Mobile content covers the gamut, from the implementation of mobile apps and mobile web sites to in-store mobile technology. A fast-changing industry segment, mobile presents unique challenges to today's retail organizations. This section will help retail executives stay on top of the latest news, insights and information to help solidify cross-channel strategies and draw traffic into stores.

Alipay Expands Mobile Payment App Services To North America

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Alipay, a digital payment platform based in China, has expanded its in-store mobile lifestyle and payments service to the North American retail market as it seeks to enhance the shopping experience for Chinese consumers visiting the U.S. and Canada. The company announced the initiative during NRF Big Show 2017.

Touch Of Modern CEO Emphasizes Curation, Video And Mobile To Battle Amazon

By carefully curating an assortment of products across apparel, watches, art and home décor, Touch of Modern aims to introduce its largely male audience to brand collections they wouldn’t find anywhere else. At the NRF Big Show, Retail TouchPoints Senior Editor Glenn Taylor had the opportunity to chat with Jerry Hum, CEO and Co-Founder of the men’s lifestyle retailer, to discover how the company is evolving even as it continues to serve that brand promise. The 2016 Retail Innovator Award Winner shared insights into the retailer’s 2016 holiday season success, its continued push into mobile and the strategies he's using to stand out in an Amazon-dominated e-Commerce environment.

Ahold Upgrades WiFi, Network Bandwidth In 780 Supermarkets

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Seeking to create "smarter" stores for the three million customers per week visiting its supermarkets, Ahold USA has brought WiFi to 780 stores, while increasing network bandwidth to move data more quickly. Storewide WiFi connectivity has been instrumental for tailoring offers and promotions to mobile app subscribers as well as…

Harry’s And Warby Parker Share Insights For Choosing The Best Cloud App

With the benefits of technology come a variety of challenges companies have to face to stay up to date. Cloud apps, for example, have come a long way from the days of traditional spreadsheets, and IT leaders must deploy tools that are available anytime, anywhere and on any device. These same leaders face increasing security concerns, as well. In a webinar hosted by BetterCloud, titled: Not All Clouds Are Created Equal: Choosing the Best Cloud App for Your Business, a panel of IT leaders sat down to share their experiences, challenges and best practices when looking for the best cloud app. The panelists included: Jason Etter, President, Profound Cloud Dave Jackson, Manager, Tech Services, Warby Parker; Colin McCarthy, Associate IT Director, North America, Essence Digital; and Matthew Anderson, IT Leader, Harry’s. Cloud Apps = More Streamlined Versions Of Traditional Spreadsheets The experts agreed that access to information on different devices, faster deployment and scalability were the most signifcant reasons to invest in cloud apps. “One trigger that made us look for a cloud app was when something as simple as a Google sheet didn’t work anymore,” said McCarthy. “Spreadsheets don’t send alerts or triggers when tasks are assigned. When we…

Clutch Acquires Persio And Secures Funding

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Customer management and marketing analytics company Clutch has bought Persio in a deal designed to add new mobile marketing capabilities to its platform. Clutch plans to make the new mobile functionality available to its clients in Q1 2017. Terms of the transaction, which closed in December, were not disclosed. "With…

Understanding the Customer Journey In A Multiscreen World

Remember the days of one screen, one activity? Those days are long gone, and have given way to a more fast-paced, dynamic user experience. Today’s digital habits can be summarized as a blend of simultaneous and sequential movements from one screen to another, from smartphone to TV to tablet to PC. Multiscreening has quickly pervaded our everyday lives to become the norm, and it’s not so much a skill as it is an instinctive behavior. Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: on your commute to work, you pause to open an email announcing the latest, cutting-edge connected coffeemaker. As both a coffee and smart home aficionado, your interest is piqued, so you tap through to the product page and quickly scan the details. But before you know it, you’re on the move again, headed towards the office, where you’re slammed with your usual phone calls, meetings, and putting together presentations. In the midst of the work day, you find a moment or two to revisit the coffeemaker product page — only this time, you’re browsing on your work computer. You take a deeper dive into the specs, feeling more and more ready to hit the purchase button...but then your boss swings…

