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Lowe’s, Wayfair, and Williams-Sonoma/Rejuvenation are challenging the competition — including Amazon — by offering home services from Launched approximately three years ago, around the same time Amazon was introducing its Home Services, has amassed more than $100 million in funding since the inception of the Porch Retail Solution and its first partnership with Lowe’s. Ordinarily, competition from Amazon would be a serious concern, but Porch had a different experience.

Machine Learning Solution Optimizes Google Shopping Campaigns

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Criteo has introduced a new search solution following beta tests with leading retailers including Revolve Clothing, Teleflora and Camping World. The automated, end-to-end solution, powered by machine learning, is designed to systematically improve results from Google Shopping using predictive optimization across every aspect of a campaign. Criteo Predictive Search continuously…

Personalized Product Recommendations Fuel Conversions For Pura Vida

Jewelry retailer Pura Vida has a compelling story to tell. The company began with two Americans, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, who were visiting Costa Rica on a post-college surfing vacation. To help defray the costs of the trip, they decided to see if locally hand-crafted bracelets would sell well back in their home town of San Diego. The 400 bracelets they placed in a bowl at a local boutique sold out quickly, and a business was born. Now, six years later, Pura Vida (Spanish for "pure life") has grown large enough to provide dozens of well-paying jobs for artisans in Costa Rica. The bracelets and other items, including apparel, are sold online and in approximately 2,500 retail locations, such as small boutiques and natural food stores.

Nordstrom Focuses On Mobile App, New Leadership Team To Engage Shoppers

In this exclusive interview with Shea Jensen, Vice President of Customer Experience at Nordstrom, Retail TouchPoints delves into the brand’s new mobile and digital initiatives. Acknowledging that Nordstrom shoppers are looking for a better digital experience, the department store retailer has implemented a number of updates to the branded app. “We’re continually looking at ways that technology can support evolving how we serve our customers, who increasingly want a digital shopping experience,” said Jensen.

3 Unique Challenges E-Commerce Enterprises Must Overcome

It was the advancement in technology that created the Internet and paved the road for the creation and success of the $2 trillion business we call e-Commerce. This market is projected to continue growing well into the future. While there are 12 to 24 million online stores in the marketplace, only 650,000 of them generate meaningful revenue. Successful online retailers, extraordinary as they may be, are facing three major problems. Surprisingly, these challenges arise from the advancement in technology, much like the rise of the e-Commerce space itself. Not surprisingly, their solution is also born of the same fabric: tech advancements.

Commerce In The Cloud — Is It Really Pay As You Go?

The directive from the Executive Board is clear: pay as you go, or don't go at all.  No more capital investments into projects and systems for products and markets that aren't tried and tested. And why shouldn't such an edict be issued? They've been burned, time and again, by projects delayed or scrubbed for business systems that were supposed to streamline processes, generate revenue and make life easier. Instead, money goes into the pit of never-ending projects to try and fulfill the whispered promise of software. Management doesn't want to hear about a software project until it's a proven success. Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a board meeting with a report on the new e-Commerce site for a new product launch, up for six months generating big revenue for a low cost of entry, so low you didn't need their approval to get it off the ground and take it to the cloud?

67% Of U.S. Consumers Visit Stores After Researching On Mobile

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Although shoppers can now use mobile devices to connect with and purchase from retailers, two out of three U.S. shoppers say they still follow up their mobile research with an in-store visit, according to research from XAd. Shoppers also are using mobile to engage more within the store, and are 75% more likely to use their devices upon entering the store than they were three years ago. Given that 78% of U.S. consumers researching products and services on their phones seek to make their purchase in one day or less, retailers must deliver timely, relevant messages to consumers whether they’re in the store or at home. Marketers also can enhance the in-store experience to enforce loyalty, or to retarget these customers on their devices at a later time to gain repeat business.

‘Major Purchase’ Journeys Shorten, But 82% Of Shoppers Still Wait For The Best Deal

Shoppers that purchase items priced at $500 or more are spending less time on the path to purchase than they have in the past, according to data from Synchrony Financial. These “major purchase” journeys took 63 days on average in 2016, five days less than the 68-day average last year. This purchase path is a full 17 days shorter than it was two years ago, when it lasted an average of 80 days. While these consumers are making their decisions more quickly, their interest in deals remains sky-high even in an improved economy: 90% of Synchrony cardholders compare prices and promotions to ensure they get the best prices; 82% still wait to make a purchase until they get the best deal; and 59% would never pay full price for an item.

BCBG Boosts Online Conversions 6% With Data-Rich Personalization

BCBG Max Azria is an old hand at personalization in the physical world, where it has been crafting strong relationships with customers for nearly three decades. In the e-Commerce world BCBG is more of a novice, but the retailer is discovering the nuances and granularity that are possible with the next generation of personalization tools. The brand already is achieving some significant results. Since going live in May 2016 with a data-driven customer experience platform from Qubit, BCBG has seen:

Amazon’s Next Venture: Convenience Stores?

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After establishing its first brick-and-mortar store and rolling out a nationwide pop-up presence, Amazon may be tackling another physical store concept: the convenience store. The e-Commerce giant may build small brick-and-mortar stores that would sell produce, milk, meats, and other perishable items, according to a report from The Wall Street…

How To Turn Personalization Into A Real Strategic Asset

In retail, we like to throw terms around like they’re magical words. “Personalization” was the term of the moment during the Digital Summit (#ShopOrg16) in Dallas last week. But just saying it doesn’t make it relevant and strategic. That was the conversation I had with several executives during the event: How to turn the word “personalization” into a real, working strategy. Similar to the discussion we’ve had during the past several years about “Omnichannel,” now that we know we need personalization, we need to figure out how to execute on the imperative. As with most of today’s business goals, accessing, analyzing and using the right data is going to be the key to executing on the strategy.

In Fashion, Acquiring ‘Shop Hoppers’ Must Be A Top Priority

As fashion retailers aim to acquire new consumers, they should narrow their focus to shoppers that have purchased from at least one new retailer in the past year, according to a survey from Criteo. On average, these “Shop Hoppers” purchased 4.3 product categories in 2016, 44% more than their non-Shop Hopper counterparts. These shoppers also are more fashionable, with more than twice as many Shop Hoppers saying they like to keep abreast of fashion trends.

Google Gets Physical With NYC Pop-Up Store

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Google is following up its introduction of physical items to sell (such as the Pixel phone introduced on October 4) with a physical location to sell them in. A "Made by Google" pop-up store will open on October 20 in New York City's trendy SoHo neighborhood. Even though a pop-up…

CRM Bot Automates Campaign Analysis Chores

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A CRM optimization bot employing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has been introduced by Optimove. The Optibot is designed to automatically analyze marketing campaigns and recommend actionable insights. The new technology is being rolled out to all Optimove clients, including 1-800-Flowers, Zynga, BetAmerica, eBags, AdoreMe and LuckyVitamin. Optibot, which…
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