Multichannel Marketing: Connecting With Customers Across Channels

Informatica-WP1-SHADOWUp to 68% of e-Commerce managers say they need a vision for a consistent cross-channel experience, but only 29% feel that they have the ability to accomplish this goal, according to Forrester Research.

Success requires high quality data and an effective multichannel marketing strategy designed to capture valuable data at all customer touch points.


Calculating The Value Of Lifecycle Price Optimization

ibm-rsr on24 report ebookRetailers and manufacturers used to be able to determine what products to sell, where to sell them and for what price, but technology-enabled shopping options for consumers changed the game. Shoppers now have the tools to make informed purchasing decisions at the best price and in the way that best suits their needs.


Keep Your Holiday Profits; Avoid The Chargeback Grinch


Although the holiday season provides retailers with their highest revenue streams of the year, the period immediately after can be marred by chargeback fees. These fees spike as much as 50% in the wake of the holidays and have been known to rob retailers of substantial revenue gains, further impacting the bottom line.


5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving The Store Of The Future

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Do you want to know how retailers like Whole Foods, The Container Store and Gucci are leveraging mobile apps to improve customer loyalty? Find out by downloading this white paper.

On average shoppers are looking at their phones more than 150 times a day.

With that knowledge in hand, leading retailers are leveraging mobile technology to enhance customer experience, drive sales, boost customer loyalty and achieve operational efficiencies.


The Little Black Book Of Fashion Remarketing

 Shadow little-black-book-fashion1With more consumers shopping online, retailers across the globe are building and expanding their e-Commerce offerings. Fashion retailers are outpacing their industry peers and are excelling at providing personalized experiences and using remarketing tactics to re-engage their online consumer base.

In fact, fashion has become the fastest growing sector in e-Commerce, and is estimated to reach $73 billion in U.S. sales by 2016.


The 5 Building Blocks of Integrated Retail

Shadow MSDynamics MD001 WP BuildingBlocks DESIGNRetailers like Ashley Furniture and Mattress Firm are delivering on the omnichannel promise by implementing a single, centralized platform for all facets of retailing. They are ahead of the curve, because almost half (48%) of retailers are still struggling to effectively integrate new processes driven by cross-channel strategies into the store, according to Retail Systems Research.


Dynamically Relevant Messaging for Retailers: A Case For The Business Case.


Delivering dynamically relevant messages to consumers can be a trying task for retailers that are risk-averse and have limited resources at their disposal. However, these retailers can achieve engagement success by formulating a proper business case. Check out this white paper to find out how to develop a results-oriented business case that will allow your company to execute a dynamically relevant marketing program.


What’s Important To Customers In The Omni-Channel Age

shadow Epicor WP Omnichannel FINALConsumers are more educated throughout the purchasing process than ever before due to technology, a bevy of available information and social connections. With that in mind, they are taking the opportunity to be choosy and make purchases based not only on price, but service, brand and store environment. Retailers have to work to meet these expectations, knowing that consumers are willing to move on to a competitor at the drop of a hat.

In this survey, Retail TouchPoints reveals which aspects of the shopping experience are most important to today’s consumers. High priority items include product selection and availability, which scales both the in-store and online venues.


Are Retailers Shifting Fast Enough From “Old School” Media To New Digital Marketing Opportunities?

retail-me-not 62014 wp drc templateOver the next three to five years, 82% of retailers believe their digital marketing budgets will increase, according to a survey commissioned by RetailMeNot. This surge can be attributed to the fact that 75% of retailers think digital advertising delivers a higher ROI than traditional methods.

How are retailers keeping pace with consumers’ ongoing move to digital channels? Download this white paper to find out.


How To Harness The Power Of Personalization

shadow MANTH MN001 WP PERSONALIZATION June 2014Retailers are now working diligently to deliver personalized messages and offers to their consumer base. The challenge is delivering the right messages to the right shoppers at the right time. Poorly executed plans can be perceived as intrusive rather than helpful, potentially leading to both a loss in the sale and a fractured relationship with the customer.


5 Steps To Win Back Brand Walkouts

Capillary-WP-SHADOWKeeping consumers consistently happy can be the most pivotal factor in building a brand’s long-term success. Bad customer service can turn off shoppers who may switch their loyalty to a competitive brand. These scorned shoppers also will inform friends, relatives and other potential patrons of their negative experiences, creating a windfall that could permanently damage the brand’s image.


Omnichannel Retail Moves From Channel to Platform

IQmetrix-SHADOWEvery day it becomes more challenging for retailers to deliver the best customer experience through seamless omnichannel strategies. They must integrate back-end and front-end processes while keeping a close watch on delivering consistency across channels. Winning strategies are focused around a centralized platform that can update data such as purchase history, inventory, POS and CRM in real time.


5-Step Guide To Successful Loyalty Programs

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It is easier and costs less to retain a current customer vs. acquiring a new one. But while loyalty programs are designed to help win the battle of customer retention, only 9.5% of shoppers are actively using their loyalty accounts. Download this white paper to learn how to find the sweet spot of loyalty success.


Fact vs. Fiction: 5 Referral Marketing Myths


Brands and retailers that have established large and loyal customer communities are beginning to master the art of referral marketing. But many marketers still don’t understand the value of referral marketing. Do you fall in this category? Download this white paper to learn more.

Referral marketing helps brands acquire and retain customers in the age of personal Internet engagement. A variety of brands, including Advance Auto Parts, Dropbox, and Uber have used referral marketing to drive growth.

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