Blue Nile Previews New iPhone App

  • Written by  Mike Santos

Blue Nile CEO Diane Irvine is revolutionizing the jewelry shopping experience with the company’s newest app, set for release next week. The discount jewelry site gave a preview of the app to CNBC, showing a new level of smart and tech-savvy shopping before shoppers invest in a diamond or two.

Potential customers can look up characteristics of their jewelry of choice, including stone cut and size, and the Blue Nile app will give them the price the site estimates for purchase. The app can also pick out merchandise based on a price limit. The online store is credited for discounting an average of 20-40% due to their Internet-only format. While brick-and-mortar jewelry stores are filing for bankruptcy and padlocking their shops, Blue Nile has consistently grown, citing a 9.7% increase in its second quarter to CNBC.

While for men the app is designed to make agonizing jewelry shopping easier, for women, it is a way to see the most popular jewelry, their prices, and the option to share their desired selection with their friends via Facebook or email. With a simple shake, they can see the newest Blue Nile items, and the hottest jewelry to add to their wish list.
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