Onyx Beacon Unveils Hardware For Large-Scale Deployments

As retailers try to understand consumers’ in-store browsing and buying habits, they turn to technologies that can provide them with a wealth of digital and brick-and-mortar data.

Onyx Beacon, a developer of iBeacon hardware and software, has launched its Enterprise Beacon, which is designed for larger-scale deployments. Enterprise Beacon has a range of up to 70 meters, battery life of approximately four years, and can be powered by AA batteries, a plug or a USB port.


Menasha Packaging And Shelfbucks Partner On New Smart Display Technology

shelfbucks menashaMenasha Packaging and Shelfbucks have collaborated to launch point-of-purchase (POP) displays incorporating iBeacon technology that enables brands to measure in-store shopper behavior more effectively. Menasha and Shelfbucks expect to launch the first in-store Smart Displays in early 2015. 

Shoppers can interact with Smart Displays by using their smartphones to access product content, promotional offers, ratings and reviews in real time. With the displays in place, brands and retailers can track deployment of in-store POP displays and determine the effectiveness of specific in-store promotions by gathering data on shopper engagement and store-level merchandising performance.


Bleu Station Starter Kit Provides In-Store Beacon Technology

SS site only BleuStation imageA variety of retailers, such as American Eagle, Apple and Macy’s, are rolling out beacon technology in stores to create one-to-one engagement with consumers through their mobile devices.

With beacon technology, retailers can track customer journeys throughout the store, share more relevant deals and help shoppers find the products they’re seeking. Twocanoes Software is empowering retailers to implement beacons in their stores with the Bleu Station Beacon Starter Kit.


RetailMeNot To Test Beacon Programs As Part Of New GGP Partnership

rmn logoDigital coupon marketplace RetailMeNot, Inc. has established a strategic partnership agreement with General Growth Properties, Inc. (GGP), a real estate investment company focused on owning, managing, leasing and developing best-in-class retail properties nationwide.  

RetailMeNot will be the preferred digital coupon provider for GGP malls, spanning 120 locations across 40 states. In addition to its traditional marketing, RetailMeNot also will be able to test new, in-mall marketing formats to deliver timely and relevant offers to shoppers. Specifically, RetailMeNot will test beacon technology in GGP locations, which will provide mobile app users with even more personalized offers.


How Kenneth Cole And Tesco Use Beacon Marketing

Innovative businesses, such as Kenneth Cole, Tesco and Aloft Hotels, are using beacon technology to create more compelling, personalized customer experiences.

During the Connected Consumer Series presentation, titled: A Retailer’s Guide To iBeacon Marketing, Adam Silverman, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Rob Murphy, VP of Marketing at Swirl Networks, discussed the rise of the mobile-empowered consumer, and how beacon marketing can help engage consumers at the store and department level.

Although 16% of webinar participants said they are currently using location-targeted mobile ads, 60% are considering or planning to use this technology. “Retailers and marketers are seeing the value in it but the trick is figuring out how to use it and apply it,” Murphy said. “A lot of retailers over the next few months or year are going to start to add location layers to their marketing capabilities.”


Tarrytown Pharmacy Offers Personalized Shopping Experiences With Beacon Technology

Shelfbucks TarrytownBeacon technology has been a hot topic among retailers striving to improve the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. For smaller retailers who don’t generate the revenue required to invest in more comprehensive retail solutions, beacons represent a cost-effective alternative to communicate with and engage consumers, analyze shopper behaviors and deliver personalized product offerings via mobile.

Tarrytown Pharmacy, an independently owned and operated pharmacy, continually focuses on testing new, affordable solutions designed to enhance the in-store experience. Executives at beacon platform developer Shelfbucks heard about the pharmacy through local connections in the summer of 2013 — both companies are based in Austin, Tex. — and inquired about bringing the technology to the store.


Trend Watch: Bringing The Mobile Retailing Experience In-Store With Beacon Technology

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A shifting customer experience with an increasing emphasis on mobile technology has motivated retailers to adopt new solutions that supplement their in-store offerings. A number of retailers have implemented devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, more commonly known as beacons, in their brick-and-mortar locations.

Apple already has rolled out its own beacon technology — called iBeacon— across all of its 254 U.S. stores. Additionally, mobile shopping application provider Shopkick deployed the technology in 100 American Eagle locations and two Macy’s locations.


American Eagle Launches ShopBeacon In 100 Stores

American Eagle Outfitters
(AEO) is the latest retailer to implement beacon technology, which is designed to help retailers better pinpoint consumers’ locations in store and provide them with relevant, timely offers.  

Through a partnership with shopkick, AEO is launching shopBeacon, Apple’s iBeacon-based presence signal, in 100 top-performing American Eagle and Aerie stores. The trial is expected to go live in February 2014, and span nationwide, in states such as: Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York and San Francisco. Stores with the highest traffic levels — and best traction with shopkick — will implement the technology.


Apple Rolls Out iBeacon In All Stores

has implemented iBeacon, a geo-location technology developed by the company, in all 254 of its U.S. stores. iBeacon was created to help guide customers through the store and deliver product notifications, events and other information directly to their smartphones.

With the rollout, shoppers will receive location-tailored messages on their iPhones and iPads when they enter a store powered with iBeacon transmitters, according to the Associated Press. For example, consumers can be notified if products they order are ready to be picked up.


Macy’s Deploys ShopBeacon In New York City, San Francisco

, which provides an online shopping and gamification app, has partnered with Macy’s to deploy the shopBeacon transmitter in two flagship locations. The shopBeacon, which is the first iBeacon/BLE-based presence signal at any major retailer, has been implemented at Macy’s locations in Herald Square, New York City, and Union Square, San Francisco, according to a company press announcement.

ShopBeacon is designed to deliver location-specific deals, discounts, recommendations and rewards to shoppers’ mobile phones as they enter a store, even if the shopkick app is not open. Shoppers who “like” a specific product on the app also will receive a notification when they walk into a Macy’s store that sells the item. Plans are in place for the shopkick app to deliver department-specific offers throughout Macy’s stores, according to a company press release.

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