The DNA Of The Cross-Channel Shopper

  • Written by Mike Santos

Consumers are choosing where to shop based on the convenience and flexibility retail brands offer across channels. This webinar will highlight new consumer survey data highlighting the shifting expectations of today's cross-channel consumer. The data will examine emerging trends around:

  • Growing loyalty to brands that offer a good selection and competitive prices across all channels
  • Shoppers willingness to move their to another retail brand when they encounter inconsistent pricing across channels;
  • A growing disconnect with brands that offer inflexible, shipping, pick-up or return options
  • New interest in making purchases directly on mobile devices

Register now for this webinar to hear analysis of this new consumer shopping data, as well as real world examples of how global retailers are adapting to address these shifting shopper expectations.

Featured Speakers:

  • Debbie Hauss, Editor, Retail TouchPoints
  • Andrew Gaffney, Decision Tree Labs Research
  • Mike Elder, Director of the Retail Practice, Junction Solutions




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