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Endeca Unifies Shopping Channels To Deliver Actionable Customer Insight

Concept: Endeca InFront is a customer experience management (CXM) platform designed to power adaptive digital experiences for customers through multiple channels. InFront connects to backend technologies and data sources to deliver enhanced customer experiences, with tools for business users to scale relevant content and merchandising across unpredictable customer paths. Retailers can create and manage experiences without engaging IT, and deliver content without having to predict customer paths or set up scenarios. Released in July 2011, new capabilities within the Endeca Infront product line are designed to give businesses unified control over Internet, mobile and social experiences. The new release also is expected to provide fast insights into all customer touch points by leveraging Endeca’s Business Intelligence product, Latitude. With updates to the core MDEX Engine Technology, InFront allows consumers to control their own path across channels.

Pitney Bowes’ Portrait Uplift Optimizer Analyzes Customer Communication Strategies

Concept:Pitney Bowes Business Insight is introducing the Portrait Uplift Optimizer, designed to evaluate the effectiveness of customer communication. Through communication analysis, retailers are able to create targeted offers directed to specific consumer segments. Portrait Uplift Optimizer separates consumers into four distinct target groups, organized by likelihood to buy: Sure Things, Persuadables, Sleeping Dogs and Lost Causes. The Uplift solution seeks to define the most important 30% to 40% of the merchant’s target audience, called Persuadables. By focusing marketing strategies on this highly “persuadable” segment, retailers can increase the possibility of purchase.

Gigya Drives Social Traffic To Corporate Sites

Concept:Gigya is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology designed to enable retailers to design their social sites to direct consumers to the corporate sites, unifying identity and social providers, including Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and LinkedIn. The software enables online retailers to deepen customer relationships and tap existing friend networks to drive social registrations, word of mouth, and social interaction. In addition, Gigya provides analytics, best practices, consulting and support to optimize every implementation. Team:Since its inception in 2006, Gigya has focused on simplifying the connection process between business web sites and social networks, and enhancing the results from the connected experience at every level, to help companies grow their online business.

Ipanema Technologies Aligns WAN Performance With Key Business Objectives

Concept:Founded in 1999, Ipanema Technologies develops next-generation solutions to enable large enterprises and retailers to have full control over their global network. Ipanema’s patented technology is designed to help retailers align wide area network (WAN) performance with business objectives for optimal business application availability and response times. Ipanema’s technology is aimed at providing retailers with greater ability to control, accelerate and guarantee performance of business-critical applications across the entire global network. The Ipanema solution helps retailers reduce checkout line wait time by processing transactions faster. Team: Headquartered in France, with offices in the U.S., Asia and Europe, Ipanema has a global partnership with NCR, a global technology provider with a large footprint in the retail space. CEO Jean-Yves has extensive experience in managing international high-tech companies in the technical, industrial, marketing and sales domains. After co-founding Tecsi, Yves previously held the position of Deputy General Manager of Telic-Alcatel, where he oversaw the development of Minitel.

Songwhale Streamlines Mobile Campaign Management Via Short Code SMS

Concept: Songwhale’s technology is designed to help retailers promote customer engagement and interaction across SMS, mobile and web platforms. Songwhale helps retailers create and integrate mobile campaigns that reach customers across multiple touch points and help customers engage with brands in a cohesive environment. As mobile platforms, technology and the overall store environment are continually changing, retailers are challenged to ensure that product messaging and customer communication is relevant and timely. Songwhale offers retailers solutions to integrate all of these mobile formats to create a consistent and strong message for customers. Team: Founded in 2007 by Ty Morse, Jon Greenlee and Mateen Aini, Songwhale’s global headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, PA, with offices in Minneapolis, MN, Jakarta, Indonesia and Beijing. Previously, Morse held the title of Head of Collegiate Marketing at Virgin Records, and Greenlee was a Senior Developer at DTN/Meteorlogix. Before joining Songwhale, Aini worked at Accenture, and as a buyer at Target Corporation.

