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TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg: Technology Is One Of Our Products

As its name implies, TechStyle represents a marriage of technology and fashion. It’s the parent company of successful, fast-growing brands including Fabletics, JustFab, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. TechStyle uses proprietary technology, personalization and vertical integration to create a winning combination of subscription e-Commerce with brick-and-mortar retail. The emphasis on technology comes naturally to Co-CEO and Co-Founder Adam Goldenberg, who has been a serial tech entrepreneur since the age of 15. At 17 he sold his Gamer’s Alliance web site to Intermix; he was then offered a full-time position there, becoming COO at the age of 20. In this exclusive Q&A, Goldenberg reveals what makes TechStyle unique, including a heavy reliance on data, an emphasis on speed, and fruitful collaborations between data scientists and fashion merchandisers.

LIDS Looks To Hit Home Run With New Loyalty Program

With 39% of consumers using two retail mobile apps at most on a regular basis — and 21% using no retail app at all — retailers face an uphill battle selling the apps to consumers. But sports apparel retailer LIDS has stadium-sized goals for its recently unveiled mobile app and rebranded “Access Pass” loyalty program, according to Jeff Pearson, the company’s Senior VP of Marketing and E-Commerce. “We would like to have between 10% and 15% of the customers download and regularly utilize the app,” said Pearson in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Our goal is to have between 30% and 40% of our customers become a loyalty member.”

Coupons Can Tempt 79% Of Loyal Consumers To Switch Brands

Coupons might seem old-fashioned, but they remain a major part of the shopper experience, with 90% of consumers saying they obtain them from a variety of print and digital sources. In fact, coupons may matter more for customer acquisition than brands realize: 79% of self-defined brand-loyal consumers are influenced to buy a brand they wouldn’t typically have purchased due to a coupon’s influence, according to research from Valassis. “The only true loyalty consumers have is looking for value,” said Curtis Tingle, CMO of Valassis in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “That value means different things…it may be an experience they’re looking for in a particular retailer. Consumers always want a good deal, they want the right price for the service or product they’re receiving, and coupons definitely influence that.”

CCSeries Webinars: Making The Shopper Experience Friction-Free

Did you miss the Retail TouchPoints Connected Consumer Series webinars, broadcast March 27-30? (Perhaps you were part of the throng that descended on Las Vegas for Shoptalk.) Never fear, all eight sessions are now available on-demand. This year’s series explored the many ways retailers can remove friction from the shopping experience — from using AI to deepen personalization to offering credit-wary Millennials new payment and financing options. Practical advice ranged from tips for maximizing mobile sales, empowering front-line employees, leveraging consumer-generated social content, and the true million-dollar question: finding out what your customers really want. Shuts Down Cashback Rewards Program is shutting down its cash-back rewards program, Jet Anywhere, on May 1, 2017, according to a statement placed on the company web site. The program enables consumers to leave Jet's own site to shop on Jet Anywhere-affiliated sites, then email receipts of their purchases to Jet to collect "JetCash"…

Money Can't Fix What's Broken At Sears Holdings

The end is near, and I believe Q2 2017 will finally be the quarter when Sears Holdings files for bankruptcy and calls it quits. I’m not saying that solely because of its most-recent SEC filings, but also as someone who shops Kmart and Sears stores and e-Commerce sites. I moved to a small town in Connecticut about a year and a half ago, and quickly became a Kmart shopper. It’s not something I envisioned in life: It’s just that I have two Kmarts conveniently located within about a 15-minute drive of my condo, and the nearest Walmart or Target is at least a half an hour away.

Hitachi Releases CRM For Building Product Manufacturers

Hitachi Solutions America has released the latest version of Hitachi CRM for Building Product Manufacturers. The platform is available as a cloud service and works with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM platform is designed to create better visibility into projects and tasks, improve fulfillment with project and job tracking, competitor tracking, and fully integrate with billing and ERP systems.

