Introducing Store Relationship Management

SquareRootSHADOWDistrict managers constantly are looking for ways to improve employee collaboration, customer engagement and overall profitability for their locations.

Store Relationship Management (SRM) is a new approach designed to help improve store performance by increasing the access and usability of store data. In addition, SRM positions store managers to improve collaboration across the entire multi-unit enterprise.


Retail Without Limits

OracleRetailWOLimitsTo survive and thrive in the modern commercial society, retailers must learn, adapt and execute. By dissecting the shopping habits and perspectives of 5,000 shoppers from around the world, retailers can uncover the keys to success


RTP Unveils 2015 E-Commerce Outlook Guide

Shadow RTP RT0063 GD E-Commerce-Outlook Sep 2015 FINALIn its annual Outlook Guide, Retail TouchPoints asks top retail industry experts and analysts to share their predictions for the year ahead.

The retail industry is changing so rapidly, with new trends and technologies constantly emerging. As a result, we have decided to develop a dedicated Outlook Guide specifically for e-Commerce.

In the 2015 E-Commerce Outlook Guide, some of the top thought leaders in the space share insights into how they think the e-Commerce realm will continue to evolve through the end of 2015 and beyond. Additionally, executives from some of the most cutting-edge brands discuss how their businesses are embracing digital tools and tactics to innovate and better reach customers.

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