Frustrating Experiences Drive Nearly 50% Of Shoppers Away From Brands

Every retailer should know by now that optimizing the shopper experience is critical for retaining and acquiring customers. Conversely, a frustrating experience can be devastating for a brand. When consumers are frustrated:

  • 47% say they will stop doing business with a brand altogether;

  • 45% will spend their money with another brand;

  • 32% will email the company to complain; and


  • 29% will tell all family and friends.


Luckily for retailers, customers have identified specific attributes for an exceptional shopping experience, according to a survey from the CMO Council. An exceptional experience includes:

  • 52%: Fast response times to needs and issues;

  • 47%: Knowledgeable staff ready to assist wherever and whenever necessary;

  • 42%: Rewards for loyalty and recognition of how long they have been a customer;

  • 38%: An actual person to speak with, regardless of time or location; and

  • 38%: Information where and when needed.

Despite the appetite for these attributes, consumers still get frustrated for various reasons related to pricing and expectation of treatment. As many as 37% of shoppers dislike seeing prices increase without any noticeable added value or improvements to the products in question. And 36% are unhappy when they are not treated like the loyal customers they are.

Up to 70% of consumers are willing to share some degree of their personal data with brands to foster this loyalty, while 22% say they will only share data if it is being used to deliver more relevant offers. Consumers are willing to share data in exchange for value; these shoppers define value as something that saves money (77%), saves time (49%) or makes life easier (47%).

“Today, the differentiator isn’t if we are able to individualize an experience, but rather do we have the insight and intelligence to know where, when and how a customer expects to be greeted with value and relevance,” explained Liz Miller, Senior VP of Marketing at the CMO Council. “Yes, consumers don’t need personalization at every moment. But what this research amplifies is the requirement to get relevant, personalized experiences right for an audience of one in their micro-moment of need.”

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