The Convergence Of Content And Commerce

MozuEbkThe majority (92%) of consumers say they trust word-of-mouth and recommendations more than traditional advertisements, according to Nielsen. However, brands also can drive customer engagement and long-term loyalty by creating compelling stories with content marketing.

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Not Your Father's Video Program: What's Next In Visual Commerce


Let’s face it: Consumers are more visually oriented today than ever before. To keep up, retailers need to join the visual fray. With advanced video technology, merchants can deliver a visual commerce experience that will boost sales and cement long-term loyalty. Learn how The Step2 Company and other leading retailers are using video to boost sales by registering for this webinar today!

During this webinar, Tena Crock from Step2 and Russ Somers from Invodo will share real-world examples of retailers’ video strategies in action, along with key takeaways for merchants looking to benefit from their video investments.


Are Retailers Shifting Fast Enough From “Old School” Media To New Digital Marketing Opportunities?

retail-me-not 62014 wp drc templateOver the next three to five years, 82% of retailers believe their digital marketing budgets will increase, according to a survey commissioned by RetailMeNot. This surge can be attributed to the fact that 75% of retailers think digital advertising delivers a higher ROI than traditional methods.

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Shopper-Centric Discovery: The Missing Piece Of Your Personalization Strategy

Compare Metrics Shadow Cover Whitepaper-Shopper Centric Discovery 2

As many as 75% of consumers want retailers to use personal information to improve the shopping experience; and 77% said they would trust businesses more if they explained how they are leveraging personal data. But how can retailers deliver this strategy?

The first step is determining where to personalize. Just 17% of retailers are personalizing search results; and only 22% personalize on category pages, according to an e-tailing group study.

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