Mobile POS Hacks For Efficient Employees And Happy Customers

Mobile POS (mPOS) came into the limelight a few years ago and promised to have a transformative effect on the retail space. Industry experts (including me) predicted sales associates would roam the floor and consumers would be able to complete a purchase with just a wave of their phone. They wouldn’t even need to stop walking or shopping. mPOS has brought some changes, it just hasn’t been fully leveraged to all of its potential. Some examples stand out, such as the fashion trucks sprouting up in various cities that allow owners to operate mobile boutiques. Despite the advances of mPOS in the retail space, the big changes and advancements aren’t quite there yet. Many retailers that implement mPOS solutions such as Square treat it as more of a novelty, where it essentially functions as a more aesthetically attractive and smaller cash register. When used in this fashion, the truly “mobile” aspect of the tech is largely wasted. But it’s not fair to blame retailers, as they’re crunched for time with managing sales, inventory, hiring and all of the other details that are required for smooth operations.

Can Starbucks Usher Bitcoin Adoption Into The Mainstream?

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Mere weeks after establishing a five-year expansion plan that will bring 5,000 new stores to China, Starbucks has taken another leap into largely uncharted territory: cryptocurrency. The international coffee brand is partnering with bitcoin wallet iPayYou to provide users of its mobile application with a way to pay with the…

2017: The Year Of The Chatbot

If 2016 was the year chatbots entered the retail scene, then 2017 will be the year brands will start to realize real business results from the technology, through increased sales, conversion rates or customer loyalty. When deploying chatbots as part of an overall business strategy, retailers should consider the following three points: Chatbot experiences must be consistent across all channels; Advanced customer data analysis is necessary to build contextual conversations; and Human representatives remain a vital component of the customer service process and are still needed to communicate with consumers effectively.

Will Gift Cards Migrate To Mobile Wallets?

Holiday shoppers have traditionally purchased gift cards to give the recipient the option to select something of their own choosing, but more than one third (34%) of U.S. shoppers buy gift cards for both gifts and self-use: 6% buy gift cards exclusively for self-use, according to a study from the Retail Gift Card Association. The top reasons for self-use are to qualify for special loyalty deals or discounts (45%) and to help stick to a budget (35%).

Ingenico Group Launches Enterprise-Class Mobile POS

Payments platform provider Ingenico Group has launched the iSMP4 Companion, an enterprise-class mobile POS device designed to connect with a tablet or smartphone and accept all payment methods at any time. The iSMP4 Companion accepts payments, including EMV Chip & PIN and Chip & Sign, mag stripe and NFC/contactless.

3 Lessons From Rent The Runway’s New Futuristic Flagship

With its new flagship store location that opened in Manhattan on Dec. 6, fashion rental retailer Rent the Runway is the latest signal that the “store of the future” is here. With a “Dream Closet,” its own bar-like concierge and a personalized Style Studio, the 5,000-square-foot storeis three times the size of any of the retailer’s existing stores and rotates the merchandise that appears on its floor daily. Last Friday, Dec. 9, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the recently opened store to capture the experience firsthand. Given the constant struggle retailers face in building out omnichannel experiences, the Rent the Runway flagship offers three key lessons for brands seeking to further engage consumers: Leverage full inventory visibility to extend store experience value; Cater to on-the-go shoppers via mobile and open communication; and Emphasize striking visuals within the store.

Kohl's, Apple Provide Best Cross-Channel Experiences

With consumers increasingly blind to which "channel" they use during their multi-touch point shopping journeys, it's no longer sufficient for a retailer to offer a great customer experience in one channel but to fall short in another. Unfortunately, a survey of the top 50 U.S. retailers reveals that strong CX ratings across all three channels — store, web and mobile — are still the exception rather than the rule. Only Kohl's and Apple achieved CX scores over 80 (the threshold for excellence on a 100-point scale) across all three channels in the 12th annual ForeSee Experience Index (FXI) survey. The FXI applies analytical methodology to a panel of 40,000 shoppers who browsed or purchased in web, mobile and store channels from Nov. 4 to Dec. 2, 2016.

RBM Technologies Rebrands As One Door

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Following a three-year transformation that has included new capitalization, a new leadership team, a re-architecture of its SaaS application and a new web presence, RBM Technologies has renamed itself One Door. One Door offers a merchandising cloud application that combines product and promotional visual merchandising with a precise digital model…
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