E-Commerce is no longer a standalone channel for most retailers. What happens online is co-mingled with what happens in the store and through other shopping channels. Many forward-thinking retailers are revamping their business structure so that the e-Commerce executives can work closely with other-channel executives. Yet, the online environment continues to present unique challenges to merchants, around efficiency of page click-throughs, addition of interactive elements and improvement of the checkout process.

RTP Live! Session: Moosejaw Success Is ‘All About Being Relatable, And About Being Fun’

With a vision to “be the most fun outdoor retailer on the planet” while selling the best outdoor products, Moosejaw strives to deliver experiences that are both meaningful and memorable — all hinging strongly on being relatable to the shopper. The retailer operates by four chief values: be notable, get people engaged, make customers love the brand and “only do cool stuff” — or in business terms, be willing to test, try and fail — according to Dan Pingree, Moosejaw’s CMO, in a session at Retail TouchPoints Live! @ RetailX.

Flip The Script On Bad E-Commerce Deliveries

We've all had a bad experience at a restaurant. One that goes from bad to worse, resulting in a negative vote with our wallets and maybe even an online post. We’ve also all had a bad dining experience that is handled so well that we go from upset to loyal fans. The same scenarios play out every day in other consumer experiences — and online shopping is no stranger to issues and disappointments. Brands can build trust to win loyal e-Commerce shoppers by upholding delivery promises and resolving any issues to positive effect through proactive delivery experience management. What do I mean by a bad online shopping experience? It could be an ill-fitting item that I want to return, or worse, I might receive a damaged shipment or have an order delayed so much that it misses a birthday celebration. Many retailers are unaware that 11% of online orders experience some sort of delivery distress (known as “exceptions”).

Mass Customization Is Coming for E-Commerce — Here’s How Manufacturers Can Get It Right

Thanks to the immediacy of our digital age, shoppers have a growing desire for products that can be instantly customized exactly to their preferences. But the demand for customized goods does not align with the traditional e-Commerce model, where a customer can choose only from what is displayed on a retailer’s site. Mass customization demands a new approach. Luckily, with the rise of the B2B2C commerce model, manufacturers are now able to provide a B2C-like experience to the end customer. The right CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution streamlines the formerly complex process of customization, allowing customers to see the price they will pay for the product, and send necessary designs and specifications straight to the manufacturing facility.

100+ Goodwill Stores Take Merchandise Mobile

More than 100 Goodwill locations across the U.S. will upload secondhand merchandise such as clothing, jewelry and furniture to OfferUp, a mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers. Via OfferUp, mobile shoppers now can browse their local Goodwill store’s inventory in the app alongside other sellers’ products. 

Walmart Absorbs Operations Within

Nearly three years after acquiring for $3.3 billion and integrating its “smart cart” technology and supply chain teams, Walmart will officially fold the rest of’s teams — including retail, marketing, technology, analytics, product and several others — into the business. As part of the absorption, Simon Belsham’s…

Depop Raises $62 Million To Fight Counterfeiting, Expand Globally

Depop, a UK-based peer-to-peer social shopping app, has raised $62 million in Series C funding. The most recent financing round was led by General Atlantic, with investments from Balderton Capital, Creandum, Octopus Ventures, TempoCap and Sebastian Siemiatkowski, founder and CEO of Klarna, the Swedish payments company. Targeted at Millennials and members of Generation Z, the mobile fashion marketplace intends to use the funding to grow its London-based engineering and data teams and implement more recommendation and image detection algorithms, specifically to speed up the rate of removing counterfeit or illicit items. Additionally, Depop will allocate this funding to expand internationally, specifically in the U.S. CEO Maria Raga said the U.S. is becoming the eight-year-old startup’s largest market, with five million current users and a projected 15 million in three years. Despite the rise of peer-to-peer selling platforms like Poshmark and Vinted and social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest increasing their e-Commerce presence over the past few years, Depop has seen 100% year-over-year revenue growth and brought in gross merchandise value (GMV) of more than $500 million since its launch. Depop takes in 10% cut of the GMV sold, working out to total revenues being about $50 million for the period.…

Amazon Shuts Down U.S. Restaurant Delivery Service

Amazon will discontinue Amazon Restaurants, its in-house food delivery service, as of June 24, an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement shared with GeekWire. The decision comes six months after Amazon Restaurants closed its London operation in December 2018. Launched in 2015, Amazon Restaurants operates in 20 U.S. cities, providing…
Read more... Boosts Conversion Rates By Removing Invasive Product Ads

Retailers may not be entirely aware of an ongoing e-Commerce threat: the presence of unauthorized product and promotional ads appearing on their web sites that potentially distract shoppers or even divert them to competitors. In the case of, as many as 20% of the company’s web site visitors came from infected browsers, leaving the company highly susceptible to these invasive ads and, unfortunately, lost potential sales. But with the help of Namogoo, a platform dedicated to preventing this type of malware from affecting the customer experience, has since lifted its conversion rate across site visits more than 2%. “When you see numbers that are too good to be true, you really spend a lot of time making sure those numbers are correct,” said Patrick Berry, Senior Director, Brand Technology at “Too often, you can make mistakes during statistical analysis, and with numbers like this you don’t want to make mistakes. When you go to people and attribute one change to an uplift in conversion rate, most people come back and say nothing moves the needle like that. Organizational implementation is making sure that you have the due diligence in the numbers, because the results are so dramatic.”…

E-Commerce Search Is On The Verge Of A New Era

After Baymard Institute completed a large-scale usability study on e-Commerce search in 2014, the web usability research firm declared it was “tempted to declare the current state of e-Commerce search ‘broken.’” When test subjects were assigned product-finding tasks on various sites, they were unable to locate the item almost one-third (31%) of the time. When shoppers can’t find what they want within the first set of results, they don’t rethink their searching behavior and try different strategies. After all, these people have high expectations for the search experience after years of using Google’s AI-powered engine.

How FabFitFun Leveraged Granular Feedback To Improve Customer Service

While FabFitFun has expanded its customer service department from approximately 20 agents to 200+ agents over the past two years, the brand has done more to enhance its service than just invest in manpower. The seasonal lifestyle and subscription company doubled down on its ability to monitor conversations between its customer service agents and shoppers, to better inform the reps about the impact, successes and weak points of their interactions. In implementing the Stella Connect customer feedback platform, FabFitFun has: Maintained an average customer satisfaction (CSAT) score of 95; Decreased agent departure rates; Included agent photos and quotes in emails; Enabled team leads to better coach agents on mistakes; and Better understand who its highest performers.
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