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In order to be successful in today’s omnichannel retail marketplace, merchants must collect information from numerous internal and external sources, then analyze that data. New solutions can help to optimize incoming data in order to deliver the business intelligence and analytics needed to move retail businesses successfully into the future. This section offers feature articles, special reports, industry viewpoints and the latest news to help retailers make sense out of the growing influx of information.

The “New Normal” In Retail

As the consumer becomes more empowered, with the help of technology and social media, retailers need to rethink their strategies in order to successfully engage today’s shoppers in a meaningful way, and ultimately retain their business. In a recent webinar, titled: Digital Disruption and the Retail Experience, executives from VSN Strategies and Confirmit discussed the role of Big Data in the process of understanding the shopper experience and how mobile solutions are required in order to gain the most leverage out of customer feedback.

IHL Group Releases Mobile POS Vendor Database

IHL Group, a global research advisory firm specializing in retail technology, has released the Mobile POS Vendor Database. The data service is designed to track the shipments of mobile POS by vendors worldwide such as Apple, Motorola Solutions, HP and Samsung. Data from the IHL Mobile POS Vendor Database is…

Roundy’s Focuses On Customer-Centricity With Symphony EYC

Roundy’s Supermarkets Inc., a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based retailer, has implemented Symphony EYC Customer Insights to create more customer-centric business processes across its grocery and pharmacy brands.  Using the Customer Insights solution, Roundy’s will leverage analytics to improve product selection, communication and other functions across all stores and pharmacies.
Read more... Connects Consumers To Local Businesses

Location is becoming a more prominent piece of the marketing puzzle as time-starved consumers become more eager for resources that help them achieve daily was founded as a way to connect consumers to businesses that are close to their homes. Initially focused on restaurants that deliver, the business has expanded to liquor and grocery stores, and will soon offer access to nearby laundry and dry cleaning services. Rather than doing an extensive online search through Bing or Google, consumers can go to, enter their address and receive detailed information on local businesses.

68% Of Retail CIOs Say They Aren’t Using Data To Its Full Potential

Of all the resources CIOs can leverage to gain insight on the success of their company’s business strategies, the use of Big Data is lagging, according to a recent study commissioned by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). While more than two thirds (68%) of retail CIOs said they collect data, they agreed that they were not maximizing its full value. Additionally, only 47% of survey respondents said they have invested in cross-channel analytics to effectively engage consumers across channels. Only 25% of retailers have plans to invest in Big Data analytics in the future.
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