CL900 SlateMate Encourages Cross-Sells And Upsells With New Payment Features


The Motion® CL900 SlateMate™ provides retailers with an integrated solution that extends the functionality of the CL900 Tablet PC. Launched in October 2011 by Motion Computing, the SlateMate is integrated securely into the CL900 Tablet PC’s internal frame and features a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and barcode scanner (BCS) for mobile data acquisition and transaction processing.

The CL900 SlateMate was designed to empower store associates, reduce abandon rates, increase revenue per transaction and improve inventory management. By enhancing data acquisition and transaction processing at the point of service, the SlateMate creates a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminal. The solution also encourages cross-sells and upsells by providing in-depth information on consumer purchase history and preferences, allowing sales associates to recommend items more efficiently.

In an effort to increase in-store engagement, the SlateMate enables store associates to access customer and product information from anywhere within the store. Teamed with integrated payment processing capabilities, the solution helps associates check out customers more quickly, resulting in improved sales effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Team: Motion Computing has been developing mobile computing solutions since 2001. With a focus on delivering enterprise-ready, purpose-built devices, the Austin, Texas-based company has created a line of tablet PCs and other in-store mobile solutions targeted at vertical markets, such as retail.

Michael Johnson, SVP, Product Development for Motion, and Lorenzo Dunn, the company’s head of Product Design and Peripherals, were critical to the SlateMate launch. Johnson led the SlateMate development team while Dunn guided product design/mechanical engineering and concept development.

Market Relevance: Consumers are accustomed to around-the-clock access to information. With more resources at their fingertips than ever before, consumers are apt to move on if their needs are not met immediately. In turn, it is essential for retailers to equip their salespeople with tools that keep customers informed and engaged.

The CL900 SlateMate empowers store associates and knowledgeable advisors with real-time information about products. Associates also have the ability to introduce new offerings and deliver comparisons, leading to more upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Coupled with the ability to process payments from any location, the SlateMate is designed to help streamline in-store browsing and buying experience processes.

Delivery: SlateMate’s integrated MagTek® MSR ensures easy deployments in POS environments, while the commercial-grade BCS was developed to read any barcode for rapid inventory status and availability information. The SlateMate contains an integrated modular design that incorporates MSR and BCS without the need for a third-party system.

Proof Points: The CL900 SlateMate serves retailers and their sales teams, as well as customers. Motion Computing builds solutions that mobilize the entire retail market — including point-of-service solutions on the sales floor; back-end inventory management in the warehouse; supply chain and logistics; and sales presentations, promotions and merchandising out in the field. 

Motion Computing clients include retailers such as Rooms To Go and companies within the hospitality and quick-service food industries.

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