Mobile content covers the gamut, from the implementation of mobile apps and mobile web sites to in-store mobile technology. A fast-changing industry segment, mobile presents unique challenges to today's retail organizations. This section will help retail executives stay on top of the latest news, insights and information to help solidify cross-channel strategies and draw traffic into stores.

Mobile Technology Lessons Learned At The Expense Of The Book Industry

We all know that Amazon is a business disruptor. What we collectively do not seem to understand is how the industry’s shifting roles is undermining the value chain for both the writer and the reader.Could Amazon be simply using the book to build its m-commerce empire? Is the book industry a necessary sacrifice: mobile commerce road kill? Book Countdown: 7 Steps Here are the CliffsNotes on how the book industry turned on its ear:

Thank Google-ness, It’s Windows?

Mobility is a treacherous business. Cell phones only are used for an average of 18 months before dropping down toilets, falling off tables and general m-wear-and-tear drives consumers back into the buyers’ market. For fashion and trend-conscious consumers, this cycle is probably shorter. Mobile folks are a fickle bunch. While some may be diehard Apple or Android loyalists, the masses swap the old for the new in rapid succession. Every time a screen smashes or a phone drops down a manhole or domiciles in a taxi (without you), there is a fresh opportunity for a handset manufacturer and an operating platform to woo the new shopper. Of course, there is some stickiness; Consumers may be faithful to their Blackberry Messenger groups, the slick screen design of their iPhones or the price point of their Androids.

New Survey Shows Privacy Concerns Create Mixed Emotions For Location-Based Offers

Location-based strategies have changed consumers’ spending habits based on the amount of available offers. As retailers continue to interact with consumers using cross-channel strategies, recipients now prefer to receive coupons on their mobile devices. In fact, 67% of smartphone and tablet users consider it very convenient and useful to have location-based coupons sent to their mobile devices, according to a recent mobile survey conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights.

Amazon T-Commerce: Cloud Meet Mall!

For all the science of shopping, even Paco Underhill, the retail guru, would tell you that designing an optimal commerce experience is a fairly simple proposition. Words like frictionless, seamless, impulse, uninterrupted, and accessible come to mind: One-Click Ka’Ching? But between the idea and the reality falls an unwieldy shadow. With the launch of Amazon’s new Android tablet will Amazon’s signature one-click checkout meet portable desire and allow for an optimal commerce experience for the impulse shopper on the go? In a world where Amazon has go far beyond the book, is this the new Kindle for the shopper? The new tablet is reportedly priced at $199 (below the $210 hard cost for manufacturing) and is being sold as a T-Commerce transaction shopper device.Will a low price point — bundled with commerce wallet toolkit including reviews, consumer recommendations, shopping comparison and a fairly simple checkout ― bring the cloud down to the shopping mall?
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