Digital-To-Physical Playbook For E-Commerce Brands

Real-world locations can help eTailers build their brand, increase customer loyalty and boost revenue. Download Digital-To-Physical Playbook For E-Commerce Brands to explore the benefits of 5 of the most popular models of physical stores, including: Flagship Store; Pop-Up Store; Store-Within-A-Store; Mobile Shop On Wheels; and Private/Residential Showcase. Fill out the form to get your digital-to-physical playbook.

The Discipline of Business Experimentation

Increase your chances of success with innovation test-drives Why go blindly into risky overhauls? Increase your chances of retail success with rigorous testing. Discover real world experiments and testing best practices from Kohl's, Wawa, Petco, Publix and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Learn how to set the right goals and ensure reliable results through: Randomized field trials; Blind tests; and Big data evaluation. Download now to unlock the benefits of business experimentation.

Unified Commerce: There’s No Turbulence in This Cloud

5 Reasons To Integrate Business Processes And Build A Better CX Unified commerce gives retailers a real-time, 360-degree view of shopper behavior from the DC through checkout and beyond. Download the white paper to learn how a unified cloud solution provides: Optimized business efficiencies; Improved customer experiences; More effective supply chain processes; and Loyalty through personalization.

Retailers Must Seize The Marketplace Opportunity

Marketplaces bring retailers new opportunities for revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Download this white paper to discover the benefits and best practices of extending your online offerings with marketplaces. Learn how to: Develop a strategy to build a successful marketplace; Increase customer loyalty and average order values; Boost customer experiences to build trust and get noticed; and Proactively recruit and continuously assess sellers on marketplaces. Fill out the form to uncover the benefits of marketplaces.

7 ways to transform your retail organization with mobile

Discover 7 ways mobile can be featured as the centerpiece of a unified commerce strategy and deliver the following benefits: Higher sales revenue; Improved user experiences; Actionable strategies using real-time data; Increased business efficiencies across stores, HQ and the entire supply chain; and Enhanced customer experiences. Download the white paper to transform your retail enterprise with mobile.

The Marketer’s Guide To Cross-Channel Attribution

Do you feel like the way you’re currently measuring your omnichannel marketing campaigns isn’t effective? Are you look for more depth and insight? You’re not alone: Insights-focused marketers will spend up to 58% of their time on cross-channel measurement and attribution in 2016. Download The Marketer’s Guide To Cross-Channel Attribution and uncover email, social media and mobile marketing metrics that matter, including:
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