E-books - Retail TouchPoints - Retail TouchPoints https://www.retailtouchpoints.com Tue, 15 Oct 2019 20:24:09 -0400 RTP en-gb How To Calculate The Real Cost Of An E-Commerce Solution https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/how-to-calculate-the-real-cost-of-an-e-commerce-solution https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/how-to-calculate-the-real-cost-of-an-e-commerce-solution How To Calculate The Real Cost Of An E-Commerce Solution

"How much does it cost?"

It's the question every decision-maker asks when investing in any product or service for their business. The answer is not as simple as you might think—or hope—when it comes to e-Commerce technology.

Check out this e-Book to better understand which elements of an e-Commerce platform will add to costs versus providing a strong ROI, including:

  • Factors that affect licensing costs;
  • Cost of implementation and support;
  • The role of integrations, apps and extensions; and
  • Transaction and hosting fees.

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11 Ways Retailers Are Using Appointment Scheduling To Drive Customer Engagement And Loyalty https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/11-ways-retailers-are-using-appointment-scheduling-to-drive-customer-engagement-and-loyalty https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/11-ways-retailers-are-using-appointment-scheduling-to-drive-customer-engagement-and-loyalty 11 Ways Retailers Are Using Appointment Scheduling To Drive Customer Engagement And Loyalty

Executives know that to thrive in the new world of retail, their brands must focus on creating memorable, personalized experiences that go far beyond pushing products. These experiences cover a vast spectrum, touching on everything from events and classes to one-to-one consultations, product training and tutorials and even customer service appointments.

While each of these tactics has its own unique goals and priorities, they are all similar in that they require flawless execution. Innovative brands in all categories are using appointment scheduling in diverse ways, helping to boost both in-store traffic and engagement while improving bottom-line results.

Check out this e-Book for real-world examples from brands like:

  • The UPS Store;
  • Starbucks;
  • Sprint;
  • The Container Store;
  • Best Buy;
  • David’s Bridal;
  • NYX Cosmetics;
  • The Tile Shop;
  • The Vitamin Shoppe;
  • Sephora.

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State Of Frontline Employee Workplace Training In Retail https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/state-of-frontline-employee-workplace-training-in-retail https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/state-of-frontline-employee-workplace-training-in-retail State Of Frontline Employee Workplace Training In Retail

Training frontline retail associates not only enhances customer service; it also can help improve employee engagement and lower turnover. A new study reveals that 75% of retail employees believe training can help them develop new skills and grow their careers, but only 33% of associates are offered this kind of opportunity for development.

This comprehensive, retail-specific analysis of the state of frontline employee training includes valuable insights, such as:

  • The current state of learning on the frontlines in retail;
  • What is (and is not) working with regards to frontline associate training;
  • The importance of balancing short-term performance with long-term career development; and
  • Associate expectations and attitudes towards reskilling for the future.

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Clicks-To-Bricks Playbook: 5 Ways To Transform Digital Shoppers Into Loyal, High-Value Store Traffic https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/clicks-to-bricks-playbook-5-ways-to-transform-digital-shoppers-into-loyal-high-value-store-traffic https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/clicks-to-bricks-playbook-5-ways-to-transform-digital-shoppers-into-loyal-high-value-store-traffic Clicks-To-Bricks Playbook: 5 Ways To Transform Digital Shoppers Into Loyal, High-Value Store Traffic

Although the number of store closures this year already far surpasses 2018's total, many brands are taking the opportunity to open new locations (or revamp existing ones) that are digitally infused and focused on cultivating enthusiastic shopper communities.

This e-Book will reveal five digital tools and tactics retailers can implement to generate more in-store traffic. Learn how:

  • Sephora's diverse approach to experiential marketing led to 44,000 event registrations and a significant boost in average spend per visit;
  • Express tests different omnichannel fulfillment approaches to gauge consumer behaviors and preferences; and
  • Best Buy become a leader in the buy online, learn-in-store (BOLIS) revolution.

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The Ultimate Guide To Advanced Amazon Advertising https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/the-ultimate-guide-to-advanced-amazon-advertising https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/the-ultimate-guide-to-advanced-amazon-advertising The Ultimate Guide To Advanced Amazon Advertising

Success on Amazon depends on many factors. You need unique products, dynamic pricing, great reviews and quick fulfillment options, just to name a few.

But one of the most important factors that will determine your long-term Amazon success is simply being seen. Product visibility on Amazon is increasingly difficult, as millions of sellers battle for position on increasingly limited screen space. Leading brands and retailers must use advanced Amazon Advertising strategies to boost visibility and stand out in the crowd.

In this e-Book, we'll break down some ways to squeeze more ROI from your ad accounts and ultimately ensure the hordes of shoppers on Amazon actually see the products you want them to find. You'll learn:

  • Amazon ad types and best practices for campaign setup;
  • How to overcome real-time data limitations; and
  • Granular strategies for product targeting, placement bidding and new-to-brand metrics.

