Mobile content covers the gamut, from the implementation of mobile apps and mobile web sites to in-store mobile technology. A fast-changing industry segment, mobile presents unique challenges to today's retail organizations. This section will help retail executives stay on top of the latest news, insights and information to help solidify cross-channel strategies and draw traffic into stores. Helps Improve Mobile Payment Security

Consumers are becoming more comfortable purchasing items through their mobile devices. As retailers integrate mobile payment into their commerce strategies, they must ensure they have the solutions and systems in place to keep customer data secure. is a mobile payment platform for browser-based e-Commerce and m-Commerce that includes secure multi-factor authentication. The app’s FonePrint multi-factor authentication combines a smartphone’s hardware with user information to create a “mobile fingerprint,” providing anonymous payments for confidential purchases.


RetailMeNot Partners With Gimbal To Extend Beacon Offering

Retailers across categories are testing and implementing beacon technology to connect their digital and in-store shopping experiences. Consumers who opt in to receive beacon alerts can receive timely deals, offers and coupons that align with their personal preferences, which can lead to increased engagement and sales.

Digital couponing marketplace RetailMeNot is breaking further into the beacon space by extending its partnership with proximity marketing platform provider Gimbal. With the partnership, RetailMeNot is striving to scale its location-based beacon tests, which were previously executed with retailers, shopping malls and out-of-home advertising networks.


TouchCommerce Integrates Traditional Ads And Mobile With TouchMedia

Retailers today are challenged to constantly refine their marketing and commerce strategies based on new and emerging technologies. As mobile devices play a more central role to consumers’ browsing and buying journeys, retailers are trying to optimize their advertising campaigns to drive engagement across all channels and generate ROI.

To tackle this challenge, TouchCommerce has released TouchMedia, which is designed to help advertisers infuse interactive and personalized engagement tools into their brand’s media messaging. Specifically, TouchMedia provides brands with a means to integrate live chat and personalized self-service options into campaigns at any phase of the omnichannel shopping experience.


Spotlighting The Purchasing Habits Of Dads And Grads

RR Purch ImageWith Father’s Day behind us and graduations now occurring throughout the U.S., June certainly is a key month for shoppers to spend on their dads and grads. Believe it or not, these two demographics have very similar tendencies when it comes to their shopping behaviors and preferences.

Both dads and grads are difficult to shop for, as neither demographic likes to ask for help. Only 13% of dads and 22% of students aged 18 to 24 say they ask for advice on what to buy, according to digital content provider Purch.


Askuity Mobile App Helps Improve In-Store Inventory Management

SS Askuity ImageMerchandising teams need all the help they can get while gathering information about their stores’ inventory levels. However, they don’t always have the time required to gather data and apply it to stores.

Askuity, an analytics solution provider focused on improving collaboration between retailers and product manufacturers, has released its Mobile App, which is positioned to extend data analytics to in-store employees. The Mobile App enables in-store merchandising teams from retailers and product suppliers to access real-time inventory data without having to rely on store-generated reports or dated spreadsheets delivered by headquarters.


Onyx Beacon Unveils Hardware For Large-Scale Deployments

As retailers try to understand consumers’ in-store browsing and buying habits, they turn to technologies that can provide them with a wealth of digital and brick-and-mortar data.

Onyx Beacon, a developer of iBeacon hardware and software, has launched its Enterprise Beacon, which is designed for larger-scale deployments. Enterprise Beacon has a range of up to 70 meters, battery life of approximately four years, and can be powered by AA batteries, a plug or a USB port.


Mobile Ads Drive Twice The Sales Of Desktop Ad Campaigns

mobileadvertisingMobile has become a massive part of the average consumer’s everyday life, and as such, retailers have to adjust their experience to the medium. In particular, marketers and advertisers alike must further study the technology to better understand how they should appropriately allocate their budget.

An effective mobile campaign can be a lucrative option for companies that focus on the medium. In fact, mobile advertising generates more than double the sales of its desktop counterparts, according to a report from 4INFO and Catalina. Total sales per 1,000 impressions reaches $29.90 for the average mobile advertising campaign, compared to $13.10 for desktop campaigns.


