4 Tips For Managing Localized Assortment To Boost Efficiency & Drive Sales

Global retailers must differentiate offerings across geographies, while providing a consistent and personalized shopping experience. Download this white paper and learn how PIM can help you: Centralize Product Information To Ensure Consistency Across The Brand Automate As Many Processes As Possible Test Assortments Before Rolling Out Across Channels Use Geolocation To Help Each Market Differentiate Download the white paper to boost efficiency and drive sales

Customer Engagement and Loyalty Trends Retailers Can’t Afford to Ignore

Retail CRM 2017 Discover 7 critical CRM trends, including: Convergence Of Marketing And Merchandising Importance Of Customer-Level Marketing Attribution Movement Of Data And Actionable Intelligence Into The Store Brand Experience Delivered At Shoppers' Convenience Loyalty Program Updates Centennials: The New Shopper Target Social Good As A Marketing Imperative Download the white paper to uncover 7 key CRM trends.

More Data, More Channels, Fewer Problems

Using PIM To Drive Business Performance The need for actionable product information has never been greater. Download More Data, More Channels, Fewer Problems: Using PIM To Drive Business Performance and learn how companies with PIM systems reported company-wide benefits, including: Fewer Product Recalls;Optimized Shipments;Increased Customer Satisfaction; andGreater Revenue Growth. Download the white paper to learn how about the four key benefits of PIM. 

Connected Retail And The Internet Of Things

Unlock the power of IoT to create the connected store of the future. Download this white paper to find out how Kroger and other leading retailers are: Empowering store associates to provide more timely, informed, personalized and potentially competitive assisted sales; Boosting labor efficiency to complete sales, inventory and merchandising-related tasks more accurately and effectively; Increasing store productivity for dynamic price, workforce and facilities management and optimization; and Connecting with customers in more relevant, personalized and technology-enabled ways. Download this white paper to take your first steps into the future of connected retail and IoT.

4 Steps to Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Marketing technology and one-off point solutions have resulted in fragmented customer data, making it difficult to understand cross-channel behavior and effectively engage customers. To truly maximize customer lifetime value, retailers must: Unify customer interactions in one system; Model the customer lifecycle; Leverage customer understanding to better engage customers; and Identify the key drivers of lifetime value. Let's Get Customer-Centric
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