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Untaming Your Brand For The Tech Jungle

  • Written by Tim McMullen, Founder and CEO, redpepper

RedpepperEVPIf you’ve felt overwhelmed by the jungle of new social platforms, new e-Commerce tools, and new mobile devices, you aren’t alone. Technology is evolving at breakneck speeds, and it can easily spook us into jumping blindly into areas we don’t need to be, or else waiting in hiding until we know what works. We either run madly into the jungle or we nervously look in from the outside.

The truth is that neither answer is very helpful because they’re based on an incorrect understanding of the jungle. It’s not just technology in there. It’s everything — tech, sure, but also our consumers. And our brands should be in there, too — not battling against technology, but learning how to live in harmony with it and with consumers.

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5 Trends To Anticipate In Dynamic Pricing

  • Written by Arie Shpanya, CEO, WisePricer

EVP514If you are just starting out in online retail, or have maintained a profitable business for some time, you will inevitably have to compete with the big marketplaces. Companies like eBay and Amazon and even Staples have a multitude of resources that make them the most successful retail sites on the web.

Your company may not have the resources of these retail powerhouses, but can still tailor your pricing strategy to increase competitiveness online.

Here are some tips for bringing ‘Amazon Wisdom’ to your business:

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Change Your Mobile Strategy To A Commerce-Anywhere Strategy

  • Written by Steven Kramer, North America President of hybris

EVPKramer2Mobile might be in the forefront of your mind, but just catering to it could easily steer you into a dead end. What you actually need is a commerce-anywhere strategy, which will allow you to enable commerce on any Internet device without spending a lot of time and money every time a new Internet-enabled device emerges.

It’s a common misconception that tablets and mobile phones, not to mention other Internet-enabled devices, e.g., TVs, are a disrupting force. The disruption has already happened:

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Making PCI Compliance More Affordable And Less Complicated

  • Written by Greg Griffiths, Vice President of Retail Solutions, EarthLink

EarthLinkEVPThe Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, was established to reduce the risk of breaches and all merchants that accept credit cards are required to comply.  But in reality many retailers are not compliant due to lack of time and resources and misconceptions about the requirements for compliance. The lack of adequate security has made retailers a primary target for hackers, with as many as 1 in 6 small businesses suffering from a breach in the next 24 months1.  Restaurants are particularly vulnerable; according to Visa, in 2011 restaurants accounted for 73% of all breach incidents in the U.S.

We often perform a quick initial assessment of companies by asking three simple questions:

    • Have all employees completed a security awareness training program upon hire and annually thereafter?
    • Have all employees read and signed a formal security policy?
    Can you demonstrate that all remote access from you, your employees or vendors requires two-factor authentication?
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    Will Showrooming Hinder 2013 Holiday Sales?

    • Written by Marcia Crosland, Ph.D., Director, Customer Experience Consulting Group, NCR Corporation

    EVP4-30With Showrooming, a consumer visits a brick-and-mortar store to research a product first-hand. But what happens next stops the sale in its tracks. Empowered by mobile information, the consumer finds a better deal from a competitor and strolls away — not a penny spent at your store.

    If you’re a retailer with a brick-and-mortar store, you can bet Showrooming will impact your revenue. But just how concerned should you be?

    In a January 2012 Pew Internet & American Life Project report, The rise of in-store mobile commerce, by Aaron Smith, store shopping behavior was observed around the 2011 winter holiday season. The findings show that over half of U.S. cell phone owners used their phones while in the store to seek help with purchasing decisions: 25% to gather price comparisons; 24% to look up online reviews; and 38% to call a friend for advice. In addition, 19% of those who searched for a better price via phone eventually bought the product online. That’s a sizeable hole in the brick-and-mortar store’s revenue.

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