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2019 B2C E-Commerce Benchmark Report https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/2019-b2c-e-commerce-benchmark-report https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/2019-b2c-e-commerce-benchmark-report 2019 B2C E-Commerce Benchmark Report

With more than 60% of consumers shopping online at least once a month, retailers and brands must constantly evaluate which devices and traffic sources are performing best and respond accordingly.

Get definitive answers to your top digital commerce questions. Check out this benchmark study of 1.3 billion unique shopping sessions across 150+ retail sites now to learn what to add, adjust or accelerate in your digital commerce strategy.

Gain access to statistics that will help you determine what to add, adjust or accelerate in your digital commerce strategy, including:

  • 50% of all e-Commerce sessions come from a smartphone device;
  • Units per order on desktop are 24% higher than mobile; and
  • 48% of web site visits come from direct traffic; and

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Getting Real About ERP: 5 Ways It Supports Retail Innovation https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/getting-real-about-erp-5-ways-it-supports-retail-innovation https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/getting-real-about-erp-5-ways-it-supports-retail-innovation Getting Real About ERP: 5 Ways It Supports Retail Innovation

Retailers' inability to optimize customer experiences stems from two core issues: a lack of real-time, 360-degree insights and an inability to respond swiftly to new trends and opportunities. To successfully drive growth, retailers must have a strong digital core: an ERP system that extends accurate and real-time data to all areas of the business and supports its innovation initiatives.

This e-Book shares insights into how ERP systems can accelerate retail innovation, including:

  • Creating a comprehensive view of business performance across channels, including product/inventory performance, marketing metrics and more;
  • Combining data from store-level POS systems, distribution centers, warehouses and e-Commerce operations; and
  • Updating data, eliminating the time and manpower that are often required to aggregate and interpret information successfully.

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New Business Models In A New Global Landscape: Challenge Or Opportunity? https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/new-business-models-in-a-new-global-landscape-challenge-or-opportunity https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/new-business-models-in-a-new-global-landscape-challenge-or-opportunity New Business Models In A New Global Landscape:   Challenge Or Opportunity?

Competing in a global retail landscape involves much more than just accounting for language, currency and other obvious differences in each country. Retailers need an intimate understanding of regional nuances and requirement differences across multiple domain areas, as well as technology that can go the distance.

Global expansion offers important opportunities for retailers, but those that grow successfully share some key traits, including:

  • The right platforms with end-to-end and flexible integrations;
  • Knowledge of the implications and considerations across various selling models;
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • Mastery of accurate, real-time tax calculations and reporting; and
  • A customer experience that’s consistent and compelling.

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Why E‐Commerce And Charitable Giving Are On A Parallel Path Forward https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/why-e-commerce-and-charitable-giving-are-on-a-parallel-path-forward https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/why-e-commerce-and-charitable-giving-are-on-a-parallel-path-forward Why E‐Commerce And Charitable Giving Are On A Parallel Path Forward

Forward-thinking companies have moved beyond discussions about building out e-Commerce capabilities to focus on optimizing the online experience to reassert leadership in consumers' minds — and wallets.

Leveraging e-Commerce to positively impact social causes can be a way to consumers' hearts as well. And companies that get started first have a chance to get ahead.

Grab your copy of this report to learn how online giving can help you capitalize on five key ideas that are top-of-mind for e-Commerce companies and outstrip your competitors in the race ahead.

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Creating An Integrated Strategy For B2B Commerce https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/creating-an-integrated-strategy-for-b2b-commerce https://www.retailtouchpoints.com/resources/type/e-books/creating-an-integrated-strategy-for-b2b-commerce Creating An Integrated Strategy For B2B Commerce

By integrating key solutions into their unified commerce platform, B2B merchants can manage mission-critical operational elements quickly and cost-effectively. The deployment of the right technology will also better equip sellers to deliver a frictionless and consistent buying experience, helping to maintain good customer satisfaction and retention.

In this e-Book, you'll learn how B2B retailers can manage their most pressing business issues and streamline their operations by tying both tax and shipping/fulfillment solutions into their e-Commerce platform.

Download the e-Book now and explore the benefits you can receive from:

  • Deploying a unified commerce platform that keeps B2B transactions separate from the retailer's B2C business, while aggregating data and centrally managing inventory, orders and customer information;
  • Integrating a tax solution that automatically deals with the patchwork of state and local rules and rates, while also providing the backup documentation that's needed in case of an audit. Such solutions are becoming even more important in the post-Wayfair tax environment, as states and localities seek additional sales tax revenues; and
  • Simplifying the last mile of shipping and post-purchase management by closely integrating with a third-party delivery specialist.

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