Monetate Helps Retailers Optimize E-Commerce Performance With Testing And Targeting

Concept: Monetate is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform designed to help retailers boost online sales by optimizing the user web site experience with more compelling, personal and engaging offers and messaging. Retailers have long known the potential of agile, focused, one-to-one marketing on the Internet, but IT challenges have made it difficult to bring this concept to life. Consumers have grown frustrated with a one-size-fits-all online shopping experience, and they are tired of searching for hours to find the right products and prices, suffering through clunky checkout procedures, chasing missing coupon codes and interacting with out of date e-Commerce sites. Team: Headquartered in Philadelphia, Monetate was founded by entrepreneurs David Brussin and David Bookspan in 2008. Brussin, founder and CEO, previously started three successful technology companies, while Bookspan, founder and Chairman, created both a successful technology company and an early-stage venture fund.  

Cloud-Based Compliantia Helps Retailers Streamline Auditing and Manage Compliance

Concept:The process of retail auditing (also known as store visits and store walks) can be a daunting, manual task. Some organizations have devised their own process, typically a “checklist” of some sort, usually completed in Microsoft Excel, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. Designed to cut the time and expense of sending a district manager to a store, Compliantia is an "out of the box" retail audit and task management software as a service (SaaS) that runs on the web, smart phones and tablets. The service is designed to help multi-unit retailers and manufacturers achieve store-level compliance with operational standards, guidelines and best practices. The Compliantia solution is used for store walks, visits and evaluations, and helps track and optimize customer service, health & safety and in-store merchandising. Team:Canada-based Compliantia was founded in 2009 by President Fabien Tiburce, who began his career in the merchandising department of Canada's largest supermarket chain, National Grocers. Tiburce has designed custom retail software systems for some of North America's largest retailers since 1994. Compliantia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Betterdot Systems, Inc., established in 1999.

M2SYS Leverages Biometrics To Help Retailers Improve Loss Prevention

Concept:M2SYS provides biometric identification technology to retailers for workforce management and point of sale applications. By utilizing biometric technology, which identifies an individual by their physiological characteristics, RightPunch is designed to help retailers stop preventable loss, lower costs, prevent time theft, increase productivity, build customer loyalty, achieve higher ROI, establish airtight access control, solidify role based security, boost operational efficiency, increase speed and comply with PCI requirements. One of the trickle down effects of using biometrics is that it can potentially keep costs low (i.e. - boosting loss prevention means businesses will not have to pass that cost along to customers).

Solution Spotlight: Medallia Mines Customer Feedback With Text Analytics

 Concept: Medallia's Text Analytics Solution enables organizations to gather insight from consumers by mining unstructured, text-based feedback from surveys. Launched in November 2010, Medallia's Text Analytics Solution is designed to ensure that consumer opinions are visible to key decision-makers within retail organizations to implement business process change. If customer experiences are improved, the expectation is that consumers will return to purchase additional products and/or services. Team: Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Medallia is led by President Amy Pressman and CEO Borge Hald. Medallia’s text analytics solution was created by the company’s in-house engineering team. The solution is based on Medallia's proprietary Impact Index (MII), a statistical indicator calculated to measure the impact of a particular topic on a company’s overall satisfaction score.

Solution Spotlight: Retailigence Leverages Location-Based Technology To Connect Mobile Shoppers With Relevant Store and Product Information

Concept: Retailigence Corporation strives to bridge the gap between intent- driven mobile shoppers and relevant retailers. The company covers the last mile of the retail supply chain by connecting demand from consumers to supply from brick and mortar stores. Using an open API (Application Programming Interface), Retailigence provides real inventory data to any mobile or web application on any mobile OS. The location-enabled data represents the current, actual product availability in-store, so consumers have better visibility into stores and product availability within their vicinity, as well as price and current promotional sale information. Team:Based in Palo Alto, Califormia, Retailigence is funded by Silicon Valley venture capital firms including Draper Fisher Juverston, Quest Ventures and 500 Startups LLC. Founder and CEO Jeremy Geiger previously served as Managing Director and Board Member of Real-Time Technology Asia-Pacific, where he grew revenue 1,000% and built the organization from 0 to more than 50 employees in less than four years.

