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Convenience Economy Fuels Global Estate Sale Segment At EBTH: Exclusive CEO Interview Featured

Every retail segment can benefit from a more convenient way to purchase. That was part of the premise behind the development of EBTH (Everything But The House) back in 2008. Fast forward a few years: with 123% year-over-year growth and $30.1 million in sales in 2015, EBTH is resonating with a global audience, according to Andy Nielsen, President and CEO, EBTH. Recently I had the chance to chat with Andy to find out more about the challenges of building a strong, Internet-based global company. He also shares insights for other entrepreneurs and retailers working to grow their businesses.

Mastercard Masterpass Will Serve 5M Stores In 77 Countries

Mastercard has introduced the global digital Masterpass solution, which allows consumers to pay online, through mobile apps or in brick-and-mortar stores. Currently available at hundreds of thousands of merchants online or in-app, Masterpass contactless payments will soon expand to more than five million physical locations in 77 countries, with 1.8 million merchant locations in the U.S. alone. "Easy and intuitive payment methods have become table stakes," said Craig Vosburg, President of North America Mastercard at an event introducing the new service on July 14. "We've evolved our network to enable connections, security, ubiquity and interoperability. We want to enable our customers to pay anywhere, anytime, any way they want."

New Ways Tech Can Reinvent The Shopping Experience

To some degree, there’s no need to visit a brick-and-mortar store in 2016. In sections of New York City, for instance, you can get everything you need from Amazon, from trampolines to  a T-bone steak for dinner. And yet, late last year the online retailing giant began expanding into brick-and-mortar with a bookstore in Seattle’s University Village. With headlines proclaiming brick-and-mortar stores heading rapidly towards obsolescence, Amazon’s move may seem puzzling.

Olympics Expand Ad Opps For More Sponsors; Under Armour And Lululemon Jump In Featured

At the same time as the Olympic athletes will be running, swimming, hurling and vaulting in their quest for golden glory, there will be another competition going on in Rio. That will be the fight for eyeballs, impressions and marketing leadership. This year, a change in the sponsorship rules has put several well-known brands, including retailers Under Armour and lululemon, right in the middle of this heated contest. Until this year, "rule 40" of the Olympic Charter severely restricted what advertising could be seen or said before and during the Games, which will be held August 5-21. Athletes and their agents lobbied hard for the rule change. Now, companies that have sponsored athletes through years of training and qualifying competitions can share the spotlight during the event itself. Previously, marketing opportunities had been largely limited to official sponsors such as Nike and McDonald's, which pay millions for these rights.

Canadian Tire Replaces CEO With Predecessor Stephen Wetmore

In a sudden and surprising move, household, automotive and sporting goods retailer Canadian Tire has made the decision to replace CEO Michael Medline with his predecessor Stephen Wetmore, effective immediately. Wetmore will remain a Director of the company but will step down as Deputy Chairman of the Board.

UK Startup Bridges Store And Mobile With Real-Time Inventory Data

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Although all Brexit-related news continues to stay top-of-mind for UK retailers and consumers, one startup is going full speed ahead to ensure that local stores throughout the nation can continue to connect with shoppers. Retail tech startup NearSt is aiming to bridge the in-store and mobile experiences with the launch of its NearLive platform, as well as its web site and mobile app. The platform, which has already partnered with local bookstores in London, is expanding its retail partnerships to more sellers including consumer electronics, DIY goods, health and beauty products, sportswear, stationery and gift shop services.

Infor Buying Spree Continues With Starmount Acquisition

Less than a month after buying analytics solutions provider Predictix, Infor has announced plans to acquire Starmount, a manufacturer of in-store systems including POS, mobile commerce and inventory management. The acquisition will help Infor deliver its CloudSuite Retail suite of cloud-based enterprise applications in support of "converged commerce," which is designed to provide retailers with a single selling system for all consumer interactions. After forming its Infor Retail business unit in summer 2015, Infor:

IBM Expands Portfolio With Real-Time Personalization And Insights

IBM has expanded its suite of solutions and features to include cognitive technologies designed to enable marketers, merchandisers and e-Commerce professionals to help deliver relevant customer experiences. The offerings will provide users with in-the-moment advice, insights and recommendations to help them make informed decisions at each step in the brand journey.

Getting The First Mile Right: Retailer-Supplier Collaboration Is Key Featured

Retail is all about the customer today, and it’s vital to get the first mile of the shopping journey right in order to ensure a great customer experience through the last mile. That’s where retailer-supplier collaboration comes in. In order to get the right products to the right consumers at the right time, retailers and their vendor partners must work together cohesively.

49% Of College Freshmen's Parents Already Spending Generously On Back-To-School Featured

While 34% of all parents have already begun their back-to-school shopping, one particular group of parents have been especially eager to splurge on their children before sending them away to school. Nearly half (49%) of parents of college-bound freshmen have started shopping, according to advertising platform Rubicon Project. This demographic certainly isn’t holding back when it comes to supplying their children’s needs; they spend $1,378 per person, almost double the $684 average that K-12 parents plan to spend.

Gobbetti To Take Reins As Burberry CEO, Ending Dual Role For Bailey

Marco Gobbetti (at left above), currently chairman and CEO of the French luxury brand Céline, will take charge of the commercial, financial and operational elements of the venerable Burberry brand when he takes over as CEO in 2017. Christopher Bailey (right), who has been responsible for both the creative and business sides of Burberrysince being named CEO in October 2013, will stay on as President and Chief Creative Officer. Burberry had been the first publicly listed fashion company to combine the chief executive and creative director roles.

Walmart Banks On Free Shipping To Grab Its Share Of Prime Day Frenzy

With Amazon Prime Day ready to dish out more than 100,000 deals to its Prime members on July 12, Walmart is dealing out price cuts of its own. The retailer is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase on all online orders for five full days, from July 11 to July 15. Despite dominating brick-and-mortar retail, Walmart has struggled mightily in Amazon’s shadow when it comes to selling online. E-Commerce sales growth at Walmart has declined for five straight quarters, with the retailer’s 7% revenue boost in Q1 2016 representing a heavy dip from the 17% increase the year prior. When comparing the two companies in digital sales, Amazon dwarfs Walmart by a grand total of $82.8 billion to $13.5 billion, according to eMarketer.

Brexit's Retail Impact: The Sky Is Falling! (Or Is It?) Featured

One thing is clear about the impact of Brexit on retailers and consumers: nothing is very clear about the impact of Brexit on retailers and consumers. Yes, there have been immediate effects from the June 23 UK vote to leave the European Union (EU), but most of these have been the result of the nosedive that the British pound has taken relative to other world currencies. So while economists and pundits are full of predictions, many of them dire, it's important to remember that at this point the effects are more psychological than concrete. The actual shape and scope of the Brexit is unlikely to be known for at least two years, not least because the UK has not even formally filed for its "divorce." British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has said he will resign in October 2016, will leave the invocation of Article 50, which starts the Brexit…

Walmart Vies With Amazon Prime By Expanding Two-Day Delivery Service

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After a year-long wait, Walmart has finally made ShippingPass available to all U.S. consumers, setting up a fulfillment service to rival Amazon Prime. The unveiling amps up the competition at quite the appropriate time, since Amazon will host its second annual Prime Day on July 12. A membership to Walmart’s two-day shipping service costs $49 per year, half that of Amazon Prime’s $99 per year fee. Members that sign up will get a 30-day free trial of unlimited shipping to start the subscription.
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