Digital Strategies Help Neiman Marcus And Home Depot Improve Omnichannel Personalization

Every retailer is seeking to reach the Promised Land of one-to-one customer personalization. Two brands that are leaders in their respective verticals — Home Depot and Neiman Marcus — use a variety of data-driven solutions to move them closer to this goal. Executives from both retailers shared key personalization strategies at a session titled Data: The New Currency For Retail Marketers, during the NRF Big Show 2017:

Heymarket Releases Text Messaging App For CRM

Heymarket has released a text messaging app designed for retailers to use as a CRM tool. Retail employees using Heymarket can: Reach multiple customers at once; Schedule messages; Set up appointments; Set reminders to follow up; Reuse messages with templates; and Share customer chats with co-workers. Users can also organize contacts into lists and send personalized messages so that each private recipient can reply directly to the sender. Customers will only see the sender's number and the users have full control over which messages coworkers can see. Users can even keep track of those who viewed photos in a message.

Tapping Community To Connect Digital Strategies

Kelly Stickel launched Remodista to focus on retail disruption. By using Community as a business model, Remodista is working to “build, foster and create a trusted environment where we attract like-minded individuals thinking through disruption and innovation. Through collaborative research and analysis, we think through the business challenges looking at the future of retail.” Stickel and a panel of retail leaders will share their insights on Community and Commerce during the Retail Innovation Conference, May 9-10 in New York City. This Q&A provides a preview of this compelling session:

Moosejaw, Home Depot Among Top Customer Service Leaders

They sell different products but they have one thing in common: excellent customer service. Based on the 20th annual Mystery Shopping Study conducted during Q4 2016, Astound Commerce identified these retailers, listed in alphabetical order, as customer service leaders: • B&H • Gap • L.L. Bean • Lancôme • Moosejaw • The Home Depot • Zappos B&H, Home Depot and Zappos were repeat winners from the 2015 survey. Moosejaw was acquired by Walmart earlier this month.

Cashback Rewards App Integrates Mobile Payments

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Customer loyalty program technology startup ReCASHeR has signed a strategic partnership to collaborate with alternative mobile payment company Blue Code. ReCASHeR embeds Blue Code in its mobile app so consumers can pay using the platform with approximately 15,000 cashier systems in Austria and various merchants in Germany. The team is…

Winning The Last Mile: Controlling Costs While Satisfying Consumers

The "last mile" of retail — fulfillment, delivery, returns and post-purchase services — has become the latest competitive arena for winning sales and customer loyalty. If retailers fail to meet customer expectations with a delivery or product installation, it's highly unlikely that shoppers will give them a second chance. But while retailers are competing for customer loyalty, they are faced with rising costs around deliveries as well as returns, another critical element of the last mile. And passing these costs along to customers is not an option. Today’s consumers expect free or low-cost shipping.

Messaging Mavens: The Utility Of Chatbots Across Demographics

We've come a long way since the days of AIM and SmarterChild. The world of chatbots is emerging and fast-moving, with players as diverse as Sephora and StubHub. With the ability to exist outside apps, often leveraging texting and voice technology, chatbots have the environment to thrive and bring a sense of efficiency to consumer interactions. The promise of the “affordable butler” has arrived. Not only do bots streamline transactions, they allow brands to capture a breadth of consumer data while engaging with customers one-on-one. Unlike platforms like Snapchat and Kik, largely geared to a certain demographic, chatbots have vast — and valuable — applications to consumers of all ages.

Top Tips To Drive Targeted E-Commerce Traffic

The continued growth of e-Commerce has switched the roles of "supply" and "demand" within retail. Brands must now pursue consumers via every available digital touch point. Moreover, retailers need to drive a large audience, but also the right audience, to their sites. “The retail business model we lived with our entire lives and for generations before that assumed that the customers who represent demand would physically go to the store where supply was,” said Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner at RSR Research. “Now we live in a world where supply must go to demand. It’s exactly the opposite direction. It upsets the apple cart in virtually any operational aspect you care to discuss. So the question is, how can a retailer set up an environment where supply can go to demand?”
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