KFC Fast Tracks Ordering In UK With AIRTAG Mobile Platform Featured

  • Written by  Kim Zimmermann, Managing Editor

KFC UK & Ireland
partnered with AIRTAG, a provider of mobile ordering technology, to launch the first mobile and web app for ordering and payments at the quick service restaurant chain.

Called KFC Fast Track, the app was developed using AIRTAG’s Airshop Solution. It features geolocation capabilities to identify the nearest KFC, mobile and web ordering and payment capabilities, anda mobile check-in feature for in-store order recall. It also enables customers to store their order history, favorite products and payment details

KFC will pilot Airshop in 10 restaurants across the UK and the chain plans to strategically expand the system internationally, said Paul Borrett, IT Director of KFC UK & Ireland, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “The UK was a great place to begin because of the predominance of mobile phones in the UK,” Borrett said. “Also, brand users in the UK are slightly younger, so it made for a perfect test market.”

Borrett explained that geolocation was an important component of the system so that users did not have to spend time searching for the closest restaurant to place their order. “This is the type of system that people use on the go. They will be in a cue at the bank and maybe thinking about lunch and this gives them a quick and easy way to place their order.”

Ease of use also was a priority. After placing their order, customers receive a QR code and order confirmation number for order pick up at KFC. Once at the restaurant, customers use the QR code to check in with their mobile device and go to a checkout designated for KFC Fast Track users.

“We are a quick service restaurant and we wanted to make sure that our customers had a quick and accurate experience,” Borrett said. “Our customers are highly mobile and looking for ways to cut out whatever steps in the process that they can when they get to the store.”

The next iteration of KFC Fast Track will include a geofencing feature to allow users to perform the mobile check-in processjust before they arrive at the restaurant.“KFC Fast Track will renew theordering experience in a way that meets new consumer demands for efficiency onset by the increasing importance of multi-channel commerce shopping,” said Jérémie Leroyer, CEO and Co-Founder of AIRTAG.“We are very pleased to work with KFC in carving out a mobile presence that brings a real value to end users and we are very excited for the program’s roll out.”

Borrett told Retail TouchPoints that the system integrates with KFC’s NCR POS technology and it was important to ensure that the two systems communicated seamlessly before adding more stores.

“You want this to be quick, easy and fast for the consumer,” Borrett explained. “It was very important for us and that the system not disrupt the processes at the store and we want it to be solid operationally and so far it has worked well.”

The AIRTAG mobile ordering and payment system also is being used at McDonald’s in the UK and the European hypermarket chain Carrefour. “We are in talks with a U.S. supermarket to use this technology,” Leroyer said. “This technology can apply to all different types of merchants where customers can order ahead and the merchants are looking to bridge the gap between the online and in-store experience.”

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