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Sears Crosses Into Mobile Channel With Holiday Launch Of “Sears2go” Application

In an effort to make it as convenient as possible for its customers to find and purchase their gift items this holiday season, Sears has launched a new mobile shopping application, called Sears2go. The mobile commerce site allows consumers to find and buy merchandise through a mobile version of the company’s Web site.

5 New Promotional Trends Emerge As Retailers Launch Early Holiday Sales Offers

As expected, retailers have kicked off their Holiday promotion efforts early this year. Rather than wait until Black Friday, most retailers started rolling out sales and promotional efforts as soon as the Halloween candy and decorations were rolled away. Obviously, discounting is going to be prevalent this season as consumers become more deal-driven and tightening their belt. According to recent TNS Retail Forward ShopperScape data, 65% of respondents indicated they planned to take greater advantage of good sales/deals.

Cross-Channel Retailers Realize “Need For Speed” As They Get A Jump On Holiday Promos

The holiday season is shaping up to be a game of high-stakes poker played at high-speed. According to experts observing the situation, the key players may call “all in” at any time with an aggressive slate of discounts, promotions, and cross-channel incentives.“The big change this year is that retailers are moving their holiday campaigns forward in an attempt to close some sales early,” says Chad White Director of Retail Insights and Editor-at-Large for the Email Experience Council.

Forrester Analyst Cites Social, Mobile & Green

“The Web is no longer the underdog,” says Sucharita Mulpuru, principal analyst at Forrester Research. Now that ecommerce is fully entrenched in several retail categories, multi-channel retailers must embrace it as a primary component of business success. Mulpuru delivered a keynote address titled The New Rules of eCommerce at the September 2008 summit.

AMR: Don’t Let Early Predictions Lull You into an Unprepared State During 2008 Holiday Season

While some forecasts indicate consumers are planning to spend about the same amount of money during holiday 2008 as they did in holiday 2007, retailers should be on the lookout for sudden shifts and changes. A presidential election, war, natural disasters, rising gas prices and the volatile current state of the economy should have all businesses on their toes.

Mystery Shopper Research Uncovers Improvements In Cross-Channel Marketing

By stepping out of the office and into the stores, the e-tailing group captures unique insights into successful retail marketing and merchandising practices. In the fourth year of its Cross-Channel Shopping Study, the e-commerce consulting firm found that retailers are more dedicated to shop online/pickup in-store and are moving towards improvements in other cross-channel areas such as in-store web tie-ins, buy online/return in-store and online store locators.

New Solutions Automate The In-Store Experience With X-Channel Insights

Personalization, product comparisons and content management are features commonly associated with the e-commerce channel. These and other shopping tools are now working their way into the store environment and the hands of associates on the selling floor. These and other emerging strategies and tactics were spotlighted during a recent Retail TouchPoints webinar titled “Automating the In-Store Experience with Cross Channel Intelligence,” which was sponsored by iCongo and Motorola.

Reality Bites: Retailers Need Cross-Channel Tools To Overcome Bleak Holiday Outlook

Several research reports released last week showed the undeniable reality check that awaits retailers this holiday season. Most merchants will be faced with the slowest sales growth since 1991. In order to remain solvent and competitive beyond this critical further quarter period, analysts stress retailers must get closer to their customers by adopting online tools and analytics capabilities.

Circuit City Grabs An EDGE By Incorporating Multi-Channel Intelligence Into Tablet PCs

Looking to improve the shopping experience and stand apart from its competitors, Circuit City is betting a lot of its future on its new ‘the city’ format. And one of the key differentiators for the new format will be the Enhanced Digital Guide Experience (EDGE), a handheld selling tool designed by the retailer and Microsoft. Delivered on Tablet PCs running a custom Windows-based application designed to help inform and engage customers.

Rich Internet Apps (RIA)s Give Retailers New Window Into Customer Experience

Customers may see them as cool new technologies that offer different views of products and shopping carts. But retailers are seeing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) as a way to improve the online customer experience, and seal critical moments of truth. “Retailers need to identify those real moments of truth in the online experience,” says Forrester principal analyst Ron Rogowski, who has written several reports on the topic of RIA implementation.
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