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Murdoch’s Taps Kibo To Optimize Omnichannel Fulfillment

1murdochsMurdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply is implementing the Kibo order management platform, with an eye on improving its inventory fulfillment capabilities across stores and its new e-Commerce site. Murdoch’s is a Western supply retailer operating 27 stores in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

“As we considered the best platform to power our omnichannel initiatives, we found Kibo’s Cloud-based solution would provide us with the most flexibility to grow with the changing demands of consumers,” said Troy Barker, Director of e-Commerce, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply, in a statement. “The results since the launch have exceeded our expectations.  By partnering with Kibo, we are able to offer more purchasing options, which will be a great experience for our customers.”


Retail’s Hail Mary: Last Minute Super Bowl Scores!

As companies gear up for Super Bowl 50, some wise retailers are teaming up with delivery services to get their products into customers’ hands before, during and after the big game.

1dickssportsDICK’s Sporting Goods has joined with Uber’s UberRUSH to provide displaced fans with the chance to be part of their team’s championship celebration following Sunday’s game. Fans won't have to wait to wear apparel that proclaims their team this year's winner.


Can Retailers Keep Pace With Millennial Consumers?

Retailers know they have to adapt marketing and advertising messages to target each new generation of shoppers. But the evolution of technology over the past 20 years has forced merchants to speed up their understanding of today's more technologically advanced Millennials.

The Millennial generation has grown up with the technology revolution and is now gaining more buying power, motivating retailers to tap into more content-based campaigns that are focused on a personalized customer experience.


BrightEdge Launches Solutions To Measure Content Effectiveness And Engagement

BrightEdge, a content performance marketing platform, has launched Content Atlas and Intelligent Experiences.

Content Atlas is designed to gives marketers real-time insights on their content’s performance so they can easily tie it back to business results and communicate its impact on the bottom line. The solution tracks content across four phases of the customer journey and measures it against the competition:

  • Awareness;

  • Consideration;

  • Purchase; and

  • Loyalty.

A retailer can go into Content Atlas, customize quarterly revenue goals, and get a full view of the program’s performance. If Content Atlas shows the retailer how they are falling behind competitors, a marketer can see exactly how much revenue they stand to gain if they make up that difference.


Theory, Hanover Direct Select Amplience To Manage Media Production

1amplienceClothing retailer Theory has chosen digital e-Commerce provider Amplience to manage rich media elements throughout its site. The Amplience Big Content Cloud is designed to let the retailer run fresh content without deep developer involvement, extensive time or financial investment.

In addition, retailer Hanover Direct has enlisted Amplience and its Big Content Cloud to consolidate digital content features.


Timberland Tablets Blaze A Trail Connecting Physical And Digital Commerce

Timberland Tap Wall Herald Square 1.16.16There's a bit of the great outdoors in one of the most urban locations imaginable: the Timberland store in Manhattan's Herald Square, literally steps from the Empire State Building. The retailer is in the midst of a 90-day pilot there that provides visitors with technological "Sherpas" in the form of NFC-enabled tablets available at a kiosk/charging station. When shoppers use a tablet to tap tagged inventory, rich product information comes up on the screen.

"We're creating a blended physical/digital environment where we can show product and immerse customers in the Timberland brand, while gaining a better understanding of their preferences in-store, online and post-visit to help shape our retail strategy," explained Timberland's VP of Direct to Consumer Kate Kibler in an interview with Retail TouchPoints.


Centralized Promotions Engine Drives Strong Brand Impressions

OneView Commerce logoEvery promotion will not work in every channel, but centralizing the effort will strengthen the entire brand strategy. With that in mind, OneView Commerce introduced both an inventory management module and a promotions engine for its Digital Store Platform at #NRF16. Both solutions are cloud-based and are designed to operate effectively in omnichannel enterprises.

"In an omnichannel environment, the lack of a centralized promotions engine has the potential to weaken the retailer's brand by confusing customers with offers that don't support the customer journey," said Lexy Johnson, OneView SVP of Global Delivery in a statement. "OneView developed the solution in conjunction with its customers, who agree that while not all promotions will fire in every channel, a centralized engine is the only way to ensure delivery of a consistent customer experience."


