst Cites Social, Mobile & Green

“The Web is no longer the underdog,” says Sucharita Mulpuru, principal analyst at Forrester Research. Now that ecommerce is fully entrenched in several retail categories, multi-channel retailers must embrace it as a primary component of business success. Mulpuru delivered a keynote address titled The New Rules of eCommerce at the September 2008 summit.
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