Connected Retail And The Internet Of Things

Unlock the power of IoT to create the connected store of the future. Download this white paper to find out how Kroger and other leading retailers are: Empowering store associates to provide more timely, informed, personalized and potentially competitive assisted sales; Boosting labor efficiency to complete sales, inventory and merchandising-related tasks more accurately and effectively; Increasing store productivity for dynamic price, workforce and facilities management and optimization; and Connecting with customers in more relevant, personalized and technology-enabled ways. Download this white paper to take your first steps into the future of connected retail and IoT.

4 Steps to Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Marketing technology and one-off point solutions have resulted in fragmented customer data, making it difficult to understand cross-channel behavior and effectively engage customers. To truly maximize customer lifetime value, retailers must: Unify customer interactions in one system; Model the customer lifecycle; Leverage customer understanding to better engage customers; and Identify the key drivers of lifetime value. Let's Get Customer-Centric

4 Components Of An Optimized Fulfillment Strategy

Today's retailers are struggling with the challenge of providing the fulfillment options consumers demand while preserving margin and controlling costs. Download this white paper and learn how to close the gap by blending the best combination of shipping methods, including: Self-Fulfillment Third Party Distribution Store As Fulfillment/Transfer Center Drop Shipping Optimize My Fulfillment Strategy Now

Omnichannel: 5 Roadblocks To Avoid on The Journey To Omnichannel Retail Success

Today's consumers seek relationships, not just transactions. Retailers must deliver personalized, relevant shopping experiences. Download this white paper to overcome the 5 roadblocks to achieving omnichannel success, including: Closing the gap between customer expectations and omnichannel retail execution Delivering consistent, personalized messaging across channels Focusing on customers instead of products Utilizing mobile technology to offer the endless aisle Weaving omnichannel into the fabric of the retail organization Let's Hit The Road To Omnichannel Success
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