Solution Spotlight: Engage121 Taps The Social Sphere For Customized Retail Communication

Concept:With social media’s rise as the preferred communications platform for consumers, Engage121, Inc. created Engage121: Enterprise, a social media management application designed to meet the unique needs of retailers that serve local customers through multiple stores, offices, restaurants and field representatives. Launched in September 2010, Enterprise monitors, engages and evaluates consumer communications across all relevant social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Ning, Yelp and more, as well as nearly one million blogs. Through Enterprise, companies can build online relationships with customers to harvest uncovered revenue opportunities. The tool is designed to integrate all relevant platforms into one application. Engage121 Corporate enables retailers to find new customers, build online loyalty programs, distribute localized coupons, increase fans and followers and garner customer feedback.

Solution Spotlight: NRF 2011 Recap

More than 21,000 retail industry executives walked the show floor during the 100th Annual NRF Big Show in New York last week. Solution and service providers released many new and innovative products and services, many highlighting the need for more mobile solutions, social media applications and enterprise-wide systems that create a consistent brand experience across all channels. In the Solution Spotlight NRF report, Retail TouchPoints offers a sampling of some of the introductions from the show. Among the solutions highlighted in the Solution Spotlight are: Aruba Networks - Wi-Fi Mobile Marketing solution Opterus - Store Ops Center QlikView - Real-Time Analytics BVI Networks - RetailNEXT Store Intelligence Platform Click here to download the full Solution Spotlight report.

TellApart Empowers Retailers By Transforming the Analysis Of Ads and Customer Data

Concept: Every day retailers collect behavioral and transactional data on web site visitors and shoppers. TellApart offers retailers the ability to merge that information in a cloud-based store to create a granular, scalable system for customer segmentation. TellApart’s solution offers marketing applications, such as Transactional Retargeting, designed to help retailers drive substantial incremental revenue. Team: Headquartered in Burlingame, California, TellApart’s team has roots in online retail and engineering from finance and software companies including Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn. TellApart’s data platform concept came to co-founders Josh McFarland and Mark Ayzenshtat while working at Google. It was further refined at Greylock Partners, where they both spent time as Entrepreneurs-In-Residence. As a Product Manager/Engineering duo at Google, they worked closely on the DoubleClick Acquisition and were the minds behind the AdWords API. TellApart is backed by Greylock Partners, a top venture capital firm that has funded companies including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pandora and Zipcar. Alongside Greylock, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Ron Conway, and LinkedIn Founder and Chairman Reid Hoffman also are company investors.

Solution Spotlight: LightSpeed Mobile Empowers Store Employees With iPod Touch Technology

Concept:LightSpeed Mobile utilizes mobile retail units to introduce a new development of the personal retail experience while shoppers are in a store. LightSpeed Mobile was developed to give consumers a more personalized retail experience where they can receive a new kind of one-on-one service from sales reps and can complete their purchase anywhere in a store. After the company saw the advantages of the system adopted by the Apple Store, the creators of LightSpeed Mobile decided to deliver a similar, unique one-on-one experience based on the same hardware, so retailers could affordably re-create it for their locations, regardless of size. The ability to close deals when the customer is most interested in a product they are considering to purchase will increase chance of spending. In the end this will serve the global need to deliver more convenient and personal service to consumers.

Solution Spotlight: OrderGroove Provides Subscription-Based Tools To Enhance Online Loyalty

Concept:OrderGroove’s technology is designed to allow retailers to tap the power of convenience to turn new and existing customers into repeat buyers — with the ultimate goal of increasing sales, building customer retention, maximizing lifetime value and slashing customer defection rates. OrderGroove’s flagship SaaS solution, the RetentionEngine Platform, is designed to allow online retailers to turn any purchase into an ongoing subscription, over which the customer has complete control. Retailers can also allow customers to sign up for clubs to their favorite brands. OrderGroove aims to encourage one-time purchasers to become repeat, subscription-based customers. For example, a customer may visit to purchase HEPA air filters. Instead of capturing just a one-time sale, uses OrderGroove to automatically ask the customer if he would like to sign up for regular deliveries of his specified filter, at no extra charge and perhaps attached to a special incentive, such as 10% off on all items included in the subscription. Another example is a customer who signs up to receive a new dress shirt every month from their favorite apparel brand. In both cases, the customer can participate in a useful, free service that saves time and money, and the retailer “locks in”…
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