Wize Commerce Offers Campaign Management And Monetization Tools To Drive Shopper Engagement

The capabilities of social networking sites and mobile tools and technologies have increased expectations for today’s consumers. To help retailers excel in the age of omni-channel shopping, Wize Commerce recently unveiled its suite of solutions.

“Today, it’s a multichannel retailer world,” Mike Janes, CMO of Wize Commerce, told Retail TouchPoints. “It’s more important than ever that retailers have a single view of the customer and an integrated experience online and offline. Retailers no longer need to just win a sales lead, but build a relationship with shoppers to keep them coming back to them.”


Bunchball Gaming Tactics Help Improve Customer And Employee Engagement

Bunchball-Nitro-4-3_2Gamification offers retailers the opportunity to integrate game mechanics into digital experiences to influence and motivate engagement. By incorporating gaming tactics into online communities and user-generated content, retailers can deliver more compelling brand impressions and establish customer loyalty.

Retail demand for gamification platforms is deepened today by a technology-driven shopping environment in which users expect relevant, targeted offers, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

In response, Bunchball launched Nitro Flamethrower in March 2012 to help retailers create personalized gamification programs aimed at meeting the interests of specific users. Flamethrower currently serves up to 70 million unique users and 2.3 billion actions each month.


Personalization Analysis Boosts Online, In-Store Loyalty & Sales

Each mouse click equals measurable customer data. The key for today’s retailers is learning to harness that data and turn it into actionable information.

Best-in-class providers of personalization solutions have been monitoring, collecting and analyzing mouse clicks and resulting conversion rates for a number of years. While current data is valuable, combining it with historical preferences creates the perfect storm of information measurement.


E-tailing Group Study Sees Growing Focus On Mobile, Tablets And Content Strategies

Today’s consumers are growing more savvy and accustomed to comparing prices and researching products across online platforms and in stores. Merchants must meet shoppers at their channel of choice and deliver relevant, compelling messages as well as item recommendations.

The continual growth of smartphone and tablet technology among consumers specifically has reinforced retailers’ need to increase investment in e-Commerce marketing and engagement strategies. In fact, 44% of retailers are investing more in e-Commerce initiatives during 2012, while 27% of merchants plan to spend significantly more time and money on their online storefronts and marketing tactics, according to research from the e-tailing group.


Personalization In 2012: Intent Leads, Social Matures

Scott_Brave_Headshot_2011_2While personalization has existed for more than a decade,  emerging as a priority for every online retailer, 2012 is shaping up to be a truly innovative year for relevant, in-the-moment personalized experiences for consumers.

To understand the context for these innovations, it is important to look back. Prior to this year, only vendors with deep pockets or sophisticated algorithms, such as Google, could hope to create highly relevant experiences. That’s because a completely new way of thinking was required to understand how to process information in real-time to make decisions that impact in-the-moment experiences. The alternative was to use aggregate data and batch processes that delivered less than ideal results. That, however, is about to change.


The Role Of Mobile And Social In The Path To e-Commerce Success

eTail-2012-220The phrase ‘mobile and social’ may be becoming redundant in discussions about the future of the retail industry, but the two topics cannot be ignored when it comes to the reality of current and future retail success. As anticipated, mobile and social were key topics of discussion and announcements during the eTail West conference, held last week in Palm Desert, California.

More specifically, attendees and exhibitors shared insights on key topics, such as:

  • The questionable role of Facebook storefronts moving forward
  • The increasing need for personalization in the customer experience across all channels
  • The importance of looking before you leap (strategizing) in the social media arena
  • The current and future role of mobility in retail – including mobile web sites, landing pages, apps and payment
  • The role of Big Data and analytics
  • The role of new sites such as

Misikko Improves Customer Engagement Through Personalized Email Marketing Strategy


In an online sales environment that is ever evolving and increasingly competitive, eTailers constantly are in search of ways to boost sales rates and acquire new customers. In order to stay afloat, merchants must learn how to drive engagement and catch the attention of qualified, paying customers. While many retailers rely on interactive strategies such as social networking and mobile marketing, email remains the linchpin of customer communication.

Misikko, an online retailer offering a variety of hair care products, such as flat irons and professional hair dryers, sought a solution to improve purchase rates. Initially the beauty tool eTailer relied on direct marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to engage potential and loyal customers. In an effort to drive more profit and better grab prospects’ attention, Misikko partnered with Campaigner, an email marketing solution provider.

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Targeting and personalization strategies allow retailers to refine marketing materials, offers and messaging based on consumer preferences. By analyzing browsing and buying behavior, best-in-class retailers have acquired a loyal consumer base of brand advocates and frequent buyers. In an effort to optimize email marketing strategies and messaging for its e-Commerce site, teamed with Knotice, a digital marketing solution provider. began transitioning its data to the Knotice platform in August 2011. The retailer implemented the Knotice Concentri SiteTarget and Concentri EmailPlus platforms, and rolled out its first email campaign in approximately six weeks. The SiteTarget solution allows the gourmet food and care package merchant to edit “live zones” on its web site to incorporate targeted content for specific visitors. The retailer then tests personalized attributes to determine success rates and overall influence.

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