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Nine West Exec: Inventory Visibility Is The ‘Backbone’ Of Omnichannel Success

Omnichannel has been a strategic focus and investment for many retailers over the past three years. While some retailers are currently building and refining their strategies, shoe brand Nine West has been a long-term omnichannel activist and proven success story.

In fact, Nine West kicked off its omnichannel initiatives in 2008, when it began building a ship-from-store strategy. Since then, the brand has acquired a unified view of product inventory and implemented a series of successful initiatives, including a save-the-sale strategy and inventory lookup capabilities for in-store associates.


More Than 90% Of Consumers Use Smartphones While Shopping In Stores

Consumers are relying more on their mobile devices to communicate, research products and acquire information. As a result, retailers need to prioritize mobile as a key communication and engagement channel.

After all, more than 90% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in retail stores, according to a survey from SessionM. While more than approximately 54% of consumers use their devices to compare prices, others search for product information (48.4%) and reviews (42%).


Dogeared Dazzles With Content Marketing

To see marketing success in this digitally connected, omnichannel world, retailers must strike the perfect balance between aspirational advertising and showing their products in the real world. Although consumers treasure seeing how their fellow shoppers style and use products in their everyday life, they also enjoy being inspired by the brands themselves.


Country Outfitter Boosts Attention By 250% Using Playful Content

Rather than relying on traditional advertising, consumers are turning to social networks to learn about brands and products.

Brands and retailers also can craft their own compelling, social content in order to boost engagement and sales. For example, e-Commerce startup Country Outfitter was able to boost attention by 250% by developing lifestyle content using the Playbuzz platform. Over the past two calendar years, the retailer also has seen social drive more than 37% of its web site traffic.


Omnichannel Gift Card Programs Offer New Income Streams, Customer Data And Peace Of Mind

AVP site only SVS headshotLeading retailers have made it a priority to create seamless omnichannel experiences for their customers; from apparel through health and beauty to restaurants, brand owners are adding features that allow their customers to order products online or from their mobile devices, and either pick them up in the store or have them delivered to their home.

Women’s apparel retailer Athleta, for example, has laptops set up in-store that allow customers to check on availability of items and order online, if they’re not available at that moment in the store. Cosmetics giant Sephora has an app called “My Beauty Bag” that allows customers to track their purchase history and store their favorite products online, whether from their laptops or a mobile device, for use in ordering or when shopping in-store.


Target Tests Beacons In 50 Stores

Target is adding beacons to its growing list of omnichannel investments. The retailer will test beacon technology in 50 locations throughout the U.S., according to a company blog post. With the technology, Target plans to deliver content such as discount information and product recommendations directly to consumers’ smartphones that are opted in to the service. Although the service is not currently available for Android users, Target expects to unveil it at a date to be determined later.

The technology will be located in stores in the following markets: Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York City, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle. A nationwide rollout will be completed by Christmas, according to TechCrunch.


6 Steps To Building The Store Of The Future

In today’s omnichannel environment, retailers must rely on innovative technologies to meet the growing demands of the modern shopper. Many of these solutions are now deployed in the store, and are designed to create a more engaging and immersive experience for consumers.

During a recent webinar, titled: The New Era Digital Store, executives from Mozu and Forrester Research helped define omnichannel retailing success and outlined how retailers can leverage technology to improve in-store shopping experiences. 


Engaging Millennials Through Proximity Marketing

AVP iSignMedia headshotAs the Millennial generation moves out of budget-constrained youth into their higher earning years, their buying prominence will change, but not at the expense of how they interact with the market. This is a culturally savvy demographic that is not as easily motivated as prior generations. Today, traditional marketing is being replaced by newer, more relevant methods, and companies that want to stay ahead of the curve will need to change with the times.


Neiman Marcus Launches New Consignment Gift Card Program With The RealReal

1 realrealNeiman Marcus is partnering with The RealReal to launch a new consignor gift card program. 

With the program, consignors who opt to receive Neiman Marcus gift cards as payment for their luxury goods will receive an additional 10% on their total payout. This offer is expected to encourage consignors to “put their money back into the luxury market with an added bonus,” and then consign with The RealReal once they are done with items, according to a press release from The RealReal.


2 New Cloud Services Brings Oracle's Total To 17

With the addition of Oracle Retail Insights and Oracle Retail Science, Oracle is now a "one-stop cloud shop," with 17 different software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud offerings available for large and mid-size retailers, explained David Dorf, Senior Director of Solutions Management in an exclusive interview with Retail TouchPoints. And, he added, expect more cloud announcements from Oracle later this year.


The Top 5 Obstacles To Omnichannel Retail Success

a VP site only Cayan
Omnichannel is the ultimate buzzword in retail today. And, like many buzzwords, it suffers from a halo of hype and a dearth of substance.

 What is it, again? A recent AdWeek article explains: “An omnichannel strategy is one that puts the customer in focus, drives engagement through personalization and provides a unified view of the ROI delivered.”

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