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The Evolution Of Retail

  • Written by Ajay Agarwal, Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures

Retail is not dead, it’s simply evolving. I predict that over the next five years, consumers will experience completely new retail models that effectively use physical locations combined with world class Internet and mobile sites to offer truly unique and delightful shopping experiences for their guests. The retailers that deliver this experience intelligently, will thrive.

These companies will transition to “lower-cost” and smaller retail footprints. They will utilize these spaces as a major asset to improve the costs and friction associated with shipping and returns; to offer new and innovative ways to promote product discovery; and to offer levels of service and entertainment that will be difficult to match by algorithms and machines on the Web.

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The Rise Of Pop-Up Shops

  • Written by Jonathan Lee, Contributing Writer

BaubleBar_pop_up_2_copyFor years, pop-up shops have been embraced by merchants that sell holiday-themed or seasonal products. But retailers of all sizes are now leveraging ­these limited-time stores to pique consumer interest, drive brand awareness and test their businesses in new markets.

Landlords also are warming up to the pop-up concept, due to the traffic surge some neighborhoods get when new stores open and the chance that they can turn a short-term lease into a long-term opportunity.

“The more traffic a pop-up gets, the more people it brings to the space,” said Katherine Hill, Director of Offline at BaubleBar, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Both parties benefit. The company gets the space and the landlord will get prospective clients who may want to rent out the space for their own purposes.”

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Price Matching With Rebates Help Counter Showrooming

  • Written by Stephan Ross

Research_pieceWhen brick-and-mortar retailers match e-Tailer prices with rebates, the majority of consumers will shop and buy from them more often, according to a study released by parago in July 2013, titled Dynamic Pricing In A Smartphone World.

The survey of more than 1,000 smartphone owners found that Amazon is the No. 1 site shoppers use to compare prices when in stores, and that a price difference of just $5 can sway purchase decisions to Amazon. However, 67% of showroom shoppers will buy from a brick-and-mortar store when the Amazon price is matched with a rebate. Read more: Price Matching With Rebates Help Counter Showrooming

Wasserstrom Optimizes Product Listing Ads With Adlucent

  • Written by Lorna Pappas, Contributing Writer

As Google and Amazon battle for status as the Number One consumer search site, retailers competing head-on with Amazon are optimizing online reach and return with image-based Product Listing Ads (PLAs), as featured by Google Shopping.

Today up to 35% of searches entered on the Google site will display PLAs, according to the July 2013 Google Company Update from Jefferies Equity Research. At the same time, image ads are pushing text ads further down in search results. Nearly 12,000 advertisers are using PLAs, the Jeffries report indicated, signifying rapid adoption from a wide variety of retailers.

Automated Google search analytics and optimization solutions, such as BuyerPath for Product Ads from Adlucent, can help retailers maximize text and PLA search results by integrating feed and query management, bid optimization, analytics and other mechanisms. BuyerPath, now available in a new SaaS version, can leverage the most significant combinations of data to ensure relevancy and improve e-Commerce profitability.

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Retail Lags In Response To Customers: OpinionLab Report

  • Written by Stephan Ross

Research_piecePure-play e-Tailers outperform their omnichannel counterparts in customer experience performance, according to the Customer Feedback Index (CFI) Report: Q1 - Q2 2013 report from OpinionLab.

The CFI benchmark study measures brand health and performance across several industries and touch points, including web, mobile and physical locations. Based on millions of pieces of direct customer feedback, the study found the financial services sector soaring, healthcare lagging, and retail positioned towards the back as Holiday 2013 approaches.

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