Merchant Warehouse Releases Genius Customer Engagement Platform To All U.S. Merchants

  • Written by Stephan Ross

Merchant Warehouse
, a payment solution and service provider, today has announced the availability of The Genius Customer Engagement Platform to all merchants in the U.S.

Within the Genius platform, merchants are able to download a variety of mobile commerce and loyalty partner applications, such as LevelUp or Isis. At the point of sale, customers can choose their payment type, and retailers can apply discounts and integrate loyalty program information in real time.

Genius was designed to help retailers keep pace with new payment trends efficiently and cost effectively, according to Henry Helgeson, CEO of Merchant Warehouse. All platform and app updates are available in the cloud, Helgeson added, which limits the expense of hardware replacements.

“Retailers today are struggling to determine what forms payments they want to accept in stores,” Helgeson said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “They’re also having a difficult time implementing the infrastructure behind these payments. Merchants don't want to do ‘open heart surgery’ on their infrastructure, so we wanted to create an easy-to-integrate interface that enables organizations to easily update and introduce new payment types at the countertop.”

Developed to be a PCI-compliant solution, Genius separates all sensitive data from being stored on POS systems. As a result, vital customer information is protected from a security breach. Genius currently is preloaded on the VeriFone MX915 device, however, the platform was designed to be hardware agnostic.