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od red cal templateWhen you hear the word "disruption," what is your immediate response? Do you roll your eyes at the latest buzzword, or do you immediately feel a twinge of uneasiness? Regardless of how you feel about the word, disruption is now a reality that all retailers must face. And how retailers respond to new consumer behaviors, market dynamics and technological innovations, will dictate their fate.

Not sure how to begin dealing with (almost) daily disruption? This webinar featuring Dave Bruno and Nikki Baird of Aptos will provide everything you need to know to help your organization thrive in this volatile era. Through a lively conversation, we'll uncover:

  • Three mega-trends driving the present and future of retail;
  • Six steps retailers must take to ensure their enterprise is built for change; and
  • Examples of retailers that have successfully completed some, or all, of these critical steps.

Join us for the webcast on March 14 at 2 PM ET!



Dave Bruno
Marketing Director


Nikki Baird
Vice President of Retail Innovation


Alicia Esposito
Content Strategist
Retail TouchPoints


March 14 @ 2 PM ET

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5 Steps To Faster, More Efficient Product Lifecycles 5 Steps To Faster, More Efficient Product Lifecycles

For 57% of fashion and retail companies, inefficient collaboration presents their biggest product lifecycle management (PLM) challenge. But by using a single platform to drive collaboration at every point — from initial concept to the end consumer — brands can cut their go-to-market time frames by six to 12 months.

These five steps can put brands on the path to greater efficiency:

  • Reduce product lifecycles with a collaborative business platform;
  • Minimize risk, for example with smaller product runs for rapid feedback;
  • Improve visibility across all internal processes;
  • Speed up decision-making with solutions to share knowledge across the decision chain; and
  • Increase profit: 84% of retailers reported improved customer engagement and increased sales as benefits of adopting a fast fashion model.

Get more details in this infographic from Logility.

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Source: Logility.

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Top 5 Trends Driving Retail Innovation: Insights From Industry Experts Top 5 Trends Driving Retail Innovation: Insights From Industry Experts

With any technology, new or old, the biggest challenge comes not in the invention itself but in its application. Turning the theoretical into the practical will be a retail industry priority in 2019.

This reports looks at key trends identified by the retail industry experts who contributed to the Retail TouchPoints 2019 Technology Preview and 2019 Outlook Guide. Major areas of focus include:

  • AI and machine learning;
  • Enhanced personalization;
  • Exemplary in-store experiences;
  • Sustainability and ethical retailing; and
  • Unified commerce.

Throughout the report, quotes from these experts, who include retail analysts and consultants as well as high-level executives at leading solution provider companies, also will identify other noteworthy trends, including voice commerce, virtual showrooms and retailers' growing partnerships with tech startups.

Download the full report to access expert insights into the biggest retail trends of 2019.

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10 Merchandising Hacks To Future-Proof Your Retail Business 10 Merchandising Hacks To Future-Proof Your Retail Business

It's undeniable: The new retail reality is no longer about juggling channels. There's not just the question of online vs. in-store. The new age consumer expects captivating experiences from retailers.

Magnetic merchandising across all channels – in-store, e-Commerce and social — can act as a strategic asset that differentiates the good retailers from the great ones, and helps attract today's discerning consumers.

This e-Book expands on ten tips in key areas of merchandising that can help retailers break through the clutter, including:

  • Calibrating your timing to be back-in-stock before you even go out-of-stock;
  • Discount-proofing your price architecture; and
  • Using visual storytelling to get shoppers excited about your brand and products.

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60% Of Consumers Believe AR Would Enhance Furniture Shopping 60% Of Consumers Believe AR Would Enhance Furniture Shopping

The use of 3D visualization technology has hit the retail mainstream: 60% of surveyed consumers want to use augmented reality (AR) to buy furniture in the future, while 55% feel that virtual reality (VR) will be influential. These technologies can help retailers provide a "try before you buy" customer experience, creating an immersive virtual store experience and reducing the hesitation that could otherwise prevent a purchase.