How To Forge Ahead In The New Year: Lessons Learned From #NRF16

Positive vibes reverberated throughout the vast exhibit halls and session spaces during #NRF16. Retailers, solution providers and industry analysts all seem ready for an exciting, disruptive and innovative year.

The six members of the Retail TouchPoints editorial staff also felt this vibe. Here are the key themes, lessons learned and Quick Tips from our insiders' perspectives:


Holiday Fraud Attempts Rise 8% Along With E-Commerce Volume

The holiday brought good news for digital retailers: strong growth in e-Commerce transactions, which rose 21% compared to the previous year. The bad news is that cyber crooks followed the money into cyberspace: fraud attempts increased 8% during the period from Thanksgiving to Dec. 31, 2015.

According to ACI Worldwide, which analyzed hundreds of millions of transactions from global retailers, dishonest activity certainly is not limited to the holiday season — and it's on the rise. In 2014, one out of every 72 transactions was a fraudulent attempt; in 2015, it was one out of every 67.


Fujitsu Spotlights Self-Service And Customer Engagement Solutions

1fujitsuWith customer engagement demands continuing to accelerate, Fujitsu has launched a variety of new solutions to deliver omnichannel functionalities, faster POS checkouts and expanded self-service capabilities. These new technologies include:

  • Fujitsu Impulse, a self-service unit designed for a small store environment;
  • Fujitsu Fresco, a POS selling application for grocers to boost productivity in stores, operations and IT groups;
  • Fujitsu U-Scan 6.0, the latest software to speed up the self-checkout process and optimize security; and
  • Retail Wearables, a patent-pending wearable solution from Fujitsu and Microsoft designed to keep staff connected with management and customers.

Fujitsu also addressed concerns around a lack of actionable shopper engagement intelligence in e-Commerce with its cloud-based Retail Engagement Analytics solution. This solution integrates with POS and key retail information systems to allow retailers to detect, connect and engage with customers.


Giant Eagle Deploys Task Management Tools To Manage Constant Change

Realizing that dealing with the unexpected is actually the norm, supermarket chain Giant Eagle is in the process of restructuring its store operations, task management and communications to reflect this reality.

In an #NRF16 Big Show session titled Real-Time Customers Require Real-Time Store Operations, Chris Kelly, Senior Director of Operations, Planning and Engineering for the 422-store retailer noted that "Store associates are being asked to do things they have never done before," due to a combination of new offerings, larger stores, omnichannel demands, a greater shift to local products and new regulations from agencies including the FDA and OSHA.


Brightpearl Raises Additional $11 Million To Grow SMB Client Base

Brightpearl logoBrightpearl, which supplies a cloud-based inventory management and business platform to SMB retailers and wholesalers, has raised $11 million in its latest round of financing. This brings the company's funding total to $30.5 million. Brightpearl will use the cash, from Eden Ventures, MMC Ventures and Notion Capital, to accelerate the growth of its sales and marketing organization in the U.S., and to scale engineering, service and support teams to deliver value to its more than 1,400 customers in 30 countries.

The Brightpearl software provides an integrated solution combining accounting, inventory, purchasing, CRM, shipping/fulfillment, POS and other modules to help manage multiple aspects of a small to medium-sized retail business.


John Lewis, Under Armour, Westfield Execs Advise Retailers To Go Digital

The retail store, as it presently is constructed, is no longer just a store: it can also serve as a showroom and even a warehouse. In an era when many retailers are making a choice to optimize either the store or the e-Commerce site, these merchants must take the steps — and added risks — to ensure both sides provide a seamless experience.

At a panel at this year’s NRF Big Show in New York, executives from the John Lewis Partnership, Under Armour and Westfield discussed their strategies around bringing the physical and digital stores into a more intimate and human relationship with their consumers.


When Even A Gift Card Doesn't Fit, Take It To A Gift Card Exchange

Even though gift cards are a favorite solution for holiday gift-giving, it appears more than half (51%) of consumers don’t even use the gift cards they receive, according to Blackhawk Network.

The rationale for the lack of gift card usage is fairly simple: 79% of these shoppers say they either forgot about them or received cards for a retailer they don’t often frequent.

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