A Step-by-Step Guide for Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Customer Retention While Minimizing Discounts

Retailers work hard to acquire customers, but often struggle to keep them and to encourage repeat purchases, However, advanced customer segmentation and predictive analytics can give retailers the tools to:

  • Minimize discounting while reducing customer churn;
  • Identify each customer's lifecycle stage;
  • Optimize creative and offers; and
  • Successfully transform customer economics.

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5 Ways To Convert One-Time Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

Convert one-time shoppers into repeat customers as a key part of your marketing to strategy, in order to:

  • Double the odds of getting a third purchase;
  • Drive up to 30% more conversions using a multi-channel campaign vs. email alone;
  • Significantly increase online revenue in the long-term; and
  • Spark customer loyalty and lifetime value by focusing on the second purchase.

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Rewarding People Beyond Discounts

Today's consumers expect more than discounts and coupons to remain loyal to a brand.

Learn how big brands are designing their loyalty programs and find out how to take your rewards strategy to the next level.

This whitepaper covers how:

  • Marvel offers unforgettable experiences through its Insider Program;
  • GameStop provides loyal shoppers with a variety of rewards options; and
  • Fresh Step enables customers to donate rewards points to animal shelters.

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7 Critical Campaigns For E-Commerce Marketers In 2017

Learn how leading retailers such as Uncommon Goods, ThinkGeek and Club Monaco deliver customer-centric emails that foster loyalty, win back shoppers and boost revenue. Download this white paper to unlock 7 key campaigns that every e-Commerce marketer needs to implement in 2017, including:

  • Welcome Series;
  • Cart Abandonment;
  • Browse Abandonment;
  • Birthday;
  • Loyal Customers;
  • At-Risk Shoppers; and
  • Win-back.

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Rethinking Loyalty In The New Era Of Retail

Retailers know all too well about the virtues of loyal customers. Rather, it's the customers who need to be sold on the virtues of being loyal to a retail brand.

This Retail TouchPoints Special Report examines the ingredients that go into successful loyalty programs for today's consumers. Programs that create strong and reciprocal bonds with customers are employing the following techniques:

  • Personalization
  • Participation
  • Exclusive and Experiential Rewards
  • Immediate, Mobile-Oriented and Gamified Strategies

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Bond Brand Loyalty's 2015 Loyalty Report

BondBrand-SHADOWToday's shoppers want to be loyal, but brands must earn that commitment. While more shoppers opted in to loyalty programs last year, they cut down on the number of programs they actively participate in. The 2015 Loyalty Report from Bond Brand Loyalty contains feedback from more than 11,000 North American shoppers. Read the report to find out what's working, and what isn't, in today's loyalty programs.


Know Me. Serve Me. Reward Me.

StracacheEbkShadowShoppers have access to an increasing number of options, which allows them to be more selective about which retailers they’re loyal to. Winning these customers' hearts and minds requires retailers to demonstrate that they can know, serve and reward their best shoppers across all touch points.


Cultivating The Superfan

Up to 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of its existing customers. Brands like TOMS, Zumiez and Oreo are cultivating these brand superfans by connecting with consumers in a personal manner across channels.

Want to learn how you can engage your superfans? This infographic, courtesy of CrowdTwist, will provide some helpful tips and best practices.


Progressive Retailers Tailor Customer Loyalty Programs To All Channels, Individuals

Shadow RTP RT060 SR OmnichannelLoyalty July 2015Traditionally, customer loyalty programs have been the backbone for retailers striving to attract new customers and boost retention rates. While consumers continue to join programs and pack more loyalty cards into their wallets (both physical and virtual), they now crave an experience that extends across channels and devices, and is more relevant to their unique wants and needs.

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