Retailers also can use 3D visualization technology for space planning, which helps shoppers contextualize how purchases will fit into their homes. Use of space planning can lead to a 3X average increase in sales value along with increasing engagement and reducing return rates.

Learn more about how 3D visualization technology can translate into retailer success in this infographic from Cylindo.

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Source: Cylindo.

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Shoppers Spend 67% More In Their Third Year As Customers Than Their First Shoppers Spend 67% More In Their Third Year As Customers Than Their First

The case for customer retention is usually framed as a negative: that acquiring a new customer is six to seven times more expensive than retaining an existing one. However, there's also a strong positive case for keeping customers satisfied: 78% of happy customers are willing to tell their friends and family about a business, and customers in their third year shopping at a business spend 67% more than they did in their first.

Retailers can retain customers by making an emotional connection with them: 64% of customers list shared values as the biggest factor behind brand loyalty. It's also a good idea to ramp up customer service: three out of five consumers will switch brands to get a better customer experience, and 86% will pay more. Learn more effective customer retention techniques in this infographic from SpotOn.

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Source: SpotOn.

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How A Concept To Customer Strategy Delivers Seamless Visibility How A Concept To Customer Strategy Delivers Seamless Visibility

Retailers are under tremendous pressure to be more agile and responsive, which requires faster product development, production and distribution from concept to customer to meet accelerated expectations.

Lengthy product lifecycles result from a lack of visibility and collaboration across the retail organization as well as vendors, material suppliers and logistics providers. Each stakeholder tends to work in silos, waiting to finalize its part of the process before handing off to the next department. Technology and processes reinforce this divide with separate, siloed solutions.

Check out this white paper to discover how a concept to customer strategy delivers seamless visibility that provides five critical benefits:

  • Shorter product lifecycles;
  • Lower risk, leading to new opportunities;
  • Greater visibility;
  • Better, faster decision-making; and
  • Increased profits.

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Pricing For Marketplaces: The Definitive Guide Pricing For Marketplaces: The Definitive Guide

With millions of sellers and billions of products to compete with on Amazon alone, it can be easy to get buried in data daily — and still feel behind. This is especially true when it comes to pricing on marketplaces, where more sellers than ever are competing across product categories.

With more than half of online shoppers regularly comparing sellers to find the best price, it's no longer just your product descriptions and images alone that capture attention. Often, pricing is what matters most.

If you want to consistently rise to the top of search results and land in the marketplace's buy box, having a structured pricing strategy is a must.

Check out this e-Book to learn:

  • How to manage the complexities of marketplace pricing;
  • 8 pricing best practices;
  • Key benefits of strategic pricing; and
  • How to master your marketplace presence.

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How To Make A Next-Generation Store A Right-Now Store How To Make A Next-Generation Store A Right-Now Store

It's clear that the retail industry is going through a transformational period that has many scaling back physical operations, but people still want to — and still do — shop in stores. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in a $5 trillion US retail economy, ecommerce sales only make up some 8% of that annual revenue, and multiple studies show that a majority of retail transactions still occur in brick-and-mortar stores.

Check out this report to learn how to make a next-generation store a right-now store. You'll learn:

  • Why a next generation store requires a fully unified commerce platform offering a single view of customers, orders and inventory; and
  • How Toad&Co implemented a modern, unified commerce strategy to enable its brick-and-mortar expansion efforts.

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Personalized Mobile Messaging: Your Next Top Revenue Channel Personalized Mobile Messaging: Your Next Top Revenue Channel

With overflowing email inboxes, screens full of often-forgotten apps, and ever-changing social media algorithms that control which content people see, retail marketers are constantly looking for new ways to break through the digital clutter to reach consumers and drive revenue.

This is why marketers are now turning to mobile messaging as the next big way to reach consumers and drive revenue. With 30%+ click-through rates on messages and more than 25X ROI, this channel cannot be overlooked.

Download this report to learn:

  • Why now is the time to adopt a mobile messaging strategy;
  • The types of text messages consumers most want to receive from brands; and
  • Real-world use cases around limited-time and VIP offers, cart reminders and product availability updates.

Check out the report!

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