Mobile content covers the gamut, from the implementation of mobile apps and mobile web sites to in-store mobile technology. A fast-changing industry segment, mobile presents unique challenges to today's retail organizations. This section will help retail executives stay on top of the latest news, insights and information to help solidify cross-channel strategies and draw traffic into stores.

Stratix To Support Verifone Payment Devices

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Managed mobile services provider Stratix Corporation announced it is now an authorized Verifone Estate Manager Technical Support Center. Stratix will support Verifone payment devices for enterprise customers through the company’s terminal management platform. In including Verifone Estate Manager technical support, Stratix can further streamline mobile management programs for their joint…

Global Commerce, Mobile Initiatives Top E-Tail Challenges In 2017

In an exclusive pre-event Q&A with Retail TouchPoints, eTail Division Director Lori Hawthorne shares her insights on the top trends and technologies that retailers need to focus on in 2017. Sessions covering global commerce, mobile initiatives, Artificial Intelligence, supply chain challenges and more will top the ticket at the annual eTail West conference, Feb. 27-March 2, 2017 in Palm Springs.

Can Gap's Virtual Dressing Room App Reduce Returns?

Return rates as high as 30% to 40% have been a long-standing challenge for online apparel retailers. Gap's new DressingRoom app, which uses augmented reality (AR) to help shoppers see how its clothes will fit before they place an order, takes aim at the problem. Shoppers enter their height and weight into the app and select one of five body types, which displays a virtual 3D model to show how different items will fit. If shoppers see something they like, they can buy it from within the app.

Runtastic Generates 8 Million App Opens With Personalized Content

Mobile apps are an effective way to engage with users and generate brand awareness, but as consumers become more tech-savvy, they become more demanding and want to be able to access relevant information across multiple channels. Runtastic, a developer, marketer and distributor of fitness tracker apps and wearables, generated more than eight million app opens by enhancing its mobile app experience for global users through personalized content delivered in multiple languages.

Retail 2025: AI And Digital Natives Will Rule

As futuristic as the year 2025 sounds, it is now less than eight years away. Will time travel, flying cars and summer vacations to Mars be in the cards? Probably not, but drone delivery, chatbots and an AI-driven retail industry are near certainties. And the people driving these changes, the "digital native" generations, are quite open to disrupting, if not destroying, old retail practices. Sure, McKinsey predicts brick-and-mortar stores will still account for approximately 85% of U.S. retail sales in 2025, but will the shopper journey be the same as it is today? Not a chance. Two sessions at the 2017 NRF Big Show explored the exciting, and at times worrisome, not-too-distant future of retail. For those who are ready to greet the future’s potential triumphs and challenges, read on. For those who still believe the old school model of retail might be coming back, this is your chance to grab an old catalog and dream of days gone by.  The Upside To Being A Disruptor Let’s start off with some good news: by 2020, 30% of web browsing won't require a screen interface, (thanks to AI/natural language recognition-driven personal assistants like Alexa, Cortana and Siri), and cars will be…

12 Restaurant Brands Choose Cloud-Based Loyalty Platform

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What do restaurants including Smashburger, El Pollo Loco, Pieology and Veggie Grill all have in common? They are part of the dozen brands that selected Punchh, a cloud-based technology platform that builds engagement, loyalty and customized experiences in the restaurant industry, during Q4 2016. “Basic loyalty programs no longer work,”…

All CIOs Want For 2017…Is Unified Commerce

November 25, 2016 lived up to its name for many retailers, signaling the start of holiday shopping and revenue generation. Unfortunately, for some unprepared retailers these results were disappointing. Black Friday, along with its digital cousin Cyber Monday, signaled the official launch to holiday commerce and kicked off a season to be jolly for those retailers with a robust technology infrastructure. But it was a Blue Holiday Season for those who did not sufficiently invest in the infrastructure and processes that lay the foundation for a true omni-channel shopping experience.

Kore Releases Natural Language-Enabled Smart Bot

Kore has unveiled a natural language processing (NLP) enabled platform, Smart Bot for Commerce, designed to help consumers search, check out, manage orders and get support via a conversation at any digital touch point. Retailers can create their own branded, AI-powered chatbot with the platform which can keep pace on the path to purchase and bolster loyalty.

The Car As Commerce Platform: Retail’s Captive Audience Opportunity

The automobile business, like the retail industry, is undergoing huge disruption. In addition to changes in the cars themselves (electric engines, self-driving technologies), there are fundamental changes afoot in the relationship between the consumer and the automobile. In many ways, automakers are trying to ensure the car is as connected to a consumer’s life as her smartphone is. Automated driving, if and when it truly becomes mainstream, will enable human attention to focus on activities that don’t involve piloting a car to a destination. And there are some heavy hitters already getting into the mix: Ford is integrating Amazon's Alexa into its latest models to shop, search and control smart home features, and Audi is working with Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other Chinese tech giants to build integrated services within its autonomous cars.

Costume SuperCenter Boosts Mobile Conversion Rates 49% With Responsive Design

With its online traffic increasing tenfold from June to October 2016, Costume SuperCenter had a tremendous challenge on its hands as it prepared for the all-important Halloween season. The costume retailer had to adopt a mobile-first mentality, which meant creating a responsively designed e-Commerce site experience. Five months after launching its new e-Commerce and mobile presences via the WebLinc unified commerce platform in May 2016, Costume SuperCenter has seen: ● Mobile conversion rates increase 49% year-over-year; ● Mobile time-on-site increase 17.3%; ● Tablet conversion rates increase 24%; ● Total conversion rates across platforms increase 13%; and ● On-site search conversion rates across platforms increase 20.4%.

Draeger’s Mobile Scanners Cut Inventory Times 90 Minutes Per Day

Draeger's, a family-owned and operated grocery chain based in tech-savvy San Francisco, is constantly seeking ways to provide customer experiences that rival its larger, better-known competitors. The four-store upscale grocery chain turned to mobile scanners from Janam to improve inventory management in its grocery and housewares departments. The Draeger's team deployed XG3 rugged mobile computers to: Improve its shelf replenishment processes to ensure customers have faster access to high-quality specialty and gourmet foods, produce, meat and home goods; Reduce the time needed to complete in-store tasks; and Provide mobile workers with access to applications residing on their host system.
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