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Ensuring Promotions Success During The Holiday Season

With: Mark Schwans, Revionics

The holiday season is a key time for retailers to capture customer attention and create great shopping experiences. Promotions are undoubtedly a core part of this experience equation, but how can retailers develop sales and offers that are compelling but still profitable to the bottom line? During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Mark Schwans, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Revionics, shares tips and best practices for crafting data-driven, relevant promotions.


FarmaCorp Combines The Art And Science Of Pricing

With: Andres Valdivieso, FarmaCorp

As a business, FarmaCorp has two distinct divisions: Pharmacy and convenience. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Andres Valdivieso, CIO of FarmaCorp discusses how the company uses Revionics to gauge competitor prices for key categories, and uses its team's extensive experience to make the appropriate price changes.


Why Connection, Community And Inspiration Are Key To Retail Success

With: Laura Davis-Taylor, MaxMedia

E-Commerce giants such as Amazon provide shoppers with a plethora at products at low prices. So it is clear that retailers can no longer differentiate on price alone. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Laura Davis-Taylor of MaxMedia, outlines how retailers can embrace digital channels, social networks and other touch points to inspire shoppers and create a strong sense of community during the holiday season and beyond.


Are Retailers Using Data To Craft Customer-Centric Pricing?

With: George Lawrie, Forrester Research

Retailers are gathering a plethora of data points regarding their products, prices, promotions and customers. However, very few retailers are using this data to their advantage, according to George Lawrie, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Lawrie discusses the top trends impacting retailers' pricing strategies. He also provides guidance into where retailers should invest their time and money to ensure success during the holiday season and 2016.


How To Extend Pricing Intelligence To Store Associates

With: Todd Berner, Zebra Commerce

Associates can act as retailers' powerful representatives as shoppers are browsing in store aisles. With the right tools and technologies, associates can deliver dynamic pricing information to shoppers, helping to accelerate the overall buying journey. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Todd Berner, VP of Zebra Commerce, shares his thoughts on current pricing trends, and why dynamic pricing is a new must-have for retail success.


Marketyze And Revionics Deliver Actionable Pricing Intelligence

With: Onn Manelson, Marketyze

The worldwide web is swarming with a seemingly endless supply of competitive information. However, retailers are challenged to not only collect but also analyze and apply these insights to improve their strategies. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Onn Manelson, CEO and Co-Founder of Marketyze shares insights into how the company collaborates with Revionics to provide a 360-degree view of competitive pricing information.


Lowes Foods Stores Keeps Pace With Pricing Perceptions

With: Tim Lowe, Lowes Foods Stores

Consumers today have instant access to myriad product and pricing information. In order to stay competitive and profitable, Lowes Foods Stores has revamped its pricing strategies. During this episode of TouchPoints TV, Tim Lowe, President of Lowes Foods Stores, walks through the process and how Revionics has been an ongoing partner for pricing success.


How Interactive Intelligence Is Helping Improve Customer Service At B&H Photo

With: Don Brown, Interactive Intelligence

Don Brown shares insights into how Interactive Intelligence is automating B&H call center processes. The company also works with Kohl's and other large retail companies. Brown talks about the growing importance of video customer service, for example to enable customer service agents to model clothing for shoppers. Speech analytics also is becoming an important element of contact center operations.


Well-Trained Associates Work As B&H Brand Advocates

StoreTours with: Yossi Fogel, B&H Photo Video Pro-Audio

Yossi Fogel explains why so many employees remain with the company for many years. More than 300 people work as sales associates in the store. "It is a career for most people. They enjoy what they do." Standing in front of the interactive kiosk section, designed to provide product education, Fogel notes that "none of these people in the kiosks are making sales."


The Importance Of Keeping Customer Service In-House At B&H Photo

StoreTours with: Moshe Leeds, B&H Photo Video Pro-Audio

Moshe Leeds discusses the importance of keeping the call center in-house at B&H. "We call ourselves 'The Professional Source' because that is what we are. When a customer calls us they are not just speaking to an order taker." Training is an ongoing process for B&H employees, who work on the store floor as well as in the call center.


Putting The Customer At The Center Of The Shopping Experience

StoreTours with: Henry Posner, B&H Photo Video Pro-Audio

Henry Posner talks about customer service initiatives and social strategies at B&H, which allow employees to share their insights and feedback openly. "We expect our employees to exhibit a certain amount of maturity" when it comes to social media. When it comes to customer relationships, "We're about personalizing the exchange and maintaining a cordial relationship with the customer. We have a staff that is exclusively devoted to our live chat environment."

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