Free Shipping Is Imperative For Most Online Shoppers

freeshippingFree shipping remains key for most (77%) online shoppers today, according to a new study from UPS and comScore. In fact, 60% of consumers have added items to their cart to qualify for free shipping.

UPS and comScore released the fourth UPS Pulse Of The Online Shopper Study during a press conference at the 2015 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) in Chicago. The survey revealed insights from 5,000 U.S., focusing on their shopping preferences and buying behaviors.


Google Set To Launch ‘Buy’ Button For Mobile Search

googlemobileGoogle will launch a ‘buy’ button next to products listed on its search result pages, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The buttons will accompany sponsored search results, which Google displays under a “Shop on Google” heading at the top of a search results page.Buttons will not appear with the nonsponsored results driven by Google’s basic search algorithm.

Google spokespersons have not commented on the matter.


FootClicks Offers Proximity Marketing Solutions Through Mobile Devices

SS Footclicks ImageAlthough consumers have access to more shopping channels than ever before, the brick-and-mortar store provides emotional engagement that, to some, is unparalleled. To make the in-store shopping experience even more compelling, retailers can leverage proximity marketing solutions.

FootClicks is an indoor location platform designed to help retailers engage and influence shoppers through their smartphones. The platform’s Sensor Fusion technology is embedded into a retailer’s app, and uses multiple sensor readings from shoppers’ smartphones to calculate position and movement. Although there is no need for additional hardware, FootClicks is designed to integrate with beacons and other in-store technology.


Get People Back In The Store Now: Old Solutions For The New Age Of Shopping

VP Gigwalk head shotThe success of e-Commerce giants has made underperforming brick-and-mortar retailers believe that the answer to all their problems lies in moving their businesses online. However, consumers still crave the ability to touch and feel new products and the instant gratification of making purchases on site. In fact, 78% of consumers still prefer to shop in-store, showing that the physical shopping experience is far from dead.

With that said, the task of wooing shoppers into making in-store purchases is becoming more and more difficult with so many channels to compare prices and brands. Showrooming, the practice of browsing in stores and purchasing online, has plagued many traditional retailers. Yet this practice goes to show that consumers are still interested in physically experiencing goods before they swipe their credit cards.


Verizon To Acquire AOL For $4.4 Billion

Verizon Communications is purchasing AOL in a transaction valued at $50 per share, for an approximate total of $4.4 billion. The acquisition is designed to further drive the telecom provider’s online and mobile video strategies, particularly advertising, and will support and connect Verizon’s IoT platforms with consumers and businesses.

The transaction will take the form of a tender offer followed by a merger, with AOL becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon upon completion. Subject to customary regulatory approvals and closing conditions, the companies expect to close the transaction in summer 2015.


The Next Billion-Dollar Retail Opportunity? Mobile

OtherLevels - CEO Ramsey Masri Headshot
For retailers anxious to crack the code on mobile marketing to their smartphone-empowered shoppers, look no further than these numbers:

  • 30% of shoppers aged 16-34 use apps to plan out their purchases each month;
  • 32% of consumers want retailers to integrate their online, mobile and in-store shopping experiences; and
  • 75% of consumers use their smartphone while shopping.

So if three quarters of spending-age consumers use a mobile device as a shopping companion, and the mobile internet is predicted to support $700 billion in commerce by 2017, then there’s a “billion dollar mobile opportunity” waiting right around the corner.


Video Viewers Are 1.6x More Likely To Purchase Than Non-Viewers

InvodoScreenWith a flurry of retail experiences available, customers need every edge they can get to make the right choice before a purchase. Videos give these shoppers the chance to gain more product insight before making a final purchase decision.

In 2014, online shoppers who viewed video during their purchase process were 1.6 times more likely to buy than shoppers who did not view video, according to the Invodo 2014 Video Commerce Benchmarks Report. Top performers on the Invodo platform experienced customers who viewed video 3.3 times more likely to purchase those who did not view video.

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