How WiFi And Mobility Solutions Are Transforming Retail Operations And The Customer Experience

According to IDC research, top priorities for retailers include mobilizing the workforce, IoT, cloud, and customer analytics. Learn more about how cloud managed WiFi and mobility solutions are becoming critical in digital transformation strategies by enabling retailers to:

  • Execute seamless and frictionless omnichannel experiences;
  • Enable mobile POS, inventory management and other WiFi-enabled operations; and
  • Gain agility and free up IT resources by deploying cloud managed WiFi.

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The State of Omnichannel Commerce

A Mystery Shopping Study

This mystery survey report assesses 30 different retailers based on 57 different metrics. Findings highlight best practices in four key areas of retail strategy:

  • Fulfillment and Inventory;
  • Personalization;
  • Pricing; and
  • Signage.

Download this report to uncover the 4 vital components of a great omnichannel experience.


Implementing AI-Powered Commerce With Einstein

Best Practice Guide

Take advantage of AI-powered commerce to gather real-time behavioral data and enable:

  • Personalized search results;
  • Enhanced product recommendations;
  • Reduced manual merchandising tasks; and
  • Increased average order value.

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The Retailer’s Blueprint For Success: Enabling Great Customer Experiences

Today's retailers must adapt to deliver on changing customer expectations. Set your business up for success with this helpful guide from NetSuite, which uncovers:

  • The 5 pillars to building a unified customer experience;
  • Real-world case studies from Prospect Brands, Wingtip and Hammitt.
  • Key challenges around disruptions in retail; and
  • Modern business systems for retailers.

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In-Store Innovators Playbook

Discover the untapped potential of weather strategy

Retail inventory plans are heavily influenced by the previous year's selling season, which is significantly impacted by the weather. Retailers that use analytics to measure the weather's impact can significantly improve demand forecasting by addressing these four areas:

  • Extreme weather response;
  • Seasonal inventory planning;
  • Personalized CX ; and
  • Staff resource optimization.

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Converting Stores Into A Competitive Advantage: 6-Step Playbook

How Top Brands Are Applying Local Context To Drive Traffic And Conversion Across Both Online And Brick & Mortar

This E-Book outlines six ways retailers are applying local context to drive traffic and conversions across both online channels and brick-and-mortar stores, including how to:

  • Monetize mobile;
  • Supercharge social; and
  • Add relevance to ad targeting.

Get the 6-step guide now to learn how retailers such as Zumiez and GUESS are bridging digital with physical to drive traffic and conversion.


Prada Success Story

The Prada Group uses Cloud4Wi Volare platform to transform in-store customer experience in about 500 stores worldwide

The Prada Group realized customer satisfaction and loyalty could be at risk because in-store Wi-Fi was not available.

By implementing the Cloud4Wi Volare platform, The Prada Group was able to:

  • Provide free customer Wi-Fi with fast and easy login;
  • Match shoppers' devices with a unique digital identity; and
  • Collect better customer demographic and in-store behavior data.

Download this case study to learn more about The Prada Group's Wi-Fi success.


The Evolving E-Commerce Consumer Journey

The days of a consistent and reliable "search, click, buy" process are long gone. In its place is often a complicated web of deliberate steps, each one inching your target consumer closer to the "buy now" button over the course of many days, weeks or months.

This continually-evolving journey is no longer a clear-cut funnel, but more of a maze. Each consumer path is unique and uncertain — which means today's e-commerce seller hasn't reached its full potential until it's maintaining a strong presence at every twist and turn.

Download this white paper to learn how to leverage a wide range of marketplace and digital marketing tactics to reach consumers at any stage of their journey.


ROI Of Personalization

How eCommerce Companies Are Using Personalization to Grow Faster

Personalization tools build brand relevance and customer loyalty, but they also help e-Tailers lower cart abandonment, increase conversions and drive revenue.

In this white paper, Dynamic Yield shares 5 real-world personalization success stories:

  • Lamoda ($15 million in gross profits, 35X ROI);
  • Fjallraven (38% conversion uplift, 150% CTR rise);
  • BILD Shop realizes a 5X ROI from a single use case
  • Nature Hills (25% rise in revenue per session, 13% add-to-cart lift); and
  • Sabon (35% rise in page views, 35% bounce rate improvement)

Download this white paper and learn how to take full advantage of personalization tools.


Optimizing E-Commerce Returns

Only 14% of retailers offer free returns shipping, and 60% do not help consumers send the merchandise back. This is an area where retailers can stand out from the competition.

This white paper details the five steps to an optimized online returns process:

  • Implement clear returns policies and procedures;
  • Leverage technology to create efficient processes;
  • Rethink packaging to drive brand loyalty;
  • Use data to track what's being returned and why; and
  • Make exceptions for third-party and cross-border shoppers

Download this white paper and get returns processes on track.

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