Implementing AI-Powered Commerce With Einstein

Best Practice Guide

Take advantage of AI-powered commerce to gather real-time behavioral data and enable:

  • Personalized search results;
  • Enhanced product recommendations;
  • Reduced manual merchandising tasks; and
  • Increased average order value.

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The 5 W's Of Drop Shipping Tax Rules

What Ecommerce Retailers Must Know

There are 11,000 different tax jurisdictions in the U.S. Are you prepared to ship legally and effectively?

This e-Book uncovers the important facts about drop shipping tax rules, including:

  • The importance of identifying the facility products are shipping from;
  • Which tax rules and rates apply to the customer's location; and
  • Where shipping charges are taxable.

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ROI Of Personalization

How eCommerce Companies Are Using Personalization to Grow Faster

Personalization tools build brand relevance and customer loyalty, but they also help e-Tailers lower cart abandonment, increase conversions and drive revenue.

In this white paper, Dynamic Yield shares 5 real-world personalization success stories:

  • Lamoda ($15 million in gross profits, 35X ROI);
  • Fjallraven (38% conversion uplift, 150% CTR rise);
  • BILD Shop realizes a 5X ROI from a single use case
  • Nature Hills (25% rise in revenue per session, 13% add-to-cart lift); and
  • Sabon (35% rise in page views, 35% bounce rate improvement)

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Your Essential 2017 E-Commerce Calendar

All the important dates you need to kick off 2017

Essential e-Commerce dates, events, tips and topics  to get ahead in 2017. Download this calendar as a guide to keep your e-Commerce enterprise prepared for the first half of the year with:2017 with:

  • Winter-proof digital marketing, customer feedback and fulfillment strategies;
  • Springtime product data organization methods and campaign testing tips; and
  • Summer-ready marketplace and search engine optimization tactics.

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2016 Retail Analysis: Thanksgiving To Cyber Monday

Learn how leading retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy,, Target, Toys "R" Us and Walmart led the 2016 holiday season in online pricing and assortment. Download the white paper to unlock key online pricing and assortment results, including:

Availability of the top 100 toys and electronics;
Out-of-stock products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday;
Pricing trends from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday;
Retailers offering the lowest prices; and
Amazon's average price trend compared to last year.

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Inbox Love: Investigating The State Of Triggered Emails & Personalization For Retailers And Consumers

Progressive retailers can see significant gains when they embrace personalized and triggered emails. For example, Word of Watches saw a 120% boost in revenue. However, a new survey from Magnetic and Retail TouchPoints reveals that few retailers are giving consumers the immersive and relevant email experiences customers crave.

Download Inbox Love: Investigating the State of Triggered Emails & Personalization for Retailers and Consumers and learn how to:

  • Understand consumers' cross-device email behaviors
  • Adapt to shifting email trends and customer demands
  • Collect and use data to deliver relevant and timely emails
  • Embrace triggered emails to stand out in crowded inboxes

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The Essential Guide To Personalization

Improve Business Results With Relevant Experiences, Every Time

Are your personalization strategies up to par with leading retailers such as Office Depot and Johnston & Murphy? Download The Essential Guide To Personalization: Improve Business Results With Relevant Experiences Every Time and learn how to:

  • Bust four common myths of personalization;
  • Establish meaningful, measurable benchmarks;
  • Evaluate potential personalization partners; and
  • Achieve true 1-to-1 personalization.

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Content Cues From The Hottest Holiday Buys

Analyzing the Digital Product Content of Trending Toys and Electronics for Better Conversions

Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Samsung and Target are bridging the gaps in product content delivery to improve traffic, conversions and the overall shopping experience. Download the white paper to learn how to boost conversions by implementing six product content elements and guidelines including:

  • Product title placement and ID format;
  • Keywords for product descriptions;
  • Item features and benefits;
  • Product specifications;
  • Minimum product photo and video resolution; and
  • Search performance.

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Develop An Omnichannel Competitive Advantage

How An Integrated Platform Drives Supply Chain Excellence

An optimized supply chain can improve margins, boost productivity and provide a seamless omnichannel experience for consumers. One fast fashion retailer reduced items shipped by more than 50% with optimized sell-through and demand-pull data. Download this white paper to uncover nine benefits of an optimized supply chain, including:

  • Consolidated inventory management;
  • Business-aware merchandise planning;
  • Intelligent allocation and replenishment; and
  • Improved cross-department collaboration.

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Ready To Engage With Tomorrow’s Shopper?

How Retailers Can Distinguish Themselves

The retailer of the future will embrace technology to extend the customer relationship beyond the shopping experience. Download the report to uncover three key strategies to help reimagine the future, including:

  • Harnessing behavioral data from social media;
  • Leveraging technology to exceed customer expectations; and
  • Creating a digitally integrated enterprise.

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