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Protegrity’s Vaultless Tokenization Facilitates PCI Compliance, Minimizes Risk And Cost

One of the ways retailers have sought to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements is to implement tokenization — a payment data encryption method in which ciphered cardholder data is stored in a central database, or vault. During payment transactions, that information is replaced by “tokens” that identify cardholders while preserving their data security. But a number of these central database solutions have relied on expensive, complex replication schemes to create a new vault for every merchant requesting tokenization. This centralized process also increases risk of a token vault breach.

Linkable Networks Releases SKU-Level Card-Linked Offers

Best-in-class retailers are delivering a more seamless deal collection and redemption process with card-linked offers, which replace standard coupons and printed vouchers with automatic, digital savings linked to shoppers’ credit and debit cards. Until recently, these discount offers were broad-based, such as dollars-off a total purchase. Linkable Networks’ new MyLinkables capability now allows retailers to target and link SKU-level offers to consumers’ credit/debit cards, and engage shoppers in a more direct and efficient manner. Among the benefits, consumers save on top brands and retailers throughout the country, from restaurants and specialty retail to convenience and grocery stores, and can view link-enabled ads across a variety of media properties while browsing online.

Upstream Commerce Launches Tool For Optimized Assortment Intelligence

Price- and deal-savvy consumers are conducting more extensive research on potential purchases. Because of these thrifty browsing strategies, retailers are seeking ways to price inventory more efficiently and excel in a competitive marketplace. By meeting — and exceeding — customer expectations, retailers can ensure they’re not missing out on sales opportunities. Progressive retailers are implementing technology to track competitors’ pricing and assortment in real time. Assortment Intelligence, a tool featured in the Upstream Commerce suite, is designed to enable retailers to monitor assortment changes at competitors' web sites. Merchants then can adjust their own product mixes accordingly. The Upstream Commerce Retail Intelligence Suite is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence, semantic analysis, data mining, and image-recognition algorithms to offer retailers real-time competitive price monitoring and analysis, as well as product and assortment intelligence.

MyBuys Launches Long-Term Targeting Solution For Personalized Display Advertising

As retailers strive to provide engaging customer experiences across channels, progressive organizations are capturing and storing actionable insights on their consumers. By tapping into this data, best-in-class retailers are personalizing consumer interactions to foster more meaningful relationships with shoppers to drive engagement and revenue. Moreover, innovative retailers are extending the window for re-connecting and re-engaging consumers that don’t complete transactions by leveraging new campaign approaches via display advertising. 

ProfileOne Optimizes POP Marketing And Geo-Targeting Initiatives

Retailers are challenged to stay true to their brands’ repertoire, serve their customers, and manage revenue and profitability. To flourish in today’s competitive retail environment, merchants must consider a wide variety of internal and customer-facing elements, including the impact of pricing, e-Commerce and faster product lifecycles, as well as local customers’ needs and preferences. As a result, more retailers are implementing tactics to drive efficiency and protect margins; provide individually targeted messages; and foster customer loyalty. Point-of-purchase (POP) management is one of those tactical areas. ProfileOne is designed to allow retail chains to optimize and closely manage their POP marketing efforts, materials and expenses. The solution permits merchants to better tailor POP-based marketing programs to reduce production and distribution costs, increase speed to market, customize marketing messages by location and optimize overall POP retail effectiveness.

SAP Launches Mobile Suite To Optimize In-Store Experience

The emergence of the in-store mobile shopper has been a startling challenge for retailers. Empowered with mobile technology to compare prices and access peer feedback, today’s convenience-driven consumers are left with few reasons to remain loyal to a brand or retailer. In response to this seismic shift, merchants are mobilizing their stores to empower customers and associates to leverage mobile devices in new ways to optimize the in-store experience. One such option is a new mobile suite launched May 2012 by SAP to extend the value of its key systems of record by mobilizing retail business processes. The offering includes Sybase 365 Mobile Payments, a mobile customer engagement and commerce suite. Built on the Sybase 365 platform, the mobile commerce portfolio is a key component of SAP’s mobile program for powering productive mobile apps and services. Sybase 365 Mobile Payments is designed to enable consumers to leverage a mobile wallet solution to pay bills and loans, make domestic person-to-person (P2P) payments and pay for products and services. The solution includes tools and services for merchant management.

iQmetrix Connects Online, Mobile Experiences To Physical Store

E-Commerce technology has revolutionized consumer convenience and ushered in today’s more interactive, engaging shopping experiences. It offers online shoppers access to information through a variety of tools and channels, enabling them to make more informed purchase decisions. While the e-Commerce store has changed the game in many positive ways, there’s been a significant void in retailers’ ability to apply these revolutionary shopping elements to the brick-and-mortar store. iQmetrix, a provider of retail management software, recently launched a suite of retail solutions focused on bringing elements of the online shopping experience into the physical store. The solutions are designed to enable retailers to cater to today’s empowered consumers by providing an omni-channel experience: one that offers the information, convenience and user interface that consumers expect from online and mobile channels – all within the store.

edo Connects In-Store And Mobile Marketing Via Geocommerce Offers

Mobile applications such as foursquare and Gowolla have emerged as a way for consumers to “check in” to their favorite stores, presenting a unique opportunity for retailers to leverage location-based marketing initiatives to connect with shoppers. These strategies help merchants reach new and existing customers with more relevant and valuable offers. Geocommerce Offers is a solution also designed to help retailers leverage purchase location data to deliver targeted, real-time offers tailored to consumer shopping activity and locale ― but shifts the marketer’s success metrics from “check-in” to “check-out.” Launched in May by edo, a provider of personalized offers linked to bank cards, Geocommerce Offers is powered by a data analytics engine built on consumers’ transaction data. Combined with location-based technology, this enables retailers to deliver the most targeted offers at the location where a consumer has just made a purchase and is most likely to make another ― at another merchant’s store close by. By flipping the focus to “check out” from “check in,” mobile communication and location-based technology can leverage offers from multi-channel retail and restaurants, creating a new standard for in-store mobile advertising.

Direct Agents 3.0 Optimizes Mobile Campaign Targeting And Analytics For “Post–PC Age”

The surge in mobile devices has impacted the shopping environment in particular, where merchants are striving to communicate with the “always on” customer. Among retailers’ many strategies and tactics to reach customers on their terms, and across channels, mobile offers the ultimate engagement and connection point. To leverage this opportunity, Direct Agents, a digital marketing agency, has released Direct Agents 3.0, a new mobile marketing solution for advertisers and a robust tracking system for digital and mobile campaigns. Each aspect of the service is geared towards new customer acquisitions through Mobile App Installs, Mobile Lead Generation, Mobile Search and Mobile Display.

VirtuOz Launches Micro-Agents For Extended Intelligence In-Store

The customer experience is a key competitive differentiator in retail, particularly as consumers focus on leveraging a variety of channels to get the e-Commerce best deal. As a result, loyalty and customer relationship management (CRM) have become increasingly critical priorities for retailers. VirtuOz, Inc., recently launched VirtuOz Micro-Agents, special purpose Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) agents designed to address specific topics that garner repeat customer requests. VirtuOz Micro-Agents offload simple or moderately complex common customer requests or inquiries such as shipping status, password recovery, account registration, order status and feedback/NPS. VirtuOz Micro-Agents also are designed to quickly build a contemporary customer engagement model able to meet the needs of today’s web savvy users. The solution also integrates with CRM, ERP and custom back office applications.

VisiStat Enables Social Media Monitoring To Optimize E-Commerce

Progressive retailers are implementing strategies and tactics to develop a 360-degree view of their customers to present more valuable offers and optimize the shopping experience. Because customer-centric data has become more integral to the success of marketing initiatives, analyzing consumer sentiment, preferences and behaviors is critical. Social media analytics provides the granular customer information that enables retailers to optimize their messaging and marketing accordingly. VisiStat 9 is an analytics tool aimed at helping retailers “connect the dots” of social channels by aggregating all activity from multiple social channels, including Facebook and Twitter. The solution also provides detailed information on how that activity translates to web site traffic and converts to sales, a key indicator of social media strategy success.

Responsys, Bazaarvoice Enhancement Helps Marketers Personalize And Trigger Social Marketing Messages

As more people research and purchase products online, consumer feedback such as comments, ratings and reviews have become critical to retailers and their marketers. In today’s interactive social networks, responding to user-generated feedback helps retailers drive customer engagement, brand loyalty and buyer confidence. A newly announced, next-generation solution is aimed at helping marketers deliver more relevant and customized messages across interactive channels, including email, mobile, social, the web and display. The updated tool is a collaborative effort between Responsys, Inc., a provider of email and cross-channel marketing solutions, and Bazaarvoice, a social software and data analytics company.

Bunchball Gaming Tactics Help Improve Customer And Employee Engagement

Gamification offers retailers the opportunity to integrate game mechanics into digital experiences to influence and motivate engagement. By incorporating gaming tactics into online communities and user-generated content, retailers can deliver more compelling brand impressions and establish customer loyalty. Retail demand for gamification platforms is deepened today by a technology-driven shopping environment in which users expect relevant, targeted offers, not a one-size-fits-all approach. In response, Bunchball launched Nitro Flamethrower in March 2012 to help retailers create personalized gamification programs aimed at meeting the interests of specific users. Flamethrower currently serves up to 70 million unique users and 2.3 billion actions each month.

Euclid Launches Analytics Tool To Optimize In-Store Performance

Today’s online shopping capabilities have put brick-and-mortar retailing at a disadvantage. eTailers are empowered to present a variety of customer-facing conveniences for shopping. Moreover, they can utilize data to optimize their store operations. From customer acquisition — via channels such as AdWords — to checkout at the bottom of the funnel, online merchants have greater visibility into the steps of the purchase process and can better test assumptions to improve results. Euclid, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based analytics software company, launched a solution in November 2011 to provide brick-and-mortar retailers with the tools necessary to operate more effectively as a data-driven business. Aimed at providing “Google Analytics for the physical world,” the platform offers retailers visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs), including capture rate of visitors versus walk bys, shopper visit frequency, engagement time span and more.

PinSync Streamlines Venue Optimization To Boost Store Engagement

Progressive retailers seize customer engagement opportunities to initiate positive shopper experiences and cultivate a role in spreading brand awareness. This approach ultimately helps retailers impact consumer mindshare, as well as their bottom lines. Retailers with multiple brick-and-mortar locations face specific customer engagement challenges, particularly streamlining and clarifying venue location data on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. Within these networks, customer-facing inaccuracies, omissions, duplications and other inconsistencies regarding venue locations undermine search, discovery and overall in-store performance.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.