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Supply chain challenges are mounting for many retailers, especially those operating in multiple regions of the country and abroad. Consumers expect to be able to order and purchase products via any channel, then have them delivered to their channel of choice – and quickly! New technologies are providing the ways and means for merchants to deliver on the promise of omnichannel excellence. Now retailers must find the best ways to implement new solutions to stay competitive.

Lovesac Improves Revenue By 50% With NetSuite

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Lovesac, a designer and retailer of furniture and home accessories, has deployed cloud-based ERP software from NetSuite for numerous areas of the business, including: inventory and order management; CRM; POS and customer service. Since going live with NetSuite, Lovesac has improved end-to-end business processes and has seen continued a year-over-year revenue…

Apple, Dell, Nordstrom And Zappos Win At Holiday Shipping

Online sales reached new heights during the 2014 holiday season, increasing 15% year over year to $48 billion from $42 billion, according to comScore. As more consumers browse and buy online, retailers have received pressure to ensure packages are delivered successfully.   Apple, Dell, Nordstrom and Zappos were the organizations that ensured prompt order delivery, making them the winners of the 2014 holiday season, according to research from StellaService. These four retailers provided an ordering deadline of December 23 and guaranteed that any packages purchased online on or before that date would be delivered by Christmas Day. Although the retailers offered the latest cutoff date among their major retail competitors, every one of them delivered packages on time.

10 Million New Members Used Amazon Prime For Holiday Services

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More than 10 million new subscribers have tried Amazon Prime during the 2014 holiday season, according to a statement from the e-Commerce giant. Additionally, through Christmas Day 2014, consumers ordered more than 10 times as many items through the Amazon Same Day Delivery option compared to the same period in…

Boll And Branch Boosts Online Sales By 3,300% With Symphony Commerce

Online retailers looking to get off the ground must optimize every portion of their business if they expect to enter the market and ignite any hope of outdoing their competitors. Boll and Branch, an online retailer of luxury bedding products, improved web traffic by 1,600% and transactions by 3,300% within three months of launching its online store in January 2014. The retailer has been able to see such success, and further build its brand, since implementing solutions from Symphony Commerce. With Symphony Commerce, Boll and Branch has been able to:

Cloud Justice Maximizes Loss Prevention Efforts

Shoplifting will always remain a concern for retailers across categories. When an incident occurs, retailers can’t afford to mismanage the issue and risk additional loss. Cloud Justice from Turning Point Justice enables retailers to gather evidence, calculate restitution damages and prepare police reports when shoplifting occurs. The platform is specifically built for Loss Prevention Agents (LPAs), and features a touchscreen computer including the Cloud Justice software, a Wi-Fi device, a mobile camera and a printer. The platform integrates with identification, criminal record and law enforcement databases, such as the National Retail Mutual Association (NRMA). The solution integrates with existing civil demand and incident management providers to complement the retailer’s current practices and offers retailers protection by avoiding bounty incentives.

Ugam Assortment Intelligence Helps Retailers Make Better Inventory Decisions

Shopper preferences and overall demand help retailers determine how to plan their assortment for each store. Ugam Assortment Intelligence is designed to generate insights for retailers regarding what products to keep, carry and drop based on real-time data collection and analytics. Data available within the solution helps merchandisers identify assortment gaps so they can better differentiate their product offerings. The solution gathers search data, ratings, reviews and social media activity to analyze the competitive landscape and provide retailers with demand trends so they can make optimal assortment decisions.

Top 5 Mistakes Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Make That Hurt Their Business

By now, most retailers know that an increasing number of shoppers are buying online. Does this mean that offline businesses should be afraid? Of course not. There are places where you can still see shopping malls with full parking lots and lines of people at the register waiting to check out. The prevalence of online shopping simply means that brick-and-mortar businesses cannot afford to continue running their business the same way they did 10+ years ago. As a point of sale consultant, I have worked with retail businesses for 15 years, and I still see old and new businesses making the same mistakes other businesses did over a decade ago. Some of these mistakes include:

GoECart 360 Provides A Comprehensive View Of Retail Business Functions

Retail businesses today have a myriad of divisions and employees to manage. To remain competitive and constantly evolve with new consumer trends and preferences, organizations must capture a comprehensive view of the business and better manage all internal processes. GoECart has released GoECart 360, an all-in-one SaaS e-Commerce suite that caters to a variety of business functions including: Enterprise-class order and inventory management; warehouse management; POS and CRM.

Chico’s Implements RFID Into 13 Soma Stores With Tyco

Inventory visibility is a necessity for retailers that want to keep track of the amount of products that have sold, as well as how many items are on the sales floor and in the back of the store. RFID tagging has simplified inventory visibility for in-store employees so they can track merchandise with an electronic reader. Chico’s is one of these retail organizations that has jumped aboard the RFID bandwagon, partnering with Tyco Retail Solutions to successfully implement its RFID Inventory Intelligence solution in 13 Soma Intimates pilot stores. With the technology installed, associates at these Soma locations can now access real-time inventory information in one place to better manage their deep merchandise assortment and drive increased sales and shopper satisfaction.

QVC Promotes Ken O’Brien To SVP Of Merchandising

Video and e-Commerce retailer QVC has promoted Ken O’Brien from VP of Merchandising to SVP of Merchandising. O’Brien will be responsible for developing and executing QVC’s merchandise strategy for all products and brands. Additionally, he will help engage and manage the QVC vendor community.  Since joining the QVC team in 2000, O’Brien has worked his way up the ranks within the merchandising division. In his most recent role as VP of Merchandising, he helped drive growth within QVC’s home products category by refining and optimizing assortment for household, kitchen and cooking products. Prior to that, he served as Director of Merchandising for home products, and helped introduce new brands, concepts and categories to the kitchen electric and gift divisions.

50% Of Brick-And-Mortar Sales Are Influenced By Digital Channels

Digital channels influenced up to 50% of all in-store retail sales in September 2014, up from 36% in September 2013. This coincides with the growing number of shoppers who showroom (72%) and webroom (78%). The 2014 Omnichannel Retail report, commissioned by L2 in partnership with RichRelevance, examines omnichannel data across 100 brands and investigates retailers’ efforts to drive customers into stores.

King Solutions Helps Streamline Supply Chain Operations

To ensure success, retailers need to make sure that their supply chains are operating efficiently and can deliver all products to distribution centers and stores quickly and seamlessly. King Solutions, a transport logistics and fulfillment provider, assists retailers in shipping and moving products, helping them solve complex logistical challenges related to store openings, remodels, fixture distribution rollouts, reverse logistics and store relocations. The company recently launched CoastalPlus, a freight service that delivers throughout the U.S. for less-than truckload shippers based in Minneapolis, Minn. Individual freight unit GPS tracking is available upon request.
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