Mobile content covers the gamut, from the implementation of mobile apps and mobile web sites to in-store mobile technology. A fast-changing industry segment, mobile presents unique challenges to today's retail organizations. This section will help retail executives stay on top of the latest news, insights and information to help solidify cross-channel strategies and draw traffic into stores.

Shopicks Rebrands Digital Shopping Platform As Thinkover

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Digital shopping platform Shopicks has rebranded its web browser extension, site and mobile app as Thinkover. Thinkover is designed to enable users to discover, collect, organize and manage online shopping on one platform. Additionally, Thinkover allows retailer's products to remain at the forefront of their customer's shopping behavior, thus facilitating more bottom-of-the-funnel…

Shopkick Now Rewards Users For Shopping On Mobile Devices

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Shopkick is an app known for rewarding shoppers with gift cards just for walking into a store, interacting with products in the aisle and purchasing items in stores. Now for the first time, Shopkick will offer rewards for mobile browsing and buying from web sites such as Boxed, eBay, Groupon…

Texas Humor Improves Mobile App CX From Lone Star To 5 Stars

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Clothing company Texas Humor, a small business that operates an e-Commerce shop selling Texas pride apparel, has selected the Shopgate mobile commerce platform solution to enhance its customer mobile shopping application. The platform allows the retailer to connect with shoppers in a variety of new ways, including via mobile content.

ROI Of AI: 5 Ways Retailers Are Embracing The Innovation

“Artificial Intelligence (AI)” is being touted as one of the newest, most promising business technologies of the 21st century — even though its roots go back nearly 80 years. The fact is, the basics of AI can be traced back to Alan Turing and the Theory of Computation in the late 1930s; and the 1950 paper that helped inspire the 2014 film, The Imitation Game: Computing Machinery And Intelligence. But as AI has moved out of the theoretical realm and into the practical, confusion about what AI is — and what it can do — has grown. Even today’s smartest and wealthiest business executives seem a bit stumped by what, exactly, constitutes an AI solution. As recently as July 25, 2017, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk got into a social media feud over each other’s understanding of the technology.

Alibaba Supermarkets Blend Online And Offline Via Mobile-First Strategy

Chinese retail giant Alibaba is known largely for its e-Commerce marketplaces and its payments platform Alipay. But the nearly $400 billion company also is quietly building out a brick-and-mortar presence, opening up 13 Hema supermarkets in China since 2015. The brick-and-mortar initiatives have for the most part flown under the radar, but they are serving as labs for Alibaba’s “New Retail” strategy. Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang noted in a statement that Hema “leverages data and smart logistics technology to seamlessly integrate online-offline systems, built to provide the unparalleled service of fresh food deliveries in 30 minutes.” The Hema supermarkets are designed to cater specifically to mobile consumers, particularly within a three-kilometer radius, to ensure fast, high-level service.

How Mobile Has Changed the Customer Journey

In today's marketing environment, the customer journey is more complicated than ever. For retailers and brands, this complexity is both an advantage and a barrier. While it means greater opportunity to connect with shoppers, it also means their attention is more fragmented. The rise of mobile has only made things more complex, fundamentally changing the way consumers access information.  But how? Considering each stage of the customer journey, here are the ways the traditional funnel has been transformed by the mobile explosion.

Optimize M-Commerce With A Holistic Digital Strategy

It’s no secret that mobile engagement is forever changing how and when consumers shop. In fact, mobile devices drove nearly a third (31%) of all holiday sales in 2016, generating more than $24 billion over the course of the holiday season. So the task at hand for retailers is not to simply have a mobile presence in place, it’s to offer an experience that helps their business stand out from competitors.

NewStore Secures $50M In Funding To Expand Mobile Offering

NewStore, Inc. has secured an additional $50 million in Series B funding, bringing its total raised to-date to $90 million. The company, founded by Stephan Schambach, operates a customizable Mobile Retail Platform designed to be an end-to-end solution that integrates with all existing e-Commerce platforms.

Is Bitcoin A Retail Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing?

Bitcoin is the Dark Knight of currencies, with dual identities that include savior and scoundrel. Depending on how you view these and other virtual digital currencies, they are: • Efficient, up-to-date tools to reduce fees, bring the “unbanked” into the commerce system and introduce new levels of transparency to financial transactions; or • Volatile, anonymous weapons for hackers, criminal activities, money laundering and ransomware payments.

Study: To Engage Shoppers, Invite Them Into Co-Creation Processes

With a changing landscape comes a changing shopper. It’s no longer enough for retailers to keep up with the new technologies and innovations disrupting today’s industry; they must keep up with consumer demands and needs on top of it — now more than ever. A new study conducted by Daymon revealed the emergence of three new kinds of shoppers that retailers must keep on their radar for success: Vocal Aficionados (VAs): These consumers have a zest for shopping and for life. They are digital masters and technology experts that want to share their opinions with the world. Balanced Enthusiasts (BEs): This category of shoppers is more cautious in their spending. Their desire to share and interact in shopping processes is tempered, and they’re not as willing to spend time on new technology as vocal aficionados. Struggling Apathetics (SAs): These consumers are disengaged due to financial and life circumstances. Price is their primary motivator.

Verizon Unveils Visual Interactive Calling

Verizon Enterprise Solutions has introduced its Visual Interactive Calling service, which is designed to make it easier for consumers to connect with contact center agents without exiting a mobile app. The technology is designed to enable retailers, banks, airlines and other enterprises to answer customer questions, complete orders or resolve issues through a streamlined channel of communication.

Cart Abandonment On Mobile Is The Elephant In The Room

When thinking about a digital issue, it helps to frame it as a real-world one. So how are we to think about the problem of “cart abandonment”? Well, imagine if more than half of the people pushing their trolleys towards the checkout of their supermarket simply gave up and went home without paying. That’s a lot of aborted purchases. And a huge missed revenue haul for the supermarket. Of course, people do very occasionally abandon their real-world shopping — usually because the queues are too long. But it’s a trifling issue: the store can simply monitor the lines and open new tills when the queues start to stretch.

Walgreens Works To Make Mobile App Friction-Free For Shoppers 55 And Up

Walgreens has managed to leverage its mobile app to encourage usagefrom a generation that is elusive for many retailers: the 55-and-up crowd. More than 20% of the pharmacy’s app users are age 55 and older, more than twice the industry average.Just 9% of all smartphone owners who use shopping apps at least weekly are in that age range, according to a 2017 survey by Forrester Research. As mobile commerce and mobile app usage continue to grow, retailers must build out an easily readable and navigablepresenceforthe channel. These requirements increase when brands needto design the experience for older consumers that may not beas savvy